Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Holidays ...

Greetings from Lakeside Country Club in Numurkah, north central Victoria.

We have been having a wonderful time here, the weather has been great. The photo above is of the lake in the resort. It is a gorgeous place. Chicky and her best friend Chooky are having a ball ... I'll be surprised if they aren't waterlogged by the end of this stay, they are spending so much time in the pool.

Yesterday we went to Cobram and Yarrawonga (briefly), and explored the Murray River between those two towns. I loooooooove the Murray, and as a younger woman, spent many holidays camped on it's banks (gosh, that makes me sound old !!).

On Sunday we went to Echuca, also on theMurray, and took a fascinating paddlesteamer cruise on the Pevensey, which was used in the movie/mini-series All The Rivers Run, and was known therein as The Philadelphia. A great day.

We have also spent some time just relaxing here at the resort.

I will share more with you, along with some photos, when I return home at the end of next week.

Looking forward to tomorrow ... lunch with Merle, Jeanette & Gwen in Shepparton.

Hugs to you all.

Take care,

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hello ...

Well, as you probably noticed, I once again haven't gotten around to visiting everyone (despite my best intentions !). Huge apologies, once again.

I am quickly just dropping by here to say catch y'all later, as we are heading off tomorrow (Friday) for 2 weeks of R&R ... one in Numurkah (near Shepparton, in North Central Victoria), and the second at old faithful Bonnie Doon.

I hope to hop on the 'net here and there, and may even post. I will try, anyway LOL.

Oh, yeah ... whilst I am at Numurkah, I will be popping down to Shepparton, and catching up with a few of my favorite bloggers ... Merle will be hosting us for lunch, and Jeanette and Gwen are coming along too. Should be a lovely afternoon. I can't wait.

I promise, promise, promise to catch up on all your blogs when we get back, though.

Huge huggly hugs to you all.

Take care,

Saturday, September 15, 2007

An Update ...

Hello, everyone ... well, it's been awhile. I am still in the land of the living ... gosh, have I been living ... too much to do, too little time !! I actually wish I was bored, just so I could have time to sit and do nothing ... but ... being bored is really no fun either, is it !!

That being said, I have been getting in some reading (whilst having breakfast, in the few minutes before falling asleep, and the odd other brief moment !!). I have sort of finished my course (the official bits of it ... the tests and stuff ... now I just need to get into some writing, to practice what I've learnt). I have sort of finished my parent's DVD of their photos from their German trip (we have spent ages putting music to it ... mum has gone through her whole collection, picking out the "just right" german songs to go with all the sections of the DVD) ... I just need to burn them to disc, check how they turned out, make the covers, and do the finishing touches. Work is keeping me busy ... usually 3 days a week, most of them ending around 5.30/6pm ... starting at 9am. Weekends always have something on ... even if it is only being Chicky's taxi !! Laundry and housework are always needing to be done. You know the deal ... I imagine most of you are just as busy as me ... only you all seem to still find the time to blog ! I guess I need to get myself more organised !

I bought myself a webcam this week ... only I don't like it ... I don't like how I look in it ... eeewwww ... I don't think I want to share myself like that LOL. Much better to remain anonymous, I guess !!

My Bambi kitty is doing well ... getting more affectionate day by day. She is so cute.

Chicky is happy in high school ... 3rd term is almost over ... her interim report was pretty good, we are pleased. She is showing genuine interest in boys, these days. She already has had a few boyfriends (although, they really only just call themselves boyfriend and girlfriend ... they don't actually get into the kissing and stuff yet ... thank goodness !!).

Hubby is busy working, and getting his 4WD ready for the anticipated "big trip" (getting all the suspension up to scratch, the airconditioning regassed, new tyres and wheels). Yep, we plan on another big trip sometime in the future (I don't know if you remember, but we did a 7 week trip to Far North Queensland back in 2005). Unfortunately, it won't be such a big trip ... 4 weeks max, I reckon, due to Chicky being in high school ... I really don't want her missing too much school. We can space it out over the school holidays (2 weeks), with one week of each term on either side. At this stage, we probably will head to the Centre of Australia. Hopefully sometime next year ... fingers crossed.

Only another week, then it is the end of Term 3 for the Victorian school year. We will be heading off next Friday afternoon, for a week at a resort in Numurkah (near Shepparton, in north/central Victoria), then another week at our caravan in Bonnie Doon (our caravan is up for sale, so hopefully this won't be our last visit there ... although, if it does sell, we will buy an off-road camper, and can still go to the caravan park to holiday, as casuals rather than permanents, only it will be somewhat different ... back to using the public conveniences ... darn it !!).

Hmmm, what else can I tell you ??? My plan (whether it happens or not, is another story) is to visit each and every one of you during the course of this week, as we will be away for 2 weeks after that, and probably won't blog during that time. After that, my plan (also, who knows whether it will happen) is to get back to regular blogging ... weekly at least.

Huge apologies, once again, for being a neglectful blogger. And thank you, all you amazing people, for your emails, voicing your concern about me ... I AM OK ... just really, really busy !!

Big hugs to you all.

Take care,

Monday, September 03, 2007

Take care,