Friday, December 16, 2005

T.G.I.F. ....

Thank God it's Friday .... 2 days to sleep in, then another 2 1/2 days of school for Chicky, then we're on holidays ... yay !!! Well, my husband is still working until Friday night, but us girls are finished for the year :-) We will be heading off on Christmas Day for 2 weeks at Bonnie Doon ... can't wait to get away from home for awhile, and do a lot of nothing ... sit in the sun, read, listen to music, swim, go out in the boat, eat, drink, be merry !!!! Should be fun.

I think I got my Christmas shopping under control today. Only a couple of little things to get, to finish off a couple of gifts. I might even start wrapping them tomorrow. Posted my Christmas cards (don't think the ones to Germany will make it on time !!!), and hand delivered the ones for the neighbours (well, Chicky did that, not me !!!!)

Picked Chicky up from school today (as usual), and she was really sad. They got their school reports and grade lists for next year, and she isn't with a few of her favourite friends. It's not like they will be a world apart, only in the classroom next door, and they can play together at recess and lunch. Why is everything to dramatic with 11 year olds ?? Her report was good, what I expected, and she is thereby promoted to Year 6 next year. They don't go back to school until the end of January, so it will be a good break before the final year of Primary School ... then off to High School. That will be major.

Anyway, not much to say, really. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Take care.


"I long to accomplish a great and noble task,
but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks
as if they were great and noble."
Helen Keller


debs said...

Hi there, thanks for reading my blog :)
I too have 2 and a half days left of school as of today! hooray!
I handed out my reports and class lists to my class today and because I have a prep/1 class, it was really hard to explain to the kids why they wouldnt all be in the same class again next year. I had one prep in tears because she wouldnt be with her grade 1 friend next year. Aww, the poor darlings. I tried the whole, only one room apart, can still play together at recess etc thing, but it doesnt seem to cut it with 6 year olds. I wonder if 11 year olds take it any better? lol
Lovely blog. Look forward to reading your future goings ons.

Madi said...

The red and green bottle-brush makes a nice Christmas arrangements. Thanks for reminding me to concentrate on small taks.

Jade said...

aww, makes me feel bad for her.. tell her to cheer up, her friends are always gonna be there for her. Thanks for reading my blog and linking me.. I just linked yours up as well, I don't always ge here often But I do try, LOL, so please bare with me and again Thanks, it is always nice making new friends. Hey tell her to imaine all the new friends she is going to make as well. Huggz

Meow said...

Debs, Thanks for coming to visit my blog, and thanks for the kind words.

Madi, I never really thought about the bottlebrush being Christmassy, but you are right ... it is !

Jade, great to you, too. I will tell her what you said ... thank you, we appreciate all the kind thoughts and stuff.

Have a great Saturday, everyone !

No_Newz said...

My 11 year old daughter also thinks half of everything is the end of the world. LOL! I'm sure they will change when the teenage attitude kicks in and they care a less. I'll take this worrier any day. :)
Have a safe trip and a very merry merry!
Lois Lane

Meow said...

Thanks Lois, I guess they are all the same. I don't think I'm going to like the teenage years very much, at least the attitude and hormonal side of it. It will be one big learning curve, anyway. Hope she won't be too much like me as a teenager !!!
Have a great weekend, Meow