Friday, March 31, 2006

Have A Great Weekend Everyone ...

Another week has ended
It was a good one, too.
I enjoyed myself immensely ...
I hope it was a good one for you !

Friday night is a-looming,
We are off to German School,
Then home for dinner and TV ...
But that is not a set rule !!

The weather has been lovely,
Although the rain is now looming.
It probably will be stormy soon ...
If the cat gets wet it will need grooming !!!

I have a busy weekend ahead
With lots of things to do.
I won't have too much free time ....
Will yours be busy too ?

Have a great weekend, all my blogging friends.

Take care,



Spider Girl said...

Heh, I've got that "What's New Pussycat" song in my head now from being on your blog page. :)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Diane said...

Another great poem, and it's just barely Friday here in the States, 12:30 am. Hope you have a great Weekend. :)

Granny said...

By now your weekend must be half over.

Have a great what's left of it.

Devil Mood said...

I don't know how busy I'll be yet but I know that I'll be relaxed and I won't worry about things...
Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself!

Alice said...

Yup, I'm always busy at weekends. I never intend to be, it just always happens.

Thanks for the ditty.



kimananda said...

Have a great weekend, too! I'll be starting on my next school project, so great might not be the word for it for me...I'm aiming for productive. Educational and, dare I say it, interesting, or edifying, would be added bonuses!

Meow said...

Spider Girl ... *giggle* ... oops !! Thank you.

Diane ... thank you. It is still only Friday night ... 10.30pm.

Granny ... naw, only Friday night. Thanks.

Devil Mood ... relaxing is good. Enjoy ...

Alice ... you are welcome.

Take care all, Meow

Meow said...

Kimananda ... you snuck your comment in while I was replying to all the other comments !!!
Hope you get all the schoolwork done that you need to, and that you get a few minutes to rest for awhile !! Take care, Meow


Nice song, What's New Pussy Cat. Not so busy this weekend. Have a nice weekend.

Meow said...

Fridays Child ... thanks, glad you like it !! Hope your weekend is great. Take care, Meow

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well its friday mornign here..going out for the annivesary tongiht..

have a good weeeknd..and its raining here too..

april showers bring may flowers..( i know it isnt april yet..but close enough)


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

To you TOO!!!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Meow
love your poems , and hope you have a great weekend also, you said your weekend is going to busy , how much more busy can one get? LOL. I love that you love the same tv show (answered on my blog) we must be realated (((((HUGS))))) only thing is you got all the technical genes LOL . Take care over there LOL

Cinthia said...

Surprisingly, I do have something planned this evening. Hope you have a great weekend, Meow!

Meow said...

Bossy Britches ... hope your anniversary dinner went well. Romantic !?!?!

Dr Deb ... thank you.

Greeneyes ... perhaps we are long lost sisters ?!?!?!

Cinthia ... hope your evening plans are wonderful.

Have a great weekend everyone, take care, Meow