Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Five Things About Me ...

Cathy (Here I Go Again) asked me to do this, so here I go ....

Five things that fellow Bloggers may not know about me:

1. I am a first generation Australian. My parents (and parent’s – parents) migrated to Australia in the late 1950s. They all settled in Victoria, and have stayed there ever since. My parents and I traveled back to Germany (originally to live, then decided after 3 months to come back home to Australia !) in 1974. Being a kid at the time, I cannot now remember much, although what I can remember was that it was a beautiful country. I hope to travel back some time in the future. This German background prompted me to get in touch with the local German Language school, so that my daughter could learn the language. (I am married to an Australian, so Chicky doesn’t get to hear German spoken very much.) It was here I met a group of wonderful people, one of them being Madi, who introduced me to blogging.

2. I am scared of the dentist !!! Dentists are evil (sorry if anyone reading this is a dentist!). I think that this fear has manifested itself onto my Chicky, who also has an unnatural fear of the dentist … however, having had 2 fillings in the past few months, her fear is diminishing somewhat. Mine, however, continues to grow. I know procedures have changed, and pain relief is a lot better than when I was a kid, but I am absolutely terrified. Last time I went (about 6 years ago … ooops !) I think I left fingernail imprints on the armrest of the chair (better that, than in the dentists arm, I guess !). I know the dentist wrote on my chart – “Very nervous, take care”.

3. I
don’t really like shopping !!! All you women are probably thinking I’m a freak ! I just don’t like shopping. I will go to the shopping centres (or malls) when I need something, go to the relevant stores, buy what I need, and then get out of there. I hate window shopping … what’s the point, looking at something and not buying it. I’d rather not see what I, perhaps, cannot afford !! Christmas shopping, in particular, I loathe. I will have my list, race in, get what I want, stand (very impatiently) in the queue at the register, and go home again. Yuk !!! I hate the crowds in the shops at Christmas time … they make me nervous (perhaps there is a touch of agrophobia happening, who knows !!).

4. Like Cathy, I have some rather strange food fetishes ! I love Twistie rolls (a buttered bread roll, filled with Twisties … these are cheesy corn snacks – not sure if they are something found outside Australia). Potato chip (crisps) rolls are nice too !! My favourite snack, whilst watching TV is a can of Diet Pepsi, a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate, and a packet of plain potato chips. Yum, the flavours and textures and really interesting ! I love Dutch salted liquorice … not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but yummy nonetheless ! I don’t drink tea or coffee, may occasionally have a hot chocolate, and get my caffeine kick from Diet Pepsi.

5. I love amusement park rides !!! We have a handful of huge theme parks in Queensland, where I only get to every 4 or 5 years, but when we go there, we have to go to them all. They have some awesome rides. One, in particular, called the Giant Drop, I can’t get enough of. Basically it is a huge tower, with a carriage thingy attached. You are strapped in, taken to the top in the carriage, wait patiently, then are released into a freefall all the way back down. The feeling of weightlessness, and your stomach jumping into your mouth, as you fall is just incredible. I go on this one over and over and over….. you get the picture !!! I also love the rollercoasters … the higher, curvier, upsidedownier the better. Love ‘em, love ‘em, love em !! Anything, high, fast, upside down … you can’t keep me off it. I think I would be in heaven if I could go to Disneyland, or Disneyworld, or whatever the hugest park is in the US.

So, there you go … 5 things you may or may not have known about me. I would love for anyone else to have a go at this. I don’t know any of you well enough, so anybody would be great. How about you, Madi ??

Bye for now,



momyblogR said...

First. Welcome to the bloggosphere, it's great isn't it? Second. Thanks so much for visiting my site, I always company.

Now that THAT is out of the way, I love your list. I agree, dentists ARE evil and I don't care if a dentist is reading this. They're evil and they know it. As far as shopping goes? I think we are going to get along just fine. Shopping SUCKS! I hate it. I do the same thing, in and OUT. Get what I need and haul booty. LOL!

Great site. I'll be back to visit.

Meow said...

Thank you, in return, for visiting my site, also. It's nice to meet you, and I welcome you back anytime.
Take care,

Connie and Rob said...

I am very frightened of the dentist as well. Years ago I found the cutest, gentlest dentist ever and I am still a wreck when I see him. He is so good with me. The man deserves a medal. My husband just went to him this evening and I sent presents...


Meow said...

My daughter's dentist is gentle. Haven't worked myself up to going to see him, though. Sending presents to him .... well, don't know that I would do that !!!!! Glad you have found a good'un, though. Keep him !!
Take care,

No_Newz said...

It's great "getting to know you"!!
Lois Lane

Meow said...

Thank you.

Cathy said...

I am so glad that I asked you to do this! Thank you so much; it's a great list. I am also first generation, but Canadian, as you know. My father also hails from Germany! What a coincidence.

And, I am totally afraid of the dentist, too.

Meow said...

Thanks for asking me to do the list, it was fun. Isn't it amazing when you find similarities with people on the other side of the world, but you feel a connection to in some way. It's been wonderful making new friends in the blogging world.

What part of German is your father from ? My family is from the north, from Hamburg.

jay are said...

I'm not a shopper either and it sounds like we're not the only ones. Oh, I get in the mood every now and then but I don't last very long. And window shopping never made sense to me either. When I was a girl, my cousins always loved to browse around, staring at all the windows, oohing and aahing. I was bored out of my mind.
And if you ever get a chance, to to Disneyland. I think the U.S. has bigger theme parks perhaps, but you gotta go to Disneyland. Disney World is pretty amazing, too, but all the good rides are spread out over all the parks there. At Disneyland/California Adventure (in So. Calif.), all the good rides are all together....

Cathy said...

OK, now I am totally and completely freaked out, because my father is from Hamburg, too.

Meow said...

Jay Are ... it is my dream to go to the US one day, if only to go to the theme parks (Of course, I will visit other stuff, but those theme parks are like a magnet to me !)

Cathy ... how bizarre. Ever heard of the Six Degrees of Separation ... maybe that somehow applies to us, somewhere, if we delve deeply !!!

Madi said...

OMG you've tagged me for 5 things about me.
OK here goes:
1. I'm touched by your tribute to me. Thanks.
2. TV chocolate and chips is perfect bliss for me too.
3. I'm secretly in love with my dentist.
4. I'm a culture starved opera lover who can't afford to go to concerts.
5. Blogging is my curse and my joy

Meow said...

Madi ... in love with your dentist, that's quite wierd, I think !! Another chocky & chips girl ... yay !!! Do you like Twistie Rolls ???
Take care, have a great weekend.