Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Crash, Bang, Boom

We had the most amazing thunderstorm last night. The skies were lit up, over and over, by the intense lightning. The booming and crashing of the thunder was just incredible, it was so loud. It caused my windows to rattle, and my daughter to wake up in fright and come to me shaking with fear. I don’t really understand her fear, as thunderstorms have always been something I have found to be totally awesome.

I love being outside (preferably not under a tree, for obvious reasons !!) when there is a thunderstorm. The electricity in the air is just amazing, and the sounds are beyond description. I particularly love it when we are out camping, just laying in the tent, knowing that there is only a thin piece of fabric between me and the elements. There is also something really special about sitting on the beach, watching the storm arrive over the water. It is mesmerizing.

We are lucky (or, unlucky, for those who are frightened of them) here in Melbourne, in that we get quite a few thunderstorms during our Summer months. I feel that we have had more than usual so far this year, particularly during the Spring, than is the norm. We even had some beauties during the Winter (which I thought was really unusual, but special none-the-less !).

One bonus with all these extra thunderstorms this year has been the rainfall. We are sorely lacking in rainfall down here in Melbourne, and our water catchments are looking somewhat poorly. The extra rain has been a godsend, as it has given us extra water at a time when we really need it. Hopefully we will have lots more. Roll on the next thunderstorm.

Have a great day,



Michelle said...

I'll swap you one thunderstorm for 2 cyclones!!

Meow said...

Uh, uh, no way. Now that's another reason I love Melbourne ... no cyclones !! :-)

Madi said...

I love lying in bed at night listening to thunderstorms. Feel sorry for the possums outside in our trees.

Meow said...

Yeah, it must be hard living outside in it, all the time. Although, they don't know any different, do they !! I wonder if they enjoy it as much as we do, and feel the same electricity from it !?!