Monday, December 19, 2005

I Still Hate Mondays ...

What a day !!!

Ÿ Had to go back to a store I went to last week, to exchange a DVD player that decided to not work. A good ½ hour drive later, a quick 5 minutes in the store, then I was on my way home again. Don’t you hate it when something you buy, brand new, doesn’t do what it is supposed to ?!?!?

Ÿ On the way home, I got a phone call from Chicky’s school, asking me to pick her up, as she was unwell. She’ll be OK, just a rather nasty cold. Funny, midway through the afternoon she was feeling much better !!! (Only 1 ½ days left of school … they finish Wednesday afternoon around 1.30pm, then 6 weeks of holidays.)

Ÿ I also had a vet appointment for my kitty, who had been acting strange, like she had something caught in her throat. Of course, me being somewhat negative at times, imagined the worst. In the end, she only has a huge ulcer in the back of her mouth, and is being treated with antibiotics. Thank goodness it was nothing sinister.

All in all, a somewhat stressful day. Thank goodness it is almost over. Got heaps of running around to do tomorrow, to make up for what I couldn’t do today with a sick child in the house. Hope I get it all done. I did do stuff at home today that I wouldn’t have done had I been running around. So I guess in the end it’s “6 of one, half a dozen of the other”!!

Hope everyone had a better day than I did.



Michelle said...

Me being obssesive compulsive, ates any alteration to my routine! I can understand what you mean....especially this time of year eccck.
My day was no better than yours...41.5 degrees here and STILL no air conditioning!!

Cathy said...

6 weeks!!!
oh to be an Aussie!

Lucy Stern said...

Actually it could have been a lot worse. Six weeks of vacation, you must be on the year round program.

Meow said...

Michelle, OMG ... 41.5 ... how do you cope ??? Hope you get that airconditioning fixed soon, you poor things.

Cathy, the 6 weeks is our summer break ... the kids have finished their school year and go up to the next year level in February. My Chicky just finished Year 5, so going up to Year 6.

Lucy Stern, yes it could have been much worse ... thank goodness it wasn't. Thanks for coming to visit.

Take care all.

momyblogR said...

Wow! What a day. I hope Chicky gets feeling better. And kitty? I swear, I would have thought it was just a hair ball, silly me, lol.

Be good.

Meow said...

momyblogr ... thanks, Chicky is much better, just coughing and a bit snotty (!!), but feeling 100% better. Kitty is well, but hating me trying to shove tablets down here throat ... oh well, that's life !! I managed to do my running around today, so am back under control.
Take care.

Connie and Rob said...

Well I hope this DVD player works. That is very aggravating to have to take something brand new back because it doesn't work. Waste of time.

Hope your daughter feels better very soon!

You sound like me with your pets. I have had my dog Lucy to the vet twice this month. Once for her eyes and once for an anal gland. Who knew????? Big bucks. I love her and take care of her so that is what you do.

Hope tomorrow is better.


Meow said...

Hi Connie & thanks.

The DVD player works, yay !!
Chicky is much better, and excited as it is her last day of school for Year 5 today (Wednesday).
The cat is also coming along nicely. With our last cat, I spent an absolute fortune on vet bills (he was a fighter, and constantly had to have abcesses treated &/or lanced ... yuk !), but as you said, it is what you do when you have a pet and love it. I wouldn't begrudge my cat a few dollars (or more !!) in order for her to be happy and healthy. She is part of my family.

Tomorrow (that was yesterday ... Tuesday !!) was much better, thank you.

Hope your day goes well.


Justine said...

Meow that cat is BEAUTIFUL!
Look at her, just lying there gazing at the camera. She's a little bit calico as well as tabby - very clever of her.

I like her pointy nose - she has an elegant oriental look. Or is she just very young?

She reminds me of my old cat Chubby who lived a long and dignified life. I named her when I was little, hence the name. She had a round belly as a kitten.

Meow said...

Justine, thank you ... yes she is a beautiful cat. She is only about 10 to 11 months old. She loves the camera, and also has this intense stare where she just keeps looking at you. Very unusual, I find, as most cats hate being stared at. She has spots, rather than strips, down her side and belly (however, with losing her winter coat, they are not really visible at the moment). She also has some tortoiseshell markings down her back, and an orangey stripe down her forehead. Most unusual. She is a lot of fun, and a great little kitty. However, after losing our last cat a year ago, after having him for 16 years, it has taken a bit to get used to a young cat again. They certainly have a lot of energy!!!

Badoozie said...

that is a gorgeous cat!! i love cats too!!! we have two of them. one of them likes to sleep on my legs. it keeps my legs warm. i like all our pets sleeping on the bed with me. it makes me feel good

Meow said...

Susie, I agree, there is nothing nicer than a cat cuddling up to you in bed at night (well, besides the husband, that is !!!). My cat loves to sleep up near my head ... not everyone's cup-of-tea, though. My husband hates it, he thinks I'm insane for letting her sleep near my face !!!