Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm Really Angry ...

Now, I'm not normally one to let off steam via my blog, but today I am ... so, here goes ....

As you all probably know, I have a cat called Bambi. We got Bambi as an 8 month old last September, and kept her inside for about a month and a half, in order to properly familiarise her with us and our home. I was hoping that she would remain an indoor cat, but having been a stray, she had already experienced "the big wide world". When we first let her out, it was very tentatively ... on her part and ours. It would only be for a few hours at a time, and we would constantly go out looking for her. Of course, she would be inside from dusk until dawn.

These days, she is still inside all night ... from dusk until dawn ... and is still really timid first thing in the morning when she wants to go out ... she won't even consider going out unless it is totally daylight. She sticks her little nose out the door, sniffs the air ... and if anything doesn't meet her satisfaction, she puts herself in reverse and comes right back again, only to try again an hour or two later. Well, this works fine for me ... she feels safe inside. She seems to prefer going out into the backyard, rather than the front yard.

Anyway, on to the reason I am so angry .... The neighbours over the road have a white cat called Max, who they have had for a number of years. He was a real nuisance with our old cat, Ratbag (who was a male cat, and very, very tough ... nothing four-legged could come on our property without being beaten to a pulp !!). I lost count on the dollars we spent on vet bills, when Ratbag came home with another cat-fight abcess. We lost Ratbag about a year before getting Bambi (he had lymphatic cancer ... he was 16 years old). During this time, perhaps Max took too many liberties, and felt safe visting our property ... there was no cat to beat him up !! We tried to shoo him away constantly.

On with the story ... This morning, Bambi did her sniff the air thing, decided it was safe, and went out the front door to do her thing. Being Sunday morning, I went back to sleep and dozed off. About 20 minutes later, I awoke to an awesome yelling and growling and screeching from a cat-fight. I jumped out of bed, ran out the front door calling Bambi, and chasing Max away (all this in a t-shirt nighty !!). Bambi came running inside ... poor little thing, she had peed herself, and reeked !! She appeared uninjured ... hope she gave Max a beauty, though !! She sat herself down to wash herself ... eeewww !! Poor little cat was terrified of everything for a good long while afterward. She is OK now, no injuries, and is outside playing again.

This rotten cat, Max, is constantly on our property ... I am always shooing him away. The owners don't give two-hoots about him ... all they do is feed him. He is never allowed inside (it is a rule here in Melbourne these days, that cats are to be locked inside at night), and is always looking dirty and scruffy. He seems to be stalking my poor Bambi ... not fair, really , that she can't feel safe in her own garden.

I got a female cat, this time, thinking that it would ensure no cat-fights, and no urine spraying. Who could figure that a male older cat would want to pick a fight with a young female ... don't cats live by the rules we humans do ... men don't (or at least shouldn't) hit females ??

My beef, really, apart from the fact that this Max is stalking my gorgeous Bambi (isn't she a cutie !?!) is why they even have a cat, when they don't pay it any attention. Pets are meant to be given love ... that's why they give us love, cause they know we care about them. I feel really sorry for Max, as he so obviously needs some loving care ... but it's not up to me to give it to him ... I have Bambi, she is my priority. I need to keep her safe and well. I can't do that properly with Max around all the time. I feel like locking her in the house, to keep her safe from him, but that would be cruel ... she loves being outside, and why should she be punished.

Some people out there shouldn't have pets ... it's as simple as that.

There you go, I've said my piece. Let's change the subject ....

Hope your weekend is going well. Mine is plodding along ... I have been fiddling with my blog template (changing text color on the side bar, mucking around with the header, trying to put a picture background in the header ... no success yet, but will keep trying !), doing some scrapbooking, washing, reading (I finished a great Jonathon Kellerman book this morning), and generally having a relaxing time.

Take care, everyone ...


PS... I have added some music to my blog ... "The Dance of the Sugerplum Fairies" ... I thought it was cute. I really wanted "What's New Pussycat" by Tom Jones, but couldn't get it to upload. Please let me know if this one is reaaaallly annoying !!


Bar Bar A said...

I can understand why you are so mad! Max's owners should have him neutered or something - maybe that would help. But your right, some people just don't give a hoot about their pets. A friend of mine ended up having three of her neighbor's cats spayed because she got so sad seeing them pregnant again and again and again. Now they just live at her house and don't bother going home.

I am glad Bambi is ok, she's adorable. Reminds me a bit of my Bella :)

Meow said...

Barbara ... thank you, I'm glad she's OK too. I think Max has been neutered (Bambi certainly has been) ... or so the owners say, anyway !! I spoke to the owner earlier, and told him what happened, and all he could say was ... hope you told him off, he'll learn eventually !!! WTF !! I could have kicked him, not just his cat !! (not that I ever kick cats, mind you ... but that's not to say I don't feel like kicking that one !!).
Thanks for your concern, it is hugely appreciated. Is there a picture of Bella on your site somewhere ... I'll go now and have a look !!
Take care, Meow

Tab said...

Grab a hose!
Next time the cat from across the street wants to enter your property , spray it.
It won't hurt him but I bet he won't be back too soon!
Good luck.

Meow said...

Tab ... believe me, I've tried that, but the sneaky little bugger comes in when I'm not looking and hides in waiting for my poor baby. I don't want to scare Bambi even more by getting her with the hose, also. Maybe a swift boot up the rear might be the call !!! Thanks for the advice, take care, Meow

Autumn said...

Poor baby. I thought of water, but I see someone suggested that and you have tried it. Maybe Max will learn to stay away. I sure hope so for Bambi's sake. It sounds like you have your hands full.

Meow said...

Autumn ... thanks, I hope he learns to stay away too. My poor little Bambi, being frightened is not a good look ... she lowers herselft to the ground and comes slinking in when she knows he is anywhere near. She only fights when she has no choice.
Take care, Meow

Dick said...

Huggy wears an "H" harness and I take her walking on a leash. I do have a rope run in the back yard I put the leash on which gives her 50 feet to roam, plus about 6 feet on each side of the rope, but I don't leave her out there on that if I am not there. I wouldn't want a dog to come along and her to be teathered to the rope & unable to get away. It is pretty much all she knows so doesn't seem to mind, too much. She does get excited when she sees other cats outside the house windows.

Maybe Bambi is young enough you could get her started on a harness & leash? By the way, walking a cat on a leash is NOTHING like walking a dog!

Meow said...

Dick ... a harness and lead was something we initially wanted to try ... she hated the harness, and just parked her rear and wouldn't move with the lead on. I guess we should have perservered, but we didn't, and she is so used to being a free cat during the day, I feel it would be unfair to her to stop that. I'm sure we'll manage ... I might just have to get that hose out more often, though, as a Barbara and Tab suggested ... try the perserverence there !!
Take care, Meow

Granny said...

Our neighborhood is full of unwanted cats. That's where the two I have now came from and others before.

We have had to take a couple to the shelter bad as I hated it. People just don't care; I can't feed them all, and there is one around here like Max.

I neuter mine - no one else does. They get a cute little kitten and then dump it when it becomes a cat. Do you think they didn't realize that happens?

Enough. Sorry about your Bambi.

Meow said...

Granny ... it all comes down to people and their priorities. It costs a lot of money to neuter and look after a cat ... obviously some people can't see the worth in it. I see my cat as part of my family, so whatever it costs ... so be it !! Take care, Meow

Connie and Rob said...

I so much agree! I have a few problems here just like that going on with dogs. We live in the city with big streets and lots of cars and two neighbor dogs run free.

First of all they frighten anyone who takes a walk with another dog and I just know they are going to get hit by a car.

Very good dogs but very confused owners.

Take care,

Very_Vera said...

Don't worry
it helps to have them neutered
Cute blog

Heidi said...

First off sorry about Bambi and thankfully she is ok and not injured. I have to agree with you, some people should not have pets!

Cat said...

I'm with tab about the hose.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

The people who lived down the street moved and left there OUTSIDE cat there. He can't come in our house, because we have a male, but we make sure he is feed and give him shelter in the gargae on cold nights.

YOur so right about people getting animals then not taking care of them.

LoraLoo said...

I see why you named her Bambi. She is beautiful! I need to post a new picture of my cat Dallas.

I do understand why you're angry. Others' irresponsibility as pet owners is maddening and often sad.

Badoozie said...

well lots of people get pets when they are babies because they are cute, then when the pet grows up, they have no more use for it, and i really, really hate that.

Meow said...

Connie ... you made a good point ... it's not the cat's fault ... it has bad owners ... maybe I need to talk to them again !!

Vera ... thanks, yep it sure does. I've done the right thing ... they haven't !! At least I know there won't be any unwanted kittens around !! Thanks for visiting, I will pop over to your blog to say hello soon.

Heidi ... thank you.

Cat ... I'm going to give the hose another go !! Thanks for visiting, I'll pop by your blog later on.

DaybyDay ... I'd love to put Max in our garage at night, but he sprays everywhere ... eeewww !! At least I know he'd be safe, and Bambi could safely go outside in the morning without having to look everywhere if it were safe, first !!

Loraloo ... thank you. Ooooh, I'd love to see a photo of Dallas.

Susie ... people need to realise that a pet is "for life", and that they cost money and time !!

Thanks everyone, Bambi sends a big MEOW to each and every one of you. Take care, Meow

angel, jr. said...

People who can't control their pets shouldn't have any.
It makes me mad when I see animals being neglected.

Meow said...

Angel ... I so agree. We are trying to do the right thing, but it is really hard when others don't. Some people just don't care. Glad you do ...
Take care, Meow

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hey Meow
Sorry about the kitty crisis , one of the worst sounds a cat owner can hear is that distictive howling of a cat fight , The neighbours cat Max is marking his territory , he doesn t know house /land plans or gardens from his to yours , your poor kitty , hope she is not hurt , cat fights sometimes show injury by abscess as you said sometime later , I feel for the other cat as well he is a problem only due to neglectful owners shame on them . I know a neighbour who got rid of a pesky neighbours cat by waiting for it to come everytime into his yard and without warning or sound sprayed it with garden hose, it takes patience but they will remember and that cat never came back , sorry for the pun ! If you make noise (voice ) the cat connects the water with you and then only you scare him , the water out of the blue stuns /not hurts him and pisses him off , might work . have you spoke to neighbours? but it seems they dont care , poor Bambi it is not right !
hope other things are better !

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

It pays to read all post before writing , sorry if repeating others advice, hope your cooled off now

Meow said...

Hi Greeneyes ... thanks for the advice, but the hose thing hasn't really worked in the past, as he is such a sneaky cat ... I never know he is there until the fight happens, or Bambi is running away ... hey, I'll have to get one of those bit water pistol / super soakers and arm myself with that, instead !! I am cooled off, Bambi is OK, but the neighbours really don't care, which is a shame, but not Max's fault. I will hopefully figure something out !!
Take care, Meow

Cathy said...

You are right; some people should not be pet owners. How frustrating. I am glad she is fine and she is very very cute; poor thing!

Happy Monday!

Meow said...

Thanks, Cathy ... Happy Monday (or is it still Sunday ??) to you, too !! Take care, Meow

Nicole said...

I posted a comment the other day about your kitty cat but it's not here... What did I do? Silly me.. anyway I hope you are feeling better now and are having a lovely day. hugs xoxox

True Blue Guy said...

I dont like people who cannot take care of their pets. I love dogs but avoid having one because I would not want it to take care of itself and I just don't have the bandwidth

mysterious in blue said...

i can't believe that Max's owners don't care about the situation. maybe Max shouldn't be outside if he is so aggressive with other cats. i know it's unfair and doesn't solve the situation, but maybe you should only let Bambi outside when you're outside. that way she would be protected. even though she didn't get hurt this time doesn't mean that she won't.

Meow said...

Nicole ... thank you, I am feeling better. I have been watching for that naughty cat, and am ready with a squirter bottle, and a water pistol !!

True Blue Guy ... at least you are honest ... I think you would be a good doggy owner, though !!

Mysterious in Blue ... I know what you mean ... it is tempting to only have her outside when I am there, but then the poor kitty would never get outside ... I am more of an indoor girl at home !! We'll figure it out !!

Thank you everyone, it's nice to know that all you guys care. Take care, Meow

Viamarie said...

Good thing Bambi didn't get injured.

Hope you and neighbor can settle things about their gate-crushing cat.

Meow said...

Thank you, Viamarie ... I hope so, too. I think the neighbour is a stubborn pain in the a***, though, so I think it is something I need to work out myself !!
Take care, Meow

Clare said...

We had the same problem with our old cat. He was always getting beat up by the cat that lived next door but one because he hadn't been neutered and he was just mean. My parents spent a fortune at the vet getting their cat fixed.

They spoke to their neighbour about it but she didn't want to know as she was too mean to pay out for getting them neutered.

I hope you manage to find a way to stop Bambi being beat up by the mean cat. Let me know if the water solution works.

Meow said...

Clare ... thank you. It seems I am not the only one with neighbour cat problems !! I hope the water solutions works.
Take care, Meow

Chloe said...

Bambi is adorable!
Pet owners are like good parents - bad parents. It's the same principle of responsibility really.
Hugs to you and to Bambi

Feathers said...

Awwwww, Bambi is such a sweet baby! I am so sorry to hear about her traumatic encounter with Max. It makes me so sad that many people have pets and don't take care of them properly. That really burns me up.

Sorry to hear of the loss of your other cat, but Ratbag is a great name, did you come up with it?

Alice said...

We are having ther exact same problem and have been for almost three years now. It's slightly better now we have a dog (not the reason we got him. The reason we got Bingo is a long story) but for ages it was awful. The two girls don't mind so much; they never went outside often anyway except to go to the loo, but it affected Simba terribly. He goes out now quite often, sneaking past Bingo when he's outside and the area is cat free, but still has to be rescued to come back in because once the dog is indoors the thing stalks the garden waiting for him.

Things got so bad he came out in sores and had to be treated for stress, and once he had a huge gash on his head that took weeks to heal as well as often having torn ears. We had to get a magnetic catflap which set us back £50 to keep her/him (it's called Tess) out. The owners feed it but it lives outside. It wants our cats to move out and it to move in.

We can't talk to the owners or even deal with the cat ourselves (take it to a rescue centre for example) because our lives would be made Hell. It's cowardly, I know, but that's the truth. You can't sort out problems, however petty without getting something through your window at least here, and we simply can't go through what we did last time again.

So we just have to make do. But they now use a litter tray indoors which they never did before, which is costly, smelly and very upsetting for us.

I wish that things over here could be resolved by talking and sorting things out in a friendly fashion, but they just can't be. Not here.

I feel for you, but I'm afraid have no advice.


Meow said...

Alice ... wow, your problem sounds worse than mine. Most of the time Bambi is ok out there, it is just now and then that Max comes a-stalking !! Fortunately, it is not stressing Bambi out (yet !!). She is a bit of a toughie, and will stick up for herself if she has to, but runs away if she doesn't!! I don't want to talk to the neighbours about it any more than I have, as I don't really want to make waves ... they live directly opposite, and we see them outside frequently, so it would be really awkward.
Thank you so much for sharing your story, though. Hope your problems get better ... poor Simba.
Take care, Meow