Saturday, December 03, 2005

It's Been A Slow Saturday

It’s an overcast Saturday afternoon here in Melbourne (it seems Summer has let us down, yet again !!) I have been doing a lot of nothing all day … watched a bit of TV, dusted a bit, played on the computer a bit. Overall, it has been a really blah type of day. I guess I am feeling somewhat blah, also. No reason that I can think of, that I should be feeling this way, but I am !! Couldn’t even work up the enthusiasm to post a blog, until now. How sad is that ???

Had a bit of a sleep in (that is after my naughty kitty decided it would be fun to annoy the crap out of me at 3am), had my shower, breakfasted around 11.30, and basically didn’t do much else.

Chicky has been out riding her bike, hanging out with friends. Hubby has been sleeping (he’s a shift worker, just finished a night shift).

We have, however, got a party to go to tonight, and it’s hubby’s turn to drive … yay !! Should be a good party, a great bunch of people. I’ll let you know tomorrow how good it was J. It’s an engagement party, so the drinks and nibblies should be flowing freely !! I guess the thought of a party should perk me up. What’ll I wear ??? OMG, my wardrobe is full of dinosaurs … never mind, some classics never go out of style (I hope !!). Better start thinking about that, hadn’t I ?!?

Gotta go now, have a great Saturday evening, everyone. Will catch up again tomorrow.



Michelle said...

Have a fun evening, your kitten is a cutie!

Meow said...

Had a great evening, Michelle. Thanks.

Madi said...

I love the cat photo and your gifs. Nice.

Meow said...

My kitty is a cutie, loves to play, takes a great photo !!

D. Chen said...

Your kitty is cute and looks like my Peppue. That's why you love tabbies the best. Your German is good. Vielen dank für's vorbeischauen und viele Grüsse aus Jakarta!