Monday, March 13, 2006

Another Wonderful Weekend Away ...

Hello There !!

It is Monday evening, and I am home, unpacked and back on the computer, after a wonderful 3 days away. The weather was amazing, for the most part, although today started out very wet (finally !).

Yesterday was about 38ºC (very, very warm), and I spent much of the day hibernating with the airconditioning, watching old Elvis movies. It was lovely. If I had've been at home, I would have felt obligated to do some housework, or something else yukky, so it was good to not be at home !!

Saturday was pretty warm, too. We spent the morning at the pool, and the afternoon down by the lake. The water level has been dropping dramatically lately, so the lake edge is very muddy. Personally, I really dislike the squidgy feeling of walking through this mud, but the kids so do love it. Chicky and her friends had some amazing mud-fights, and smothered themselves in the stuff. They looked horrendous, and their bathers were disgustingly dirty ... but it all washes off, and is all good fun. Besides, mud baths are meant to be good for you, aren't they !?!?! The day started off with an amazing sunrise (I wanted to sleep in, but old habits die hard ... I usually wake up around 6.30 in the mornings, and it takes awhile to break that habit !)

We didn't do anything particularly exciting over the weekend, other than relax, so I guess I don't really have much else to say. I have a busy couple of days ahead, getting sorted and packed for our camping trip ... we are leaving Thursday morning early, coming back Sunday or Monday. Should be heaps of fun. We will be going back to nature ... no amenities, byo toilet, shower, etc. Good fun !!

I might leave you all there, for now, but will hopefully post again before we head off again.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Take care,




It sure sounds fun. Back here in our Country it's also becoming to be hot. Wish could be in an airconditioned room the whole day but then electric bills will really be soaring high. We use the airconditioning unit when going to sleep at night to have a good night sleep.
BTW about my template...glad you like it but don't be surprised if one day you open and it's different again. I get bored easily with things thus the changes.

megz_mum said...

Nice photo! Time for the weather to cool down isn't it - we had some rain last week and today is much more pleasant than it has been.

Meow said...

Fridays Child ... I agree about the electricity bills going sky high with the airconditioning. But, we don't do it everyday, so it's OK. The house is usually comfortable by night, so we turn it off and open all the windows.

Megz_mum ... thank you. Where we were, they hadn't had much (if any) rain for weeks, and the days were constantly hot, so the rain was very welcome.

Take care, Meow

Nicole said...

Oh your photos are devine! I especially love the tree in the first one.

I know what you mean about icky mud. I have a HUGE thing about not being able to see under the surface of the water. You know, all those scary movies giving us nightmares, I just can't do it!

Thanks for stopping by, happy purring :)

Meow said...

Nicole ... I agree about not knowing what's down there. Creepy. With me it is more a worry about standing on something sharp .. glass, a stick, a tin can, anything nasty. That can do a major injury !! Take care, Meow

Connie and Rob said...

Beautiful photo. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Elvis is always a good time.

Hugs, Connie

Alice said...

Quote from my mother when confronted with a filthy daughter (we had had a productive afternoon fighting mud monsters intent on taking over the earth. Yup, we both got filthy. Yup, good triumphed over evil) and an explaination from the mother of my friend who I remember was a little nervous that she would be angry the mother of the friend allowed me to get into such a state and would not let me play with the friend in question any more:

"She'll wash. My turn next week?"

Good ol' mum.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

wow, sounds like a wonderful weekend..I am so jelous..

it is monday morning here, we got a big snow strom last night and now school is cancleled..UGGGG..

I wanna come live with you;)

Cathy said...

The photos are great and I can only imagine 38 degrees; I would melt.

Enjoy preparing for you camping trip; I am getting anxious for summer just thinking about it.

Neo said...

Meow - Ah, good old Elvis movies. They're always good for a laugh. I'm giggling just thinking about some of them.

Nice picts.

Hope your weekend went great.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Meow said...

Connie ... yep, it was a nice weekend, and Elvis movies are so light-hearted usually ... really easy to watch !!

Alice ... that is great, your mum is wonderful !!

Bossy Britches ... I'll get the spare room ready !!

Cathy ... you don't really want to imagine 38ºC ... too hot.

Neo ... thank you. Elvis movies are good for a giggle, aren't they !!

Thanks everyone, hope your weekends went well. Take care, Meow xx

momyblogR said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend, very relaxing.

Oh and the mud fights...what fun. I'm afraid I would have been right in there, lol!!

Have a great week.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Lovely photos and it sounds great also.

Muddy toes... Fun!

Meow said...

Momyblogr ... the mud fights were tempting, believe me !!! I left it to the kids, though !!

DaybyDay ... thank you, it was fun.

Hope you have a great week. Take care, Meow

angel, jr. said...

Sounded like you had a good time.
As always, great pictures.

Bar Bar A said...

What a great weekend!!!! We had rain but I loved it. You take good pics :)

True Blue Guy said...

I love that second snap ! and the weather sounds awesome if you ask me ( ok perhaps a couple of degrees more)

I guess I'd rather have warmer climate than colder climate anyday !

if your like me, i'm sure you hated coming back - cheers

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

I hope you all had a blast and relaxing with movies, sweet, Elvis sweeter , he is sooooo easy on the eyes! They dont make them like him any more ! hope you get some mud between the toes on your next journey, thats what is all about, the kids got the right idea, and mud is suppose to help pull the toxins out of the skin??????? wishing you a great time , on the next trip, play safe , and bring all your blogger buddies home some nice snaps (PICTURES), do you have the fires and melt the marshmellow? LOL have fun ,take care

Meow said...

Angel ... thank you, we did !!

Barbara ... thank you, too. It rained, but was still warm, so that was OK. We needed it !!

True Blue Guy ... the weather was awesome, maybe TOO awesome !! It was hard coming back, but knowing we are going away again in a couple of days makes it easier !!

Greeneyes ... thank you, thank you, thank you. Oooh, you just reminded me to put marshmallows on my shopping list !! Will work on the mud between my toes !!

Take care everyone, have a great week. Meow xx