Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back Again ... Hopefully !!!

Hi Everyone !!

It's been quite some time since I have written here, and on the past occasions when I have, I have said that I intend getting back into it !!  As you can see, that hasn't happened !!  This time may be just the same, but my intentions are good.

A good friend of mine has just decided to get back into blogging, so I guess that has encouraged me to give it another go, also.  Here's hoping that it actually happens this time !!

I notice that Blogger has a new dashboard (again!!) ... hope it is easier to manage, and easier to post pictures to !!  Let's try it ...

This is a current picture of my beautiful Bambi kitty ... last weekend it was the 6 year anniversary of our adopting her ... this makes her around 6 years and 8 months old.  She is a lot of fun.

We are heading off tomorrow for a week's holiday in South Australia with our dearest friends, Jack & Melinda.  We intend visiting places like Kangaroo Island, Hahndorf, the Barossa Valley, Robe, Mt Gambier.  Should have a stack of new photos when we get back ... I hope to share some of them here.

So, what have I been up to since we last spoke ???  Hmmm .....

August 2010 we did a few day trips here and there, as well as spending a weekend on the Murray River, in and around Cobram, with our good friends Jack & Melinda.

September 2010 we went on a week long camping holiday (again with Jack & Melinda) to Batemans Bay, NSW, and travelled home via the coast ... it was a great week, with wonderful weather.

November 2010 we went with our neighbours to a property in Gippsland, belonging to the Nissan 4WD club, for a long weekend of camping and 4WDing ... great fun.

December 2010 was, of course, Christmas, and camping ... this time we spent 2 weeks around the Bonnie Doon area, both camping, and sharing a glorious house with friends.  Good weather, good company, great time !!  We also did a few day trips here and there.

January 2011 was the continuation of our Christmas holidays.  I also attended a photo day in the city with a friend, hosted by a professional photographer, who taught us how to use our cameras, and take better photos.

February 2011 was an interesting month ... more day trips, a lovely evening at the beach with Elisabeth, and our street, house and block got flooded ... my car even filled up with water !!!  Fortunately, no lasting damage !!

March 2011 we went camping again for the Labour Day long weekend.  A lovely place called James Camping Reserve.  Elisabeth and I also participated in Relay for Life again this year.

April 2011 was Easter, and we went camping, again, to Lake Eildon, a lovely place in The Pines called Picnic Point.  We went with a couple of lovely families, and had a great time.  Campfires, camp oven cooking, and fun galore !!

Since April, we have done a number of day trips, caught up with friends, and overall have had a great life !!

Elisabeth now has a job, part time at present, but (hopefully) turning into a full-time hairdressing apprenticeship once school finishes in a few weeks.

I had an almost full time job for a few months, temporary, helping a friend in Customer Service at Lincraft.  Not really comfortable with telephone and email complaints, but the money sure was nice !!  My other casual job is also finished, as the contract we were all working on has run out ... so there are a number of us girls now out of work.  I have applied with the local council to be a School Crossing Supervisor.  I'll let you know if I get the job !!  Sounds like fun !!

Baron is well, and still working at the same place he has been at since he starting his printing apprenticeship back in the early 80s.  Shift work is getting harder, as he gets older, but he seems to love his job (most of the time !!).

So, I guess that's it for now ... a (not-so) brief run down on what I've been up to since I last wrote.

I do keep in touch with what you all are up to in your blogs, via Google Reader ... I may not always comment, but please know that I do read (most of the time !!).

Anyway, hope to be back here again real soon.

Take care,