Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Only 4 Days Till Christmas .....

Well, only 4 days to go ... is everyone ready for the man in the red suit to pay them a visit !!?? I am almost there, only a couple of little things left to get, and the grocery shopping to do. Done all my parties, luncheons, get togethers, for the time being, so can now begin to relax.

The weather has turned here in sunny Melbourne. It is getting mighty windy, there is thunder and lightning, and we have had some rain. The temperature has plummetted (I think it was over 30C earlier, now it is only about 20C). I think we may be in for some stormy weather.

School has broken up for the year ... 6 weeks of relaxation now, no uniforms to wash, lunches to pack, etc., etc. Thank goodness.

My Chicky has been taking the camera around the house and garden the last couple of days. Thought I might share a couple of photos she has taken. Wonder if Santa is bringing her a camera of her own ???

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. Take care all.


A parrot in our apricot tree

The ferns out the front of our house

Some of the shells we collected on our trip to Cape York


Anne said...

I love these photos. I can't believe they are actaully from your yard.

My son (he's 6) loves to carry the digital camera around and take pictures. I decided to start posting them on my blog. It's been so much fun to see what HE sees.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous lorikeet! We have tons of them in our yard every morning. I love watching them get drunk on the fermented fruit!!

Meow said...

Anne, Thanks ... Chicky has done a good job with these photos. And, yes, they are definately from our our garden (the shells were in a box, though !. Thanks for coming to visit, by the way.

Michelle, it's amazing, each year we get more and more of these lorikeets. The apricot tree is right outside my window, beside my computer desk, and they are really beautiful. It took Chicky to take a photo, though, as I never remember to !!

Take care.

Connie and Rob said...

You look like you live in paradise! Lucky kitty...still in sunshine. I love that bird. He has such beautiful colors. We have to go to the zoo to see anything like that.

I think I am all ready for Christmas or ignorance is bliss as they say. Waited long enough. Ready to have some fun now.


Meow said...

Hi Connie, I think Michelle lives closer to paradise than I do, however Melbourne is a pretty good place to live.

Well done for being ready for Christmas, hope all goes well, and you have heaps of fun ... that's what it is all about, isn't it !!??

Take care.

Badoozie said...

are you saying your child took these pics? cause they are really good. good for you, getting things all together. thanks for visiting my blog also!!

Meow said...

Susie, my Chicky is 11, going on 12 next April, and YES, she took the 3 photos on this post. Not bad, hey !?!? I think she shows some talent for it.

I love your blog, always interesting ... don't always post a comment, but I read it every day.

Take care.

Madi said...

Greats pics. I wish I lived on your tropical island. ;-)

Badoozie said...

well, thats nice of you, i hope to hear more comments from you in the future. and yes, your daughter has a talent, and i too hope santa brings her a cool camera this year. digitals are the best thing since sliced bread

Phil said...

Hi Meow! Those are great pictures. I was wondering why there are so many Australian bloggers? It seem that every blogger I meet is either American or Australian. The annoying thing with the Aussie bloggers is that they are constantly taunting us with their weather. In your "winter" do you ever have to scrape ice and snow off your car?

Cathy said...

The photos are beautiful.
Merry Christmas!

momyblogR said...

Nice pictures! YAY, for the no school thing here too. :)

Meow said...

Madi, thanks ... never thought of it as being like on a tropical island ... but, believe me, it's not !!

Susie, thanks again ... don't worry, I will be back to visit and comment !!

Phil, we Australians do appear to be multiplying in the blog world, and I agree that the majority are either American, Canadian or Aussies. We don't taunt you with our weather, we only wish for you to enjoy it with us. And no, during our winter, we never have to scrape ice or snow off our cars. Sorry LOL :-)

Cathy, my Chicky will be getting a big head with all her favourable comments re her photos. Thanks.

MomyblogR, it was wonderful to not have to get school stuff happening this morning, but get up when we like, and then go shopping !!!

Neo said...

Meow -Awesome photo's!

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!


- Neo

Meow said...

Thanks Neo,
Have a Merry Christmas, also, and take care.

Justine said...

a rainbow lorikeet! aren't they georgeous? we've been getting rosellas in our apricot tree, along with the usual minor birds. :-) we're renting - i wish we could take that tree with us when we go.