Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Success At Last ....

I finally got into my Christmas shopping this morning. I think I have completed approximately two-thirds of my shopping … yay !! Only a couple of things to get, mainly something for my husband, and a couple of little things for Chicky. Maybe something for myself, also, in case I’m the only one that gets me something !!!

One year, my husband asked me what I wanted, and I said “Oh, nothing really, don’t worry about it.”. Well, that’s exactly what he did … he took me literally and got me nothing!!! Lucky I had bought myself something, and had it wrapped under the tree, otherwise there would have been nothing for me. How sad is that !!!! Ladies, never tell your husband you don’t want anything, in case that happens to you. Men need to realize that we don’t always mean what we say so literally. In any case, he now makes a point of going searching for something really special (and secret) for me, so I get a real surprise now, which is lovely.

I also completed my Christmas cards yesterday. I design them on the computer, add a special photo (this year’s photo is of the three of us, standing at Cape York – the northern-most point of the Australian continent, taken during our trip a few months ago), and print them out. I have an address list set up, and the cards are mail-merged, so that everyone has a personal message. I also mail-merge the envelopes. This way, I don’t get writer’s cramp (I send approximately 100 cards), and they are all original (even though everyone gets the same card !). You can’t buy my cards in the shop !! I know this sounds like the cheats way out, but I get some wonderful comments about my cards. One year I wrote them out, on store-bought cards, and I had complaints … people were disappointed they didn’t get their photos !!! Now all I need to do is fold the cards up, and stuff them in their envelopes, buy a stack of postage stamps … vwala, finit, done !!

Here is the photo I have included in the card this year … you can’t really see us clearly, but I like the shot anyway.

I will begin wrapping the presents later on this week, may even do some baking ….. I feel so calm now that I am up to date.

Enjoy your Tuesday.



Connie and Rob said...

I am laughing at your story because I always buy myself something and tell my husband what he got me. He absolutely loves it.

I just announced the other day that he ordered my birthday gift.

Great picture for your Christmas cards.


Meow said...

Connie, do you act surprised when you open your gift ???? :-)

Madi said...

I love your Christmas card phots. You're so smart doing your Christmas mailing that way. One day you can give me lessons.

Meow said...

No problems, Madi, it is really very easy. Saves on writer's cramp!! Take care.