Thursday, December 29, 2005

Well Hello Strangers .....

Forgive me, Friends, for I have been naughty …. It’s been quite a few days since my last post ….

Hi there, and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday break. For those of you back at work … bad luck, wish you were with me here in sunny Bonnie Doon.

We arrived here on Christmas Day, and it has been sunshine and blue skies ever since (excepting early Wednesday morning, when we had an amazing thunder and lightning storm). Didn’t manage to catch any lightning in the camera lens, just lots of clouds. But Wednesday late morning we were back to summer sunshine. The weather has been in the mid 30s (Celcius, that is !) and the nights nice and cool for sleeping.

Spent Tuesday and today (Thursday) down by the lake, playing in the boats and water. Lovely. It is really busy here this year, as the caravan park has new owners (the previous owner was a right royal pig (I’m being polite !), and no-one wanted to be here). Everyone is curious about the new owners, who are wonderful people, and the park has improved 100%. We had a lovely day, and intend to continue to do so until around the 8th January, when we return home.

Thought it was time to finally get back behind the wheels of my computer, and let you all know that I am still alive. I hope to get a chance to visit all of your blogs in the course of the next few days. Thank you all for your loving Christmas Wishes.

Anyway, just a short-ish post for me today. Will post again when I have something interesting to say.

Take care all,



Cathy said...

So glad to ehar that you had a nice Christmas and are enjoying your holidays. Welcome back.

Connie and Rob said...

Missed you! You are living my dream. Oh it sounds great. Have lots of fun and take pictures so you can share your fun time.

Take care,

Michelle said...

Sounds as though your having a great time :o)
Is Lake Eildon dry? I know tons of places are on water restrictions, just wondered if it was really dry around there.....nosey are'nt i LOL!!
Have fun and a safe trip home.

Badoozie said...

it's great that you're having nice weather, enjoy, and don't worry about us, all suffering, and lonely, out in the blogosphere. whaaaaaaaaaaa

momyblogR said...

Sounds like you are have a wonderful time. Glad to hear that Christmas went well.

welcome back!

SkyeBlue2U said...

HappyNew Year! How is it so far?

Michelle said...

Happy New Year!

No_Newz said...

You are so cute. Don't worry about going off and living. We'll be here when you get back. It's funny, I felt bad about not posting for a few days too.
Happy New Year!
Lois Lane

Jade said...

Happy New Year, Now I hope your enjoying yourself and you should feel bad.. I am sitting here in temps cold enough to frezze, um, never mind, LOL... Really I hope your having a blast and Please we all want to see pics. LOL Huggz

Badoozie said...

okay, you MUST have something interesting to say by now. for gosh sakes, new years happened. we're waitinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Meow said...

Hello Everyone, and thank you all for your kind and loving messages. It has been a very frustrating time here, not being able to get on the internet when I wanted (read my latest post), but now I'm back ... hope to post more often. Nasty blogger wouldn't post my message yesterday, kept telling me there was an error.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & New Year. Catch you all on your blogs soon. xxxx