Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What Products Do You Use

This post was suggested by Aunt Josefina, who cleverly listed all her products … she is a walking Dove commercial !!

I guess I am an Avon and Pantene commercial … I just love those products.

These are the products I use on a daily basis ….

Soap: whatever takes my fancy when I’m shopping
Body Wash: Avon

Shampoo: Pantene
Conditioner: Pantene

Mousse: Pantene
Facial cleanser: whatever soap is in the soap dish (naughty, aren’t I !!)
Facial moisturizer: Avon
Eye cream: Avon

Deodorant: An Aldi homebrand
Hairspray: An Aldi homebrand
Toothpaste: Colgate Total
Perfume: Estee Lauder’s White Linen, Angel
Razors: Gillette (whatever my husband is using at the time !!)
Facial Powder, Eye Liner, Blush: Avon
Lipstick: Nutrimetics … Mulberry

Body Mousturiser: Sorbeline, or an Avon product
Hand Cream: Avon

What products do you use ???



Anne said...

I use Shaklee products. I'm going to post this list tomorrow. I just hope Suzie Badoozie doesn't ask me to post a pic of my pantry one of these days.

Meow said...

Hi Anne, gosh you were quick, I only just posted that list.
If I have to post a picture of my pantry, I will need to do a mega-clean first, or I will be eternally embarrassed !!!
Have a great day,

Badoozie said...

anne just let the "cat" out of the bag, pardon the pun there meow.

we know her weak spot. now we will go for the jugglar!

sounds like you are a walking avon poster child. i think my avon lady died, or fell off a cliff or something.

Meow said...

Susie, I am my own Avon lady. Don't have a regular round anymore, just do it for friends, family and myself. They have some really great stuff.

Meow said...

Anne, I think Susie may have read your comment !!!! Beware, I reckon we are in for a "What's in Your Pantry?" tag. Oh, no !! I hope I've got time for a quick clean, just in case !!!

Lisa said...

I am so totally boring in this department !!!! I really hope there is no ' what is under your bed tag ' .

Meow said...

Lisa, I don't want to see (or do) that one, either. Eeeewww, who knows what people have under their beds !!!!

Michelle said...

I'm a Clinique, Revlon, make up moisturiser, cleanser gal. Hair well mine is very long, thick and curly so i buy shampoo and conditioner from my hairdressers..usually Biolage products.
I use the Body Shop Africa Spa range of body moisturisers.
My perfume is "Island" :)
Don't use razors..i wax!

Badoozie said...

hey cheater, i caught you !!!

i'll think of something else to get you with.

i have cat hair and dog hair under my bed, and about 29000 odd pairs of slippers. very allergenic under there.

besides that, meow, its your turn to tag with something, get thinkin girl

Kyahgirl said...

Hi Meow-lets see:

Soap: usually Dove. But I have a back log of 'interesting' soaps sent by some of my fragrance friends.

Body Wash: None, just water and soap.

Shampoo:Usually Head and Shoulder-I have dry scalp!

Conditioner: Terax Crema
Mousse: No mousse but a curl enhancer like Frederic Fekkai
Facial cleanser: water and Clinique soap
Facial moisturizer: Always Ponds Dry skin creme
Eye cream: none
Deodorant: Degree
Hairspray: none
Toothpaste: Arm and Hammer Sensitive.
Perfume: ha, ha, ha-don't ask me this- I have about 40 bottles, and way more decants and samples-its my obsession. These days I wear a lot of Flowerbomb, Clive Christian No. 1, and today I'm wearing Fiori di Capri-Heaven!!
Razors: Gillete
or wax
Makeup: NARS all the way but I don't wear it much except lipstick, blush and eyeliner.
Lipstick: another area of overload-lots of L'Oreal Endless.
Body Mousturiser: Aveeno,
Hand Cream: lots of anything.

Jamie Dawn said...

I listed my stuff in the commetns at Aunt Jo's blog.
All I can say is... we are mighty clean ladies!

Sonia said...

Hi Meow!
Thanks so much for your nice comment on my page. I always appreciate your visit!

Chloe said...

mac things for make up
pantene for hair
alexander mc queen perfumes (My Queen and Kingdom) and obscure things i find in the supermarket. These, always excite more!

Meow said...

Michelle, some pretty classy stuff there. Haven't tried waxing, I reckon it would hurt (I'm allergic to pain !!!)

Susie, hey, it wasn't my idea !!! I actually probably have heaps of cat hair under my bed, as well as dust-bunnies, and any other crap that has found it's way there. The gap between bed and floor is only about 8cm, so I really don't look !!! My mind is working on a tag .... thinking, thinking, thinking !!!

Kyahgirl, my goodness, what a variety !!!

Jamie Dawn, I read your stuff on Aunt Jo's blog ... interesting stuff !!

Sonia, you are most welcome, I love to visit your blog.

Chloe, the obscure stuff in the supermarket are always a challenge, don't you think !! Will they work, will they be crap, will they be wonderful ....ha ha ha ... what fun !!!

Thanks everyone. Hope you have a great day.
Take care,

Connie and Rob said...

Looks like I am late playing the game.

I am so fickle on products. I have to say the only thing I am loyal to is Dove Soap and anything that goes on my face brand name is Aveeno.

Perfume...oh boy just love the stuff. My mom got all of us girls hooked on the good stuff early in life. My favorite right now is called "Be Delicious" by DKNY.

Have a good evening,

Kylee said...

Hi,,,Avon...and whatever else strikes my fancy while I am at the store. Thanks for visting

Meow said...

Connie, there's nothing wrong with being "fickle" on products, as you put it. Each to his own, I say !!
Perfume is glorious, don't you think. I just love the stuff, but I have my firm favourites.

Kylee, yay, another Avon girl !!!

Take care,

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