Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness ....

I spent part of my day washing my hands …. over and over and over …. five times in a row, in fact ! No, I’m not obsessive-compulsive, I was just taking part in a Market Research project on hand-washes (soaps, liquid soaps, etc.).
Today was day two of a three day project where I attend the offices of the market research company, for approximately 35 minutes a day, test a number of liquid soap samples (there were 3 yesterday, 5 today, and, I think, another 5 tomorrow). They want us to dirty our hands with an un-brushed, un-washed potato, then wash our hands with the relevant sample, then answer a stack of questions about the product. As well as that, last night and tonight we got to take home a bar of soap, which we need to use in the shower in place of our usual product, and answer more questions.
It’s quick, (clean !!), easy work to do, and after the third session I get paid $100 cash …. for washing my hands a few times !!!! Not bad, huh ???

I have been registered with this market research company for a few years now, and often get calls from them, where they ask a bunch of questions to decide whether I qualify for the next research project, and if I do qualify they invite me to attend. It may be skin care products; taste testing of biscuits, frozen chips, meat pies, etc.; or any number of other products …. Sometimes it is just answering questions based on videos and advertisements they show you. Easy work, good money. Something to do, I say !! If you ever get a chance to register with a market research company, go for it …. it can be quite profitable for very little work !!

Have a great day,



Madi said...

I Loce Christmas decorations

Madi said...

I once got a Myers voucher for answering questions about cosmetic products I never used.
How do you get onto these things? I want to know how many meat pies you had to eat.

Cathy said...

Where do I sign up!?

Meow said...

I once saw an ad in the local paper, thought I'd call them, and signed up.
Madi, They are called Colmar Brunton, and they are located in Chadstone.
Think I'll have dish-pan hands by the end of today's session !!
Have a good one !!

Madi said...


Connie and Rob said...

Sounds like a nice little deal you have set up. Extra money is always a good thing! Plus you get to try out products way before we do and for free!

Hope you had some free hand lotion to use when you got home after washing your hands so many times.


Meow said...

Let me tell you, I really needed that hand lotion ... my hands were so dry ! Some of those liquid soaps were so harsh, and one in particular smelled like a mens public toilet (sorry guys !).
When they paid us our $100 today, we each also received a couple of pump packs of liquid soap ... like I hadn't seen enough of that stuff !