Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy (late) New Year ...

Hi there, and Happy (late) New Year !!

Hope everyone is well, and happy, and had a wonderful night on New Year’s Eve. Ours was fairly uneventful, but great fun none-the-less. Listened to, and danced to, a live band in the caravan park, drank, had a ball …. You know the drill !!

We are still at Bonnie Doon, and will be here until the 9th of January. Today is fairly mild, with a coolish breeze, but it is wonderful. We had 4 or 5 days of high 30s(Celcius) / low to mid 40s temperatures, which ended on Sunday afternoon with a brief storm, but a huge drop in temperatures. Yesterday was beautiful, we sat down at the lake, but didn’t feel the need to jump in, as it was just perfect temperatures.

There was a fairly dramatic grass fire happening on New Years Eve, but fortunately it was on the other side of the lake, so we were safe. Got a nice night time photo. Also a couple of before and after shots of the area, by chance I had photographed the same hill before the fire.

Before the fire

Night time - still burning - New Years Eve

Afterwards ... New Years Day

Can’t really report to much in my world, because we have really done nothing other than relax … swim, boat, eat, drink, talk rubbish, socialize, and have fun !!! Not bad, huh !?!

I was unable to do much (read … nothing !!) on the internet prior to New Years, as a storm had knocked out the local phone tower, so everyone’s mobile phones were constantly dropping out, as was my internet card. I was not happy, as were most people. It is terribly frustrating not being able to make a phone call, and we all rely on mobiles here, as there are no land-lines. Also, yesterday, Blogger wouldn't let me post ... hope he will today !!!

Gotta go now, have some more relaxation time !!!! Will post again soon.

Take care everyone.

Bye for now,



SkyeBlue2U said...

Meow, Hi I came by and kitty was dancing so fast that I wonder if something was wrong,ok glad you're back.

Connie and Rob said...

S missing Kitty!!!! You couldn't ask for a better trip. Total relaxation. How wonderful for you! Keep it up and bring a little of that feeling home with you. However don't get so relaxed that the Kitty starts slow dancing...it just wouldn't be the same.

Hugs. Connie

Michelle said...

Love the middle photo...looks like fireworks display!

momyblogR said...

Have done MUCH? You've done plenty! Eating, drinking, boating talking rubbish and socializing, lol!

Sounds like what we all should be doing!

Jade said...

Glad to hear your having a great time. Keep up on the relaxing and like Connie said, bring some home and enjoy OK. Huggz

Meow said...

Hi everyone, and thanks for visiting.
It's great to be back. Felt like I was without a life line when I couldn't post. Glad that is over.
Looking forward to many more happy posts and chats with you all.
Will try and bring home some relaxing stuff.
Take care.
Meow xxx

Badoozie said...

i'm glad you're enjoying yourself, and have some fun for all of us!! see ya soon,

Justine said...


Bonnie Doon looks just like the Hume Wier.

Have fun!

Meow said...

Hi Susie, nice to catch up again. We have had a ball. Have just arrived home a couple of hours ago, so will catch up on everyone's blogs hopefully tonight or tomorrow. Take care.

Justine, I guess Bonnie Doon does look somewhat like Hume Weir at times. Especially when the water is down. It is only about an hour and a half away from the Hume, so I guess the countryside is similar.
Talk again soon.