Saturday, December 17, 2005

An Arachnid Adventure ....

A few months ago I had an interesting experience (if you can call it that !!).

I had been taking some shopping out of the boot of my car, when I noticed a huge (saucer-sized) big, black hairy spider sitting in the gutter-thingy on the edge of the boot opening. Oh My God, it was huge. I panicked … how do I get rid of it. Found something to flick it off with … too slow. It crawled into the boot, never to be seen again. Believe me, I searched, and searched – to no avail. Damn.

From that day on, every time I set foot into my car, I was paranoid. Hope that spider can’t get in, hope it’s gone, hope it doesn’t pay me a visit. It was really not nice being in that car.

Anyway, a week or so later, I guess I was getting a bit blasé … that spider had gone (or so I thought !!). I was driving to the local shopping centre, in a heap of traffic, when what should crawl across my dash, right in front of me !!! I nearly died on the spot. (I know in an earlier post I said I had a fascination with spiders, but not when they are a few inches from my face, ready to crawl on me …. Eeeeewwwww !!). I was shaking, couldn’t breathe properly, ready to hyperventilate !! What do I do ?? There are cars everywhere. Hang on, there’s a break in the traffic … quick, over into that car-park. All the while watching that damn spider !! In the meantime, it had crawled into a vent along the inside of the windscreen. After I had stopped the car, do you think I could find it ?? What to do ?? I got back behind the wheel and went grocery shopping !!!! The paranoia was back, though, I was nervous as hell !!!

On returning to my car, after shopping, I searched again … to no avail. I drove home, cautiously, in the left hand lane in case I had to stop in a hurry ! Got home safely, unloaded my shopping, and returned to my car with the biggest can of insect spray !! I had a weapon !!!

I sprayed into all the vents, where I knew the nasty critter had gone … just my luck it wouldn’t be there anymore. Hang on, what luck … there it is, crawling out, quite groggy !! It still had some spunk, though, as when I approached it with a stick to flick it out, it tried to crawl up the stick. OMG !!! Anyway, I eventually flicked it out of the car. Thank goodness. I could now relax again. Although, every-time I got in that car for the next few days I nearly asphyxiated from the smell of the bug spray !!

Now we get to yesterday …. I was just arriving into that same shopping centre car-park, when what goes crawling along the outside of the drive-side window … not quite as big, but pretty substantial in size, anyway. OMG, not again. At least it was on the outside. When I parked my car, I literally jumped out of the door, in case the nasty thing was sitting there waiting to ambush me. Luckily it was over the other side of the car. I went over, tried swatting at it with some paper, but it ran back to the other side (luckily the door was closed !!). We played chase back and forward for a few times, until it decided to park on my wipers. Please, don’t crawl into the vent !! I got to it, flicked it off the car and chased it away. I was free of spiders. Hope it didn’t come back to visit once I had gone into the shops.

Hopefully, we are now spider free. I do have a cautious look around every time I get into the car, however.

Hope your life is spider free.



Sonia said...

I don't like spider, I fear so much them, too.
Like your story, well written!

Cathy said...

I hvae a touch of arachnophobia, but I think a spider of that size would have thrown me over the deep end.

Meow said...

Sonia, thank you for the compliment. It was very much how I felt ... the words just came out !!

Cathy, it very nearly did throw me over the deep end. Thank goodness for the break in the traffic or I don't know what I would've done. It was a very confronting situation. I know it wouldn't hurt me, but just the thought ...... eeeeewwww !!!

Cathy said...

I have goosebumps just thinking about it!

SkyeBlue2U said...

i love your dancing cat!

Meow said...

Cathy, I had goosebumps on my goosebumps !!

Skyeblue2u, Thanks ... I was wondering if it was starting to annoy people, though. However, I too think it's cute.

Michelle said...

I remember being in the car, my gfriend was driving and a giant hairy spider dropped from the visor onto the steering wheel. It started running around and around the wheel, we were on a major highway and my friend drove on to the shoulder of the road, we both jumped out and started screaming! Must of been a sight for other motorists!

Meow said...

Nasty little (Or big !!) critters ! Reckon they do it on purpose LOL

Connie and Rob said...

Oh my gosh I hate spiders! I have been bitten twice and had to go to the hospital. I have to take really strong antibiotics. Needless to say I would have been jumping around with you! You might have had to slap me to get me under control.

Keep that can handy and spray them good.


Meow said...

It was pretty scary. Don't know if these ones do anything nasty if they bite ... they are known here as Huntsman Spiders. Don't really want to find out though :-) You poor thing ... what sort of spider was it that bit you ??

Connie and Rob said...

The hospital said it was a Brown Recluse spider. They are suppose to be mean spiders. Now I am paranoid and if I feel the tag of my shirt I think it is a spider. It is quite comical to see me start whirling around all of a sudden.


Meow said...

Connie, I don't blame you ... I would be doing the same thing. Take care

Marina said...

Hello meow.I am a cat lover too, I have two cats in and feed 5 more strays downstairs..I like your dancing cat a lot..

I live in Greece where we have no big spiders like the ones you describe, but we have cockroaches, big 10cm long red or black roaches with wings..Everytime I see one I fly away from the building..

I noticed in your post that spiders keep coming to your car when you go shopping at the specific shopping centre where the first one came..If I were you I would never set foot to this shopping centre spider attraction in my life..unless of course your car has sort of being sprayed by amorous spiders to attract more of their kind :-))

Meow said...

Hi Marina, thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to meet you.
It's wonderful that you are feeding the strays, along with your own two ... I would be doing that too, I think, if I found any strays around my neighbourhood !!
Cockroaches are just as bad as spiders, in my book ... eeeewwww !
I have actually thought about not going to the shopping centre again, however I think it is from the tree near where I park my car that the spiders come from, and then just happen to appear down the road (the shopping centre is only a few minutes from home).
I had a look at your blogs ... you have quite a few, don't you. I was only able to read one, as the others are not in English. I enjoyed your food items, and will spend some time reading them.
Thanks again, and take care.

Jade said...

Meow, cute cat, I like it, LOL.. Spiders, not me, don;t do them at all.. I run the other way and fast when I see them, your good, I would have not gotten into my car again until someone else went and found it and got rid of it the first time I saw it. LOL...

Meow said...

If I had've not gotten into my car after seeing it the first time, I would have been stranded for awhile !! It's amazing what you can do if you have to !! However, if it happens again, I'm going to get a pest control company to come and fumigate my car !!!
My dancing cat is getting a big head, with all the compliments it has been receiving !!!