Thursday, January 12, 2006

What's In Your Handbag ???

Hi again …. I got some inspiration from Susie, who tagged me for a Handbag Meme !!! Thanks Susie :-)

Here goes ….

This is a photo of my basic black handbag (very simple bag, use it all year round, as I’m too lazy to change in Summer), and all the junk contained therein. It has lots of compartments, holds lots of junk !!

This is a list of some of the items it contains:

Pens (only 2, I’m surprised at that !)
5 different lip glosses / lip sticks / lip balms.
I perfume atomizer
I KFC refresher towel !!
I pocket knife/scissors/nailfile thingy
Avon hand cream
Avon sunscreen stick
Instruction book for my Nokia mobile phone
Vaccination certificate for my kitty
Mini sewing kit
Tape measure (you never know when you need to measure something)
Compact with soap leaves (it's amazing how many public conveniences don't have soap ... yuk !!)
Lotto tickets
My business cards
Fliers for the houseboat holiday we regularly go on
Cheque book
Wallet (devoid of cash !!!)
In car charger doovy thingy for my mobile phone

Not really very interesting, really !!

If anyone else wishes to follow suit and post their handbag contents, please feel free !!

That’s all for now.

Stay tuned … maybe I might find some more inspiration !!!!

Take care all,



Anne said...

Well, I got tagged as well. I'm wondering how come I don't see any "girly" products. I decided to keep those out of my picture.

Badoozie said...

oh, your purse is so cool, you have a knife too!!!!!@ and that soap stuff, and you have a tape measure, i'm so jealous, i'm getting one TODAY. i dig how many lip things you have, but your right, get more pens. and get some cash in that purse so we can go shopping!!!

Meow said...

Anne, ooops, you caught me ... I guess I left them out, along with the dirty Kleenex I found wadded in the bottom of the bag. Had to leave myself with some dignity !!!

Susie, thanks for the compliment !! That pocket knife gets me in trouble everytime I go to the airport, though, as I always forget it's there, and when we go through the scanner thingy, it gets picked up, then I have to remove it and hand it over, etc., etc. I tend not to carry cash, as I EFTPOS everything. Usually only about $20 cash at any time, if I'm lucky !!! Must cut up those credit cards, though !!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

KFC ... that's funny!

Meow said...

daybyday4-2day ... why is KFC funny ??? Am I missing something ?
Have a great day,

Aunt Jo said...

Yours looks so neat and mine was a total mess. Worse that it has ever been in my life! I like your blog :)

Meow said...

Hi Aunt Josefina, thanks for dropping by. I dropped by your blog yesterday ... your bag wasn't a total mess, just rather full !!! Thanks for the compliment.
Take care,