Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lists, Lists & More Lists ....

"It can be helpful simply to make a written or mental list of the things you do each day. Then give yourself a mental credit for each of them, however small. This will help you focus on what you have done instead of what you haven't gotten around to do. It may sound simplistic, but it works. "

I am a real list writer ... I have shopping lists, camping checklists, lists of what to do around the house before leaving for a holiday, what to do today lists (some days, although not everyday), and any number of other type of list that I cannot think of now. I keep most of these lists on the computer, so that if I think of something extra (eg. for the the camping checklist) I can add it on and print it out new next time. Makes life simple, and I rarely ever forget anything when we go away. It's a real pain, however, when I forget to take the shopping list with me when I go shopping !! Oh well, can't win them all.
Hope everyone has a great day.


DayByDay4-2Day said...

(woops caps) Hopefully I have the time right today!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

man, even when I make a list I always forget at least one dang thing..

thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again..

Connie and Rob said...

You are two jumps ahead of me! Using the computer is a wonderful idea. Now I guess put a big sign up on your car window so you would remember were to ge it.

Be good. Connie

angel, jr. said...

I do have one list that I'm working on. I got a journal for Christmas and I just figured out what I'm going to write in it. I make a list of 5 things that I'm thankful for on a daily basis (someone told me that Oprah did the same thing and it was life altering).

Jenn said...

I love lists. Every day I write my list of things to do on a small yellow legal pad. I love crossing off each thing as I do it with a big fat crayola marker.

FTS said...

This is funny. I wrote a post a coupl eof weeks ago about making lists -- and I even had a picture of my monitor framed with Post-It notes.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

SkyeBlue2U said...

I'll try that, it could be interesting.

Cathy said...

I am a big list person as well.
I hope you accomplish yours today!

momyblogR said...

I'm not at all a list maker. I fly by the seat of my pants all the time.

Todays list looks like a winner....I think I'll try it, lol!

Badoozie said...

maybe you can write yourself a note, to remember the shopping list.

i think i'll write a list of things i've already done, and cross them off, so i can feel good about myself. or make the items really obvious, like your pic there, survive today. CHECK

get up, take a shower. pick my zits. scrape my back. shave my upper lip. check, check check,,,,,,,,

Tree said...

I wouldn't survive without lists!
Glad I finally found the blog of the woman with the dancing kitty pic!
Must read more now!

Kyahgirl said...

oh god, I LOVE lists! I write lists for everything.
(And I've read that book by Dr. Burns too) :-)

Meow said...

DayByDay ... I read your post about getting the times wrong ...whoops !! Even lists can be wrong, sometimes !!

Christina ... It is easy to overlook an item on a list, isn't it !!

Connie ... Yeah, I keep them all on the computer. Works for me !!

Angel ... That sounds like a wonderful idea. I read about Oprah doing that. Good luck with that.

Jenn ... yay, a fellow list girl. I don't always do a daily one, just when I know I have heaps to do. Works every time.

FTS ... I'll have to read back on your blog, your list post.

SkyeBlue ... give it a go, it really works.

Cathy ... I have a big list day today, heaps to do. Hope I accomplish it all !!

MomyblogR ...yep, that list is one at it's most simple.

Susie ... don't laugh, I've done that, too !!! It does feel great, crossing things off your list, at least I think so !!

Tree ... Yay, you found me. My dancing kitty seems to lure lots of people !!!!

Kyahgirl ... Must find that book, I only found his quote by accident.

Thanks everyone for coming to visit.

Take care,

Heidi said...

Thankgod for post-it's! ..Yup add me to the list..list. ;)

Lisa said...

I am a total list person too . I also am a schedule person as well. Doesn't mean I stick to them though !!!!

Meow said...

Heidi ... whoever invented Post-It's was a genius !!!

Lisa ... I can relate to that. You can have all the lists and schedules you want, doesn't mean you will stick to them, does it !!

Take care,

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm a list maker too. I always have a running grocery list going, and I can't stand it if I go shopping without it.

Meow said...

I have a great shopping list ... I went through my whole house, listed everything I have (perishable-wise) and put them on a list ... now, I only have to highlight or circle the item when it runs out, and use that as my list, only buying what is highlighted. Works for us, even my husband and daughter can use it ... it's not hard to pick up a highlighter pen !!!

Kylee said...

I wish I could really get into the list thing...I write them..I forget them...I forget things...I seems they work for a while and then my mind wonders and they are gone..hmmm I need to keep trying lists are great tools!!!

Anne said...

I write too many lists. Too many meaning I don't use half of what I write. It's almost an obsession lol

I keep seeing your dancing kitty at Christina's and I had to stop by!

~Jennifer said...

I'm glad you like lists because I've tagged you for one! :-)

I just started making a to do list each night for the next day. Things usually run more smoothly when I do that, so we'll see how it goes.

SkyeBlue2U said...

You know one day that kitty was really dancing up a storm, I see she's slowed down a little, :)

Meow said...

Kylee ... keep trying, it'll happen !!

Anne ... thanks for stopping by. Love your cooking blog ... must check out some of the recipes.

Jennifer ... have actually done a similar list a week or so ago. Will do it again, though ... just for you!!!

SkyeBlue2U ... kitty needs to have a rest every now and then !!

Thanks all, Meow

Viamarie said...

You're in the right track. As life gets more cluttered with too many things & too many activities, coming up with lists can help organize your life. Keep this up. Hope you can share your collection of lists so it can chart a new course in the life of others.

A nice day to you:-)

Meow said...

Hi viamarie, thanks for visiting. I may just share some of those lists ... interesting idea !!!