Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hmmmmm, I wonder if this is happening to everyone who visits me now ...

Are you getting pop-ups when you visit my blog ???

Please let me know, as I think it may be connected to the music, so if it is happening to lots of you, I will turn off the music.

Thanks, your assistance in this matter would be appreciated (don't I sound formal !!).

Take care,



Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Yup. I got a "Vonage" pop up and several others that I instantly clicked away. Then I thought, wait, I should probably let you know which ones came up. Alas, all that I recall was Vonage. Hope this helps.


Granny said...

I've had some when I clicked off that weren't there before but I can't remember whether it was yours or not.

Let me check.

Granny said...

Not this time so I'm not sure. You'll probably have more people chiming in.

Sorry not to be more help.

Meow said...

Dr Deb ... thanks for letting me know.

Granny ... thank you, too.

I'll wait for a few more answers, but I really think it's gotta be the music ... I think it will go later on today.

Sorry for the pop-ups, if it happening to you.

Take care, Meow

Tab said...

No Pop ups!?
that is strange for you to have any though..look in it and let us know what you learn!

Kyahgirl said...

I just get my blocker dinging at me and no music :-)

Chloe said...

i don't Kitty!
But i've got Mozilla, not Internet Explorer and Mozilla blocks popups. But i used to have the same problem once and it was connected to a little chat box i had installed.

ange said...

nope. no pop ups on my pc.

Meow said...

Tab ... thank you.

Kyahgirl ... I'm sorry, shame you don't get the music, it is kind of quirky.

Chloe ... thank you. It must be the music.

Ange ... thank you.

Well, it seems to be more no pop-ups than yes pop-ups. I might just leave the question going for a while longer, to see if anyone else gets the pop-ups, just for interest sake. Oh, what do I do !!! I like the music, but I don't like annoying people with the pop-ups !?!?!?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Take care, Meow

LoraLoo said...

I get a message that a pop-up window was blocked when I open that site (from my home and work PC)and no music. So I'm guessing you're right, it's the music.

Diane said...

I get several popups now on your blog, but no music. I am in the States, have no idea if that matters or not. I visit a friends' blog in Singapore who has the music button like you have, and I can't hear her music, but others have commented on her music, so I know they can hear it. I get the same ads on her blog, too.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm.........I was thinking about downloading that, but now I may wait and consider it a while longer.

Meow said...

Thank you for that. Must be the music.
OK ... decision made ... it's gotta go !!
Take care, Meow

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

hey there Meow
yes I get pop ups on here as well as on mine asnd it seems only since the music we put on there, could be a coincidence but who knows . I just close em off , two or three . and thats it . hope you have a good one must go read the rest of you! ha ha

Meow said...

Hey Greeneyes ... I get the pop-ups at yours and Smitten Kitten, too. So it must be the music, as we are all using the same system. Oh well. I am on my way to your blog soon. Take care, Meow

ange said...

oops, i got a pop up when i closed down ur blog.