Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

Just a quick post to wish each and every one of you a
Very Merry Christmas
and a
Safe and Happy New Year.


Sending hugs and best wishes


Connie xxx

Monday, December 22, 2008

Alphabet Blogging - D is For ....

Howdy !!

It's been awhile, I know ... but I'm here now !!!

How have you all been ?? Life has been keeping me pretty busy, as has all this Christmas jazz ... shopping, cards, parties, etc., etc. !!!

Demon Blogger (now there's a "D") finally let me upload pictures (although it took quite some time !!) ... is anyone else having problems ??
On with the Alphabet Blogging ...

D Is For - DANCING ....

As you know, my darling daughter, who I call Chicky on this blog, is into dancing. At the end of November the dance school she attends held their annual Performance. It was wonderful ... the costumes were fabulous, the dancing was exceptional, the kids dancing had a ball, and the audience loved it.

D Is For - DAUGHTER ...

A follow on from the above ...

Chicky has just completed Year 8, her second year of high school/secondary college. She brought home her school report last week ... she passed, thank goodness !! She didn't do too badly, either !! We were pleasantly surprised with her end of year results, as we weren't expecting miracles ... she seems to be more interested in a social life than an academic one !! We may just have to push a little bit more next year, particularly when it comes to homework and revision !!
Chicky is a great girl, we get along very well, so far she continues to tell me everything that goes on in her life !! I don't expect this to continue forever ... she is 14 ... and I'm sure there will come a time when she becomes a horrible teenager (hopefully for just a brief time, though !!). So far, I think I am very lucky that she remains a loving, caring, easy to get along with young lady. Fingers crossed that she remains that way !!

D Is For - DAFFODILS ...

I love flowers ... in particular, I love Daffodils. They smell so beautiful. They are a symbol of Spring ... when I see a daffodil, I know that lovely weather isn't too far away. It is such a shame, though, that the flowering season for daffodils is so short !!

D Is For - DAEWOO ...

I got a new (well, not new, but second-hand) car back in March this year. I think I posted about it back then, not sure. Anyway, it is a cute little Daewoo Lanos. It is red/burgundy in colour. It is a 2 door hatch, but is quite roomy inside. It can seat 5 (it has seatbelts for 5, anyway !!), although the most I have had in it is 4 adults. It is a 5 speed manual ... great fun to drive, makes me feel like a teenager again. It is easy to park, as it is such a small car. It has a bit of get up and go, too ... quite zippy, really !!

D Is For - DOLLARS ...

Hmmm, wish I had a few more !!!

D Is For - DAD ...

I love my dad !! He is an amazing person, who has led a wonderfully amazing life. Dad is turning 70 next May, but has the looks and the health of a man 20 years younger, I think. He is fitter than most men half his age ... this is probably due to the fact that he spent the majority of his working life in Australia outdoors, building houses !! Dad is a bricklayer, and a very good one at that. Although he has now retired, and no longer builds houses, he still keeps himself very fit. I think I am very lucky to have a dad like the one I have ... he is just the best. Dad and Mum have been married for 44 years ... and are still very happy together. They do everything together, and really enjoy life. They go dancing at least every second Saturday, and are out with friends or have visitors at least once or twice a week. In fact, their social life is busier than mine !! Dad loves being a grandfather ... and Chicky loves being his grand-daughter. Dad was born in Germany, and migrated to Australia in 1959. He is very much an Aussie, yet both him and Mum retain their German heritage, which I find great. Quite simply, I am very lucky to have a Dad like my dad ... he is the best.

D Is For - DIET ...

A rude word in my world !! OK, I know I am overweight, and I know I really need to lose quite a bit of weight. I also need to get fit. However, I don't believe "going on a Diet" is the way to go about it !! As far as I am concerned, getting where I want to go (losing weight and getting fit) involves a permanent lifestyle change, and re-educating myself, rather than going on a "diet". From what I have seen, and from what I have tried ... most diets just don't work. OK, the majority of diets help you lose weight, but so many of them just don't educate you on how you should be eating ... they just give you substitutes (like shake-drinks or pills), that make it easier to lose the weight, or they provide you with ready-made meals. Once you've stopped this "diet", so many people go back to their old habits, and the weight returns. So, in the new year, my goal is to re-educate myself to change my eating habits, as well as my exercise habits, and create a permanent new ME !!!

D Is For - DUST ....

Dust ... the bane of my life !!! I can dust my house, and within 24 hours, it seems to be back ... what's with that !?!?! I've gotten to the stage where I've decided that I can live with the dust ... it's not hurting anyone, it's "clean" dust ... it hasn't been there long !!! I'm not stressing about the dust anymore. There's a huge different between dust and dirt. My house is clean (albeit dusty at times) ... I vacuum regularly, keep my bathroom and toilet clean, ensure my kitchen in clean and tidy ... it's only the dust that's the problem. Oh well !!!

D Is For - DOH ...

I'm not a Simpsons fan, particularly, but I do like Homer's saying ... DOH !!!

D Is For - DONE ENOUGH NOW !!! ....

Yep, that's enough for me with the alphabet blogging for now.

Catch you on the flip side !!

Take care,

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Alphabet Blogging - C Is For ....

Howdy, I'm back for another installment of "Alphabet Blogging". This time it's the letter "C" ...


I just did some baking, haven't done any for absolutely ages, and made some yummy Coffee Scrolls. For those of you that don't know what they are, they are a spicy fruit scroll bun thingy, with lots of cinnamon and icing ... mmmmm !! Even the raw dough smelled delicious, and it was totally frustrating waiting for the dough to do it's rising thing, before baking them. But, they were well worth the wait. Chicky has demolished 4 of them already, almost straight from the oven. I've had one ... I'm going to go slowly, and enjoy the moment !!! And, wow, does my house smell good now ... nothing nicer than walking into a house that has something baking, or just finished baking.

C Is For - CHICKY ...

Hmmm, what can I say about Chicky !!! She is my 14 year old daughter, who is absolutely gorgeous. She is a happy, popular girl, who is growing up way too fast. She is in Year 8 at school and doing OK. Don't think she'll ever be a brain surgeon, though. She has her heart set on becoming a Hairdresser !! Nothing wrong with that ... I'm looking forward to being her guinea pig when she starts learning and needs hair models !!!

C Is For - CATS ...

Cats, cats, cats ... now I don't imagine there are any of you out there that don't realise how much I love cats !!! Cats are such amazing critters ... I think I wrote a little bit about them in B Is For Bambi (my cat !!). Here are a few cat quotes I found ...

  • Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience.

  • There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat.

  • The reason cats climb is so that they can look down on almost every other animal - it's also the reason they hate birds.

  • No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch.

  • Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later.

  • My cat speaks sign language with her tail.

  • In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.

  • It isn't the size of the cat, it's the size of the love in the cat.
I could keep going, there are so many quotes. Suffice to say ... I LOVE CATS !!!


Well, I guess we have to be computer geeks to some extent, to be in this world of Blogging. We have to have some knowledge about computers ... even if it is just how to turn it on, and how to get into Blogger !!!

I have been a computer geek for quite some years now ... I think I bought my first computer back in the late 80s ... well before Windows was around. I loved it, and thought it was incredible. I was able to do so many things with it, and even tought myself a bit of basic programming. In comparison to the computers we are all using now, though ... that computer was a dinosaur !!! These days, I have 2 laptops ... the newer one is a Toshiba, which I have had for a little over 12 months. I love, love, love it. It uses Windows Vista, which initially I was worried about ... but it is a great operating system (at least I think so), and I haven't had any problems with it (touch wood). My other laptop, an NEC model, runs Windows XP, and Chicky now has it in her room. The computers share the internet, using a wireless router. I thought I was pretty clever setting this up all on my lonesome !!! A month or so back, I even had to reformat the whole computer (the older NEC), as Chicky had downloaded all sorts of crap on it, and it just froze all the time. Now, that was a learning process ... although it all went smoothly ... thank goodness.

C Is For - CAMPING ...

Camping is just fabulous. I have been camping in various forms since I was a little girl. Initially in small tents, then larger tents. Since Hubby and I have been together, we have had a few tents. The current one, the newest, is a Black Wolf tent, and is super quick to erect. We needed something more practical, as the previous tent had a gazillion pegs and poles, and took ages to put up. And when you do the sort of travelling / camping that we sometimes do (one night stops, meaning the tent has to be put and and down each day ... OMG), having a tent that takes so much work is very exhausting. That being said, we were travelling with that tent for 7 weeks, back in 2005, when we did our big Cape York Adventure in far north Queensland. It was an experience ... one I would do again in a heartbeat.

These days, though, we are on the lookout (whilst saving hard) for an off road camper ... a particular unit called a TVan !! It is an Australian designed camper, which can go anywhere your four wheel drive can go. That's what we want !!! Can't wait !!!

C Is For - CRYING ...

Did plenty of that a couple of weeks ago !!! We finally sold our caravan at Bonnie Doon ... which had been on the market for well over 12 months. We've had it for around 12 years, and have had so much fun up there. But, as we want to buy the off road camper, we decided that we have to sacrifice something ... and the caravan was it. Anyway, as much as we wanted to sell it, when the time came to hand over the keys to the new owners, it was heartbreaking. I was sobbing like you wouldn't believe ... I couldn't talk !!! Chicky wasn't much better, either !! It was just horrible. We have now gotten past the crying, though ... although it is a strange feeling knowing we don't have that caravan anymore, and can't just throw some clothes and food into a bag and head up there. It was like a small holiday home, with kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, toilet. Oh well, we are back to being tenties / campers again. We are actually booked into the same caravan park for Christmas / New Years ... it's gonna be weird seeing someone else in our old van !!!

C Is For - Can't Think Of Any More Right Now !! ...

Hmmm, the mind is blank, and I think I have written enough. Hope this Alphabet Blogging isn't boring you too much !! I must get around to visiting everyone again soon, too !!

Hope you are all well, and have a great week.

Take care,

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Alphabet Blogging - B Is For ...


Now for the next instalment of Alphabet Blogging ...

B Is For ... BACK TO REALITY ...

Yep, reality has returned in the Meow household !!! The school holidays are over (gosh, two weeks fly by, don't they !?!), Chicky is back at school for her final term of Year 8, Hubby is back at work ... and I am still at home LOL. I return to work tomorrow (Wednesday) ... working only 2 shifts this week, Wednesday and Friday. Next week I have three ... Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

We had a wonderful two weeks, spending the first week in The Grampians (see previous post), and the second week at our caravan in Bonnie Doon. We had some gorgeous Spring weather (tending toward Summer weather at times), but now it is back to Winter weather ... blah !!

You know, I really enjoy spending quality time with my family during the holidays, away from the reality of being at home (you know, housework, homework, work-work ... stuff like that!!). It is just something so special, something to remember for ever ... being a family, having fun, enjoying life to it's fullest, exploring new places.

B Is For ... BAMBI ...

Bambi ... now what can I say about her !?! She is my gorgeous, snuggly, huggable, lovable kitty cat ... who can also be the naughtiest little critter !! We have had her since September 2005, she was 8 months old when we got her ... she had been abandoned, and was picked up and brought to an animal shelter. She was a very timid, frightened, skinny little thing when we got her. Nothing like what she is now. Now she is a well fed, happy, fairly well adjusted, friendly kitty (although can be quite skittish, when someone new enters the house, or when I vaccuum !!!). She also rules the house, and us humans who live in it !!! But, isn't that normal for a household with a cat in it !?! I love being a cat slave !!! I also love the attention she chooses to give me ... the purrs, the kisses (licks), and smooches she bestows on me. I feel so special. And I really believe that I am special ... cats choose who they share their love with ... they are very particular !!

B Is For ... BONNIE DOON ...

This photo was taken just the other day, early in the morning. My Hubby woke up early, and went walking with the camera ... the mist was just lifting, and it was just beautiful out there.

According to the Bonnie Doon Website ... "Bonnie Doon is a small town situated in North East Victoria on the edge of Lake Eildon and is the Gateway to The HIGH COUNTRY. It is most well known these days as a holiday/weekend destination for waterskiiers, fisherman and boat enthusiasts." Bonnie Doon is also the location of parts of the great Aussie movie, The Castle. If you've never seen this movie, you don't know what you are missing. It is great fun, very corny, and stars some great, well known, Aussie actors.

We have been coming to Bonnie Doon for probably 16 or so years. Originally, we were campers, in our trusty tent. Then, we bought our caravan, a permanent, annual site in a caravan park called Peppin Point, back in early 1996. We have spent the great majority of our holidays there since then. We have met some amazing people there, and had some amazing fun. Unfortunately, we have now sold the caravan, and will be going up next Saturday for the last times as annuals ... and will be handing over the keys to the new owners. I actually feel rather sad about this, although it is something we have been wanting to do for quite some time (we want to buy an off road camper and do some more travelling ... and realised we can't do it all, so had to relinquish something ... and Bonnie Doon it had to be !). I imagine we will be heading up this way now and then, but camping (either in our tent, or when we get our camper), rather than the way we have been doing it for the past 12 years. Oh well, life is always full of changes, isn't it.

B Is For ... BLOGGING ...

I have been blogging now for almost three years, and I love, love, love it. Although in recent times I haven't been at it as regularly as I used to, I still really enjoy it. I have "met" some amazing people in the Blogosphere, and have also physically met some of them. The majority of bloggers that I have "met" come across as genuinely lovely people. I guess we are drawn to blogs that we can relate to, and the people who write them appear to be people who we may connect with in the real world. I feel that the majority of the time, the way people appear in their blogs, is the way they really are (at least in the blogs I read!!). I'm probably rather naive in thinking this way, but I feel it would be very difficult trying to be someone you are not, post after post after post, without giving yourself away somehow. I'm probably wrong, but this is the way I feel ... OK !?!

B Is For ... Better Go Now, Time's Getting Away From Me ...

Enough for me for now ... I have bored (another "B") you enough for this post. I'll be back with the next instalment soon.

Enjoy your week.

Take care,

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Grampians

I know this isn't the Alphabet Blogging format I started last post, but I just wanted to share with you some photos of our trip to the Grampians that we just returned from. We had a great time, the weather was (mostly) wonderful, and it is such an amazing place.

I have uploaded around 40 photos for you to have a look at. Blogger takes too long to upload photos, in my opinion, so this is the link where you can (hopefully) view these photos ... here. Please let me know if this link doesn't work.

Here's a brief outline of what we got up to during the week ...

Day 1 ... just a lazy one, walked into town, back to the campground, spent the afternoon chatting and eating and drinking ... then it rained !!

Day 2 ... a busy, energetic one !!! Firstly we went to Silverband Falls ... a leisurely stroll through the bush, to a beautiful waterfall that just disappears into the rocks. Then we went to Boroka Lookout, with magnificent views over the valley. Then to Lake Wartook ... a water reservoir, which I think provides some drinking / irrigation water for the district. Then off to McKenzie Falls ... last time we were there, we just took the upper walk to the lookout. This time, I was talked into taking the scenic route to the bottom of the falls. OMG ... the stairs ... around 260 of them, and they are steep ... boy are they steep !! Going down was OK, bit scary !! But ... coming up ... OMG, was that hard work, I thought I was going to die !!! My legs were shaky, and my chest was heaving (I think it's time I got myself fit !!). However, the hard work was worth it (I think !!) ... the falls are amazing, and I feel like I really achieved something (apart from nearly killing myself!!). Next, off to Reids Lookout ... not much walking there, but another stunning view !! Then back to the campground to rest and recouperate !!

Day 3 ... We decided to take it easy, and just do some driving around. Firstly the Gap Winery (we sampled and bought some wine ... yummy), then the Halls Gap Wildlife Park, then a Lavendar Farm. We took a dirt track back to the main road, then went to the Halls Gap pub for lunch. Afterward we decided we needed to walk off lunch, and headed up to Venus Baths ... oops, my mother slipped and fell in !! No damage done, other than to her ego (I'm sure she must be sore, but won't admit it) !!

Day 4 ... Another lazy one (for the girls, at least!!) ... the men played 9 holes of golf, and we ladies stayed back at camp ... drinking and relaxing. When the guys returned, we played footy, darts, and all manner of other stuff ... a fun day !!

Day 5 ... Back to Reids Lookout, and then off to The Balconies ... a leisurely walk to an amazing lookout, and interesting rock formations. Then we headed off to Zumsteins Historical Reserve for a bit of a look-see. Then the Heatherlie Quarry, where much of the bluestone type rock was mined, and still is for a few important city buildings. Lots of historical stuff here ... very interesting. Then we went to town, had some lunch and icecreams. Nice finish to a lovely day.

Day 6 ... A brief drive into Halls Gap, to the Information Centre and Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Then back to camp to watch the AFL Grand Final ... yay, my footy team won ... Go Hawks. Overnight the weather turned ultra-windy, and a bit of rain ... oh well.

Day 7 ... that's today ... packed up and came home. A great week's holiday ... we are already booked in for the same time next year ... can't wait.

Anyway, we are off again the day after tomorrow, for a week at Bonnie Doon. I will post more soon.

See ya ....

Take care,

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Alphabet Blogging - A Is For ....

Hi There,

Thought I might try a bit of Themed Blogging. I've seen something similar on a couple of blogs, as I was blog surfing today, but they were posted as weekly memes. This Theme I want to use each time I blog (I hope) !!

Ok, so what I thought I might do is what I am calling "Alphabet Blogging". Each post, whether it is daily, weekly, or whenever I get around to it (LOL) will be under the title ... Alphabet Blogging - A Is For .... (or what ever letter I happen to be up to). The post will be about one or more items using the particular letter. I aim to post about things pertaining to me, my life, my life, my loves ... simply something about my world.

Have a read, and please comment (if you wish to) and tell me what you think about this idea. If you like it, please feel free to use the idea, too.

So, here we go ....

A is for .... AUSTRALIA ...

Australia is the country I was born in, the country I live in, the country I love.

According to Wikipedia ...

"Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country in the southern hemisphere comprising the mainland of the world's smallest continent, the major island of Tasmania, and numerous other islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.N4 Neighbouring countries include Indonesia, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea to the north, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia to the northeast, and New Zealand to the southeast. Australia is the only single country to occupy an entire continent.
The Australian mainland has been inhabited for more than 42,000 years by
indigenous Australians.[4] After sporadic visits by fishermen from the north and then European discovery by Dutch explorers in 1606,[5] the eastern half of Australia was later claimed by the British in 1770 and initially settled through penal transportation to the colony of New South Wales, commencing on 26 January 1788. As the population grew and new areas were explored, another five largely self-governing Crown Colonies were established during the 19th century.
On 1 January 1901, the six colonies became a
federation, and the Commonwealth of Australia was formed. Since federation, Australia has maintained a stable liberal democratic political system and remains a Commonwealth realm. The capital city is Canberra, located in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The population is just over 21.3 million, with approximately 60% of the population concentrated in and around the mainland state capitals of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide."

This is the Australian Flag ... note the beautiful Southern Cross depicted thereon.

This is a map of Australia ...

A is for ... ADVENTURES ...

My family and I love heading out into this gorgeous country of ours, travelling and exploring, on what we call our Adventures. We have had a few already, the longest one being for just over 7 weeks, exploring Far North Queensland's Cape York Peninsula.

A is for ... ANNIVERSARY ...

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary on December 4th ... whoo-hoo.

A is for ... ATTITUDE ...

Something my 14 year old daughter has plenty of !!!

A is for ... ALL DONE FOR NOW ...

So, what do you think of the idea ... it seems workable ... hopefully I can come up with something more interesting than what I wrote this time around !!! Oh well, trial and error !!

Anyway (hey, that's another A !!), I had better sign off now. We are heading off in the morning for a week's camping. Can't wait. We are pretty much sorted and packed ... just got to put the last few things in the car in the morning (food and clothes and toiletries). It has been raining and windy most of today, hopefully it will clear up tomorrow ... fingers crossed.

Have a great week everyone, and I will try and drop back to post and visit during the week.

Be good, and take care,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swap Cards

Back when I was a kid (seems like a lifetime ago), we collected, and traded/swapped what we called "Swap Cards" ... these were usually the size of standard playing cards, and very often had the markings on the reverse of these playing cards (maybe they were part of a pack, who knows). Often, though, they were produced solely as swap cards, and had blank backs. It was a fun past-time, and I remember spending many a lunch or recess comparing and swapping cards with my friends.

I used to have heaps of cards ... I recently discovered what was left of my collection. Thanks to Gina, who revived my interest in my swapcards, I decided to scan them all in and share them on this blog. Please enjoy viewing the swap cards that gave me so much enjoyment when I was a kid.

Hope you enjoyed viewing these cards.

I am off on Sunday for a week's camping in The Grampians, in Western Victoria. The Grampians are a rocky mountain range, with some beautiful walks and views. I hope to return with new muscles in my legs !!! and plenty of photos. When we return, we will only be home for a couple of days, then we are off to Bonnie Doon for about 5 days, enjoying the remainder of the school holidays.

SO, in case I don't get back on here for awhile, hope you have a great weekend, and a wonderful couple of weeks.

Catch you when I get back ...

Take care,

400th Post ... No, not this one ... the previous one !!!

Yay, Me !!! My previous post was Number 400 !!! Whoo-hoo !!!

Take care,

Sunday, September 14, 2008


A dear friend of mine is working her way over some pretty huge obstacles at the moment (she is going through chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer, whilst continuing to care for her two disabled children ... who need 24/7 care). Fortunately, she has a loving, supportive, extremely helpful husband and 13 year old son, and a massive support system of friends and family.

What amazes me about her, is her constant positivity. I am sure she has her moments, but on the whole, she remains the most positive person I have ever met. I know that if anyone can beat this horrible disease ... she can.

Each week (and often during the week, also), she sends out a newsletter/email to her huge network of email friends ... at the bottom of the email she always includes something extra, what she calls "Mush". I just received this week's email, and at the bottom of it, she added this little bit of "Mush" ...

Happiness keeps you Sweet,

Trials keep you Strong,

Sorrows keep you Human,

Failures keep you Humble,

Success keeps you Glowing ,

But Only Friends Keep You Going!

I just thought the words were wonderful, and had to share them.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Take care,

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just wanted to wish everyone a great Friday,
and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Take care,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It was Father's Day here in Australia on Sunday ... we had a lovely day.

We picked up my parents and drove out to Yea, about 50 minutes from home, for lunch at the Peppercorn Hotel. It was a lovely meal, and the place is just gorgeous ... a renovated old hotel, with exposed, rough, brick walls and old wooden floors. There were open fireplaces, and a generally old-time atmosphere. The food, however, was far from old-fashioned ... it was modern, and lovely.

After lunch we went for a drive around the area, showing my parents some places we had discovered whilst going down various dirt roads in our 4 wheel drive. They drive a "normal" car, and don't go exploring like we do. We showed them the old rail tunnel, which I have showed in photographs in the past, which is now a dirt/gravel road that cars can use. Fascinating.

It was great fun ... I always enjoy spending time with my parents ... as a matter of fact, we are going camping to the Grampians with them in 2 weeks ... they'll be in their caravan, us in our tent.

On Monday, Hubby and I went for another drive ... we needed to collect some things from our van at Bonnie Doon, to take on our camping trip. On the way we passed an old shed which, for the past few years, I had been wanting to photograph (don't ask why, I just did !!). So, we stopped and I took this photograph ...

I was really happy with the photo, as the colours of the freshly budding trees matched nicely with the colors of the rust and old-ness of the shed. Not bad, huh !?!

Anyway, I had better finish here ... gotta go to work !!

Hope to catch up again soon.

Take care,

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Well, it's Father's Day here in Australia ... not sure about the rest of the world ... it seems to be different everywhere !!
I just wanted to do a quick post to wish all the fathers and grandfathers out there a wonderful day ... hope your families lavish you with love and attention.
Enjoy !!

Take care,

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hi There !!

Just a little post from me, to let you know that I AM still alive !!! Life continues to be busy, but very enjoyable.

I spent a weekend recently at Phillip Island, on a scrapbooking retreat. It was great fun, got lots of pages finished in the album I am working on, and enjoyed the company of around 90 other women who were doing the very same thing. I plan on going again next year. It was actually quite strange ... I had never been away for a weekend before, without my Hubby and Chicky. They were left at home, alone with each other, to fend for themselves. It seems they coped OK !!!

I am still working 2 or 3 days a week. Still enjoying it ... at least I enjoy the company of my fellow workmates (the work is a bit boring, but you can't have everything, can you !?!?)

I usually spend Thursdays with my Mum ... we go shopping, have lunch, and do mum & daughter stuff. It is lovely, and we get along so well. Dad (who is retired) usually takes this opportunity to go and have a game of golf with a mate !!

Ummm ... what else ??? Bambi is well, still a naughty kitty (but then, what kitty isn't naughty !!). Chicky is enjoying Year 8 at school . She is quite popular, with both the boys and girls, and forever has parties to go to and friends visiting, or her visiting friends. It's great to see. She is still playing netball (they won their grand final recently), and dancing. The concert this year should be a good one. Hubby is well, also. Still doing the shit work, and fiddling around with his four wheel drive. He is obsessed with that car !!! But I love him dearly.

So, that's about it for me. Best get myself ready for work this morning. Should be a busy day.

Hope to drop by and visit your blogs soon.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Until next time ...

Take care,

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday, Sunny Sunday!

Hi everyone,

It's a gorgeous, sunny, Winter's day here in Melbourne. The neighbours are mowing their lawns, the hubby is fiddling with his car, and the world is good.

I am sitting here, still with wet hair, having just finished my breakfast. That is not so weird, you may say, but it is just after 12 midday !!! Breakfast ??? Perhaps that should be brunch !!

I had an extremely lazy morning. I did awake at around 7.30am, but decided I wasn't getting up. I turned on the bedside light (it was still dark-ish outside), and picked up my book. Well, that was the end of me !! It was the last 1/4 of the book ... the best part, I think, of any book !! I couldn't put it down, and continued reading until 1/4 to 11. I finished it though ... it was wonderful.

Now, however, I feel a sense of let-down, or sadness. I get like that when I finish a good book. It's almost like losing a friend, when you shut the book for the last time. Does anyone else feel like that, or am I just crazy !?!?!

Anyway, it was a Barbara Delinsky book, titled Looking For Peyton Place. I have read quite a few of her books lately, and I really enjoy her writing. It isn't as in-depth or gory as my usual read (of the likes of Jeffrey Deaver, James Patterson, Kathy Reichs, Jonathan and Fay Kellerman, and others), but a good read non-the-less. She is very descriptive, and there is always some romance in her novels. I need to find more of her books, I think !!!

My morning wasn't quite as lazy as my daughter's. Chicky only awoke at 11.30am ... and only because the phone rang !!! What's with teenagers, and their sleep-cycles ?? We have school holidays at the moment, and she is up late in the evenings, watching DVDs and reading, and fiddling with the computer, so I guess that accounts for the late sleep ins. But, OMG, she could do that every day ... what a waste of a day, I feel !! It seems so many teenagers are like that though, according to other mums at work. I don't remember being like that as a teenager. I wanted to make the most of every day, getting as much out of it as I could. But, then, I wasn't a night owl, either ... I needed my sleep, and was generally asleep before 10pm. Boring, yes !! But I enjoyed my days !!

Hubby has been out in the garage since around 6.30am, fiddling with his car. He is on 4 weeks long service leave at the moment. He is spending his time pulling apart his car, and putting a whole new body on it. That's been done, now he has to put it all together again !! Why not buy a whole new car, you may ask !!! Well, he is really happy with the motor, running gear, and everything else on the car ... it was just that the bodywork was rusting away. His friend owns a motor wreckers, and they had gotten in an identical car to his, so they decided to just (simply !?!) swap bodies. Well, what a job !! But he is really enjoying himself. Oh well, I guess it keeps him out from under my feel ... LOL !!!

Hmmm, I guess that's enough from me for now ... 2 posts in the space of a few days is more than I've done in months !!! I had better get moving and enjoy this magical day.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Until next time ...

Take care,

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th Of July

Just wanted to wish all of my US friends a Happy 4th Of July.

Have fun, party on ....

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Pinch And A Punch For The First Of The Month

Hello everyone,

It's the first of July, and we are having some very bizarre weather here in Melbourne. It is very cold (although, by comparison to Northern Hemisphere Winters, not so cold, really!!) and very windy. I awoke this morning to torrential rain, and the extreme wind, battering my windows ... all of them, from all sides ... scary stuff. A couple of hours later, it is still windy, but the sun is shining, and we have blue skies. It has always been said that Melbourne can bring four seasons in one day ... I think we are having one of those days.

My life continues to be busy, still no time for regular blogging. I have been quite unwell recently, although 100% better now, with a terrible cold and chest infection. I haven't been this sick for years and years ... oh well, life goes on ... I haven't really got time to be sick !!

I have a day off today, am heading over to a friend's for a spot of scrapbooking. Looking forward to the scrapbooking, and the catch up with my friend. Always up for a bit of chatting (or gas-bagging, as we sometimes call it).

Hope you are all well.

Will be back in touch soon.

Take care,