Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Simple Slow Saturday ...

Today has been a totally "blah" type of day. I awoke this morning to humid, smoke filled air (as a result of the bushfires less than 100km away). It was somewhat cool, so I turned off the air-conditioner (which had been on overnight), and opened all the doors and windows. Watched a bit of TV (Little House on The Prairie reruns !), showered, dressed, etc., and blogged a bit. Went shopping with Chicky. Came home and watched a movie - The Birds - then snoozed on the couch for awhile. Awoke to the house feeling really warm again, so closed the doors and windows, turned the air-conditioner on again, and blogged some more. Made dinner, ate it, then ... you guessed it ... blogged some more !!! It is now around 8.30pm, and I am ready for bed. How could I be tired ... I have done absolutely nothing. That's really pathetic !!! What is wrong with me ?? I need some routine and normality back in my life.

Routine is about to return, though, so I should enjoy my last days of laziness. Chicky goes back to school on Tuesday, to start her 7th and final year of Primary School - Year 6. That means back to early mornings, dropping off and picking up from school, helping out in the school canteen, the school uniform shop, typing up school newsletters, as well as my usual stuff at home. I am also going to do a Swim Teacher course, but the next one locally is not until April, so I intend practicing my swimming techniques in the mean time. I also offered my part-time services at a friends gift shop ... it sells nothing but cat items - ornaments, books, wall hangings, furnishings, collars, kitty litter, toys, etc., etc. It is a wonderful shop. My typing business seems to be having a reprieve, also, as I have had some phone calls and am currently working on a job. Looks like I may be busier than I thought I would be ... don't know if that is good or bad, yet !!!

So, there you go, that is my boring post for Saturday.

Hope every has a great weekend ... hopefully more exciting than mine is shaping up to be !!

Take care all,



Connie and Rob said...

Okay...just don't get too busy and then you won't have time to blog! I would miss you!

Take care. Connie

Badoozie said...

you missed me on your blogging. i missed you. where are you? are you chicken to come over, in case i might ask you to post a picture of something?

don't be a chicken. live a little

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sounds like a pretty lazy I wish it was summer here...I dont like you right now.

I am jelous of anyone whop needs an air condtioner in january:)

Cathy said...

Roll out those lazy hazy crazy days of ringing in my ears right now.
I feel badly that you ahve the smoke so close, that would be awful, especially for those with any respiratory troubles.
As much as vacaations are great, it is always nice to get back to a routine.
I understand.
I received your e-mail today, but not wiht the photos. I have recently received an e-mail virus, I'm afraid...but not certain. Don't worry about it, I appreciate the thought!

Spider Girl said...

Heh, some would argue that having a slow and relaxing weekend means you're doing it right. :)

Meow said...

Connie, thank you, I doubt I would get that busy !!!

Susie, Yep, I am a chicken ... saw your microwave challenge and ran !!! My microwave is scary, it ain't havin' it's photo taken, no way, no how !!!

Christina, don't be jealous ... it is really uncomfortable at the moment, the humidity is overwhelming. I don't like it at all. Bring on the Autumn !!

Cathy, luckily the rain has been doing it's job, and the fires appear to be under control. The smoke is not too bad today. I will try once more with only one photo this time ... keep an eye out for it !!

Spider girl, I guess you are right ... weekends are all about relaxing, aren't they. Well, I've been doing plenty of that.

Take care all, thanks for coming,

momyblogR said...

Boring? Maybe not. Everyone needs days like that every once in a while. I'm afraid I haven't had one of those since 1998, lol!

I too can't wait for summer, I'm a bit jealous!

Meow said...

As I said to Christina, don't be jealous. I am totaly over summer, it is too humid ... not at all like Melbourne usually is. We are more the dry hot heat, not the humidity. I find it really uncomfortable ... can't stand it, really. Take care, Meow

Aunt Jo said...

that sounds like a great day when you can actually snooze! joe laughs and says he doesn't take naps, THEY take him. :o)

Jenn said...

What was Laura Ingalls up to today? Was that mean ol' Nellie Olsen causing trouble again?

Meow said...

Aunt Josefina, I can relate to Uncle Joe ... that nap sure took me (by surprise !!)

Jenn, that Nellie Olsen is a cow, don't you think. I probably come across a real dweeb, watching LHOTP, but I like it.

Have a great day, Meow

Neo said...

Meow - Hey now! There isn't anything boring about sleep!

So where's that blanket?

Neo looks around


Meow said...

Neo, you are so right. Sleep is wonderful ... Do you want me to loan you a blanket ??!!
Take care, Meow