Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Quiet Sunday For Meow .....

I have had a quiet old day, today … and last night, too, as a matter of fact. My Chicky had a sleep-over at a friend’s place last night, and has been out all day with their family today. My husband did an extra shift at work last night, and has been sleeping all day. Therefore, I have been totally alone since about 6pm Saturday night. It is now nearly 5pm Sunday.

Now, you’d think with all that time to myself, that I would get heaps done. Nope, I don’t think so !!! I have done a total of …. Nothing !!! Except, of course, blogging, but that I do anyway, whether I have heaps of time or not !!! Oh, yeah, I have done one whole load of washing, also … and hung it outside on the washing line. And, I paid a brief visit to my mum and dad, who live 15 minutes away. The rest of the time I have only been reading, watching TV, and printing a couple of DVD covers and labels. See, a total of nothing … how lazy is that ?!?!?

It is Sunday, though, and we have been pretty busy this week. Spent most of yesterday restoring our lovely outdoors area back to usable condition. This meant de-spider-webbing what appeared to be bucket-loads of web; sweeping up tree-fulls of leaves; throwing out months of rubbish, which Chicky just happens to leave out there (It’s not mine, mum, I didn’t put it there …. Yeah, right !!!); and generally just hosing and wiping down all the surfaces – removing months worth of dust. It looks great out there, now … guess I could’ve sat out there today and read.

I guess, Sunday is meant to be a day of rest … I’ve done plenty of that.

I mentioned the other day that we went to the movies as a family. Got me thinking how much this activity costs. The three of us, 2 adults and 1 child, paid $41 (Australian dollars) … $15 per adult, $11 per child. What a rip off !! (My currency converter makes that approximately $31 American dollars, or $36 Canadian dollars.) I can’t believe how much it costs to go to the movies these days. I’m really surprised the cinemas still manage to exist, what with the price of DVD hire, and the availability of pirated movies. They really should be lowering the prices, and encouraging more people to come. It’s just ridiculous. I was wondering, do these prices equate to what all you American or Canadian bloggers pay for cinema tickets, or is Australia just rip-off-land ??

Hope everyone has had, or is having, a great weekend.

Take care,



jay are said...

sounds to me like you had a perfect Sunday.
And it's so weird to think that your Sunday's over and mine's not yet begun....

Meow said...

Thanks Jay Are, it was a great Sunday, despite doing nothing (or maybe because of doing nothing !!).
Hope your Sunday is relaxing, too.
Take care,

Kylee said...

Sounds like a great day. Its so funny how when you have the most time to get things done..the least gets done..being lazy is good at times.. Have fun with it. The rest of it always gets done..who says it has to get done now.
Have a GREAT Monday!!

Hey ..I see my name to the right there.. Thanks I feel special!!!

I need to add that section to mine.

Michelle said...

You read my mind about the cost of movies. I still may post about our experience up here. I took "A" last week, it cost us $38 for the 2 of us. Friends of mine took their 3 boys it cost them $78 dollars for 2 adults and 3 kids plus food.

Meow said...

Hi Kylee, it was a great day, although very lazy. I think I needed that, though. As for what I should've been doing, there is always tomorrow (and tomorrow, and tomorrow !!!!) Hope your Sunday was just as relaxed.

Michelle, great minds think alike !!! As well as the ticket cost, we spent another $20 or so on munchies for during the movie. Not a cheap day out anymore (was it ever). The local drive-in has a better deal ... an early bird session (only 1 movie) costs $20 per carload - as many people as you can fit, and then you can take your own munchies from home, if you like. I think next time we'll do it that way !!!

Have a great day everyone,

Cathy said...

That does seem very expensive. I can not remember the last time we went to a movie, not becuase of the price but becuase of the babe, but I think it might be around $25 Canadian, and cheaper if you go to a matinee.

Doing nothing sounds quite nice to me!:)

Meow said...

Cathy, I really don't know how they can justify the prices. There is nothing we can do, of course, except boycott the movies, but I doubt that will happen. It was nice to go, though, as we hadn't been for ages.
It was nice doing nothing, also. Should be more of it !!!
Have a great day,

Kyahgirl said...

its funny that you are posting about this..I went to the theatre for the first time in ages, about 2 weeks ago.
It was disgustingly expensive:
$11 for each adult and $8.50 for each child. So, we're in the same ballpark.

Meow said...

Yep, it's a total rip-off, I think. We should all stand together and boycott the cinemas until they decrease the prices (Yeah, like that's gonna work !!!)
Take care,