Monday, November 19, 2007

Hello ...

Hi Everyone,

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all you wonderful people who left me Happy Birthday wishes for the 17th, and to those of you who mentioned my birthday on your own blogs. What a bunch of fantastic people you all are. I feel priviledged to have gotten to "know" you all through the blog world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ok, so what have I been up to, since I last posted .... hmmm, that would be about 10 days ago now ... OMG, how slack am I !?!?

Well, as you know, it was my birthday on Saturday ... that was a lovely day, with family coming over to help celebrate Saturday night. A quiet evening, but great fun none-the-less.

I have been busy working Monday / Wednesday / Friday these past few weeks. The remaining weekdays have been busy with houswork, shopping, catching up with friends (and, unfortunately, no blogging ... waaaahhhhh!!). Weekends have been busy with being Chicky's taxi driver, ferrying her to parties, dance rehearsals, netball, and whatever else. OMG, that child has a busier social life than I have !!

I am quickly posting this, before heading off to work, this Monday morning. We are starting later, as the company I work for has moved to a new building, and the computer system is not up and running yet, so we cannot begin work. They originally promised it would be working by Sunday ... and we were meant to start at 8am this morning ... ummmm, nope, that ain't happened !!! Apparently, all will be ready, and we start at 11am. Hmmm, I guess we just have to wait and see !!

As I say everytime I post lately, I hope to drop by all your blogs during the course of this week. Please don't hold me to it, but I will try. Believe it or not, I actually do visit your blogs, via my Google Reader, quite regularly, although usually don't have time to comment. I apologise for this, but that's the way my life is at the moment. I miss you all tremendously, and wish I had the time to visit properly. Thank you, once again, for continuing to perservere with me, and dropping by to see if I am still alive !!

Anyway, I had better make tracks. Hope you all have a fantastic week. We have a forecast of 37C (98.6F) ... that's pretty warm. The past few days have been in the 30s, and there is more of that to come ... and it's not even Summer yet ... darn it !! Hope the temperature isn't too extreme where you live, whether it be cold or hot.

Take care,

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm Still Here ...

Hi Everyone,

It has been another busy few weeks, which has left me little time to blog, again !!

We went away last weekend ... Friday afternoon until Tuesday evening. It was lovely ... we just went to our caravan at Bonnie Doon ... plenty of people to catch up with, and things to do. It is always nice, just to get away ... no matter where !!

It actually rained alot over the weekend ... Saturday afternoon, through to Sunday late. It was great, and very much needed.

We had friends come by for a visit on Sunday, they travelled from Kyabram, over near Shepparton, to Bonnie Doon (where we were). Didn't think they would end up coming after all, due to the torrential rain. They have just returned from 7 months travelling around this beautiful country of Australia ... lucky ducks ... that's something we hope to do sometime. It was rather cold, with the wind and rain, so we spent the day inside, looking through their photos, watching some photo dvd's of ours, and talking and eating. A perfectly wonderful day.

We went to the Mansfield Races on Tuesday afternoon, for a few hours. It was my cousins silver wedding anniversary, and they had hired a private marquee for the day. It was great fun, and we caught up with some friends there. Didn't win on the horses, though ... unfortunately ... although we only managed to spend $20 ... big spenders, that we are LOL.

I've been working Monday, Wednesday and often Fridays as well. The remainder of the week is full of chores and catching up with people. You know, there are still things on this wonderful new computer I haven't had time to explore ... can you believe that !?!?!

The upcoming weekend is fairly busy again ... I think the "silly season" has come early here !! I hope to have time to blog sometime this century LOL.

I just want to wish everyone a great weekend ... hope you get to spend lots of time with loved ones ... there is nothing nicer.

Catch up again as soon as I am able.

Take care, and big hugs to you all,

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hello ...

Hi There ..... I've been a tad busy again this week, haven't had time to scratch, let alone blog !! Hope you have all had a great week, and that you had lots of fun yesterday for Halloween. Chicky went Trick Or Treating last night with a bunch of kids, roaming the neighbourhood, scoring heaps of lollies and chocolates. They dressed up, and had heaps of fun. We are off tomorrow (Friday) for 4 days at Bonnie Doon ... ahhhh, the serenity. Work will be flat out next week, due to Tuesday being a public holiday (and many others ... us included ... taking the Monday off as well). Hopefully I'll get a chance to play on the computer, and come and visit you all at some stage. So, I just want to wish you all a great weekend ... stay safe, and have fun. And for you fellow Melbournians, hope you win big on the Melbourne Cup !!

Take care,