Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Am Still Here ... Only Not Very Often !!

Hi everyone !!

Thought I'd better update my blog ... it has been long overdue. I think the last post was a Christmas one ... duh, it is now February 10 ... oops !!

We had a wonderful Christmas, and a great New Year, and 2009 has been pretty good so far.

In case any of you have been seeing the news reports on the devastating bushfires here in Victoria, and were wondering if we were OK ... well, we are !! Fortunately, we are in the suburbs, many kilometres away from the fires. Although, we are very familiar with many of the areas that have been devastated by the fires, and know people whose properties are still under threat from the fires ... please pray that they will be OK, and the fire will turn away from them. One of my blog and facebook friends is currently going through a horrendous time, as her brother-in-law has been missing since Saturday ... his property is within one of the areas devastated by the fires. My thoughts go out to all those people who have lost friends, family members, pets and/or property ... I really cannot imagine what they are going through. It is a terrible time for all, and so very tragic. It is all the more horrific when you realise that some of the fires were deliberately lit ...

A friend of mine posted the following pic on her Facebook, courtesty of the Herald Sun website (I think) ... thought I might share it too ...

The fire fighters, and emergency services personnel are doing an amazing job, in terrible conditions ... but this photo says so much more.

I'll try and blog more often, and I apologise once again for not visiting your blogs often enough. As I've said before, I do catch up on many of them via Google Reader, although don't always comment. If anyone is interested, here is my Facebook address ... http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=638705177 ... drop by, or add me as a friend ... I'd love to share another cyber world with you, too !!

Take care everyone,