Monday, January 23, 2006

A Wonderful Weekend Away ...

A Few Of My Friends ....

Just got back from a four day weekend at Bonnie Doon, where we have our caravan located permanently. It is only a 2 hour drive from home, so it makes it very accessible at short notice.

We had a great weekend, despite the weather … a horrible, hot 40+C for 2 of the 4 days, the others being 30+C … yuck. Luckily we have air-conditioning in the van, and a lovely television … we sat inside on the hot days, watching the Australian Open Tennis. Could’ve done that at home, but it’s much nicer being away, knowing that you don’t have any chores to do, or anywhere else to be !!

Our Victorian Summer has so far been one of extremes. We have had a record number of 40+C days this January. We have had quite a few dramatic electrical storms (Friday night, and Saturday night were very stormy … not a lot of rain, but plenty of light flashes and rumbles!) We have had not much rain either.

What a storm ....

The Morning After ...

On the drive home, we passed through areas where it looked like a huge whirly wind storm had been through … trees down – big ones, too, uprooted and laying down. We also drove through a huge section where up until a few hours earlier the roads had been closed, as a bush fire had been burning. Beautiful countryside, reduced to charred, smoldering dirt. Quite spectacular to look at, however ... luckily no lives or homes lost in this area, that we are aware of.

All in all, an interesting weekend. It was nice to get out of the house, although we spent so much time indoors anyway, but not at home !!! Didn’t get to play on the computer at all, so was unable to post to my blog, or visit any of yours. Apologies for that.

Anyway, back to reality again. School resumes next week … Tuesday 31st January … so my life becomes one of routine again. I have decided to do a course to become a swimming teacher … I feel the need to get out and about again, but don’t wish to do office work anymore. I spend enough time in front of computers at home !!!!

Well, there you go. That’s me for now.

Take care all,



Lisa said...

I am so jealous !!!

I just cannot wrap my head around nice weather in January . We are drowning over here !!! I am glad you had a nice time and your pictures are awesome. How long is the course to be a swim instructor

Meow said...

Hi Lisa ... that was quick ... I'd only just posted a few minutes before you commented !!!
I find it weird that you guys are going through winter, whilst we are sweltering away through our summer. It's a strange world isn't it.
Don't know yet how long the course is, am still looking into it.
Take care,

WILLIAM said...

The storm picture is awesome.

Meow said...

William, thank you. My husband took that one with the tripod, and a slowwwwww shutter speed. I couldn't have done it, I don't have the patience. He sat there, just pressing the button over and over, until it caught a good one. There are a few others, too, but this one is the best.
Thanks for visiting.
Take care, Meow

Connie and Rob said...

Well at least you have pretty scenery. Love the picture of the birds.

All that funky weather frightens me. I don't care for that lightening. Glad you were not affected by the storm.

Swimming teacher sounds wonderful. You are going to be in tip top shape!

Take care, Connie

Cathy said...

What a great set of photos!!!
Did you take the one of the lightening?!
With you permission and acknowledgment, could I use it in one of my lectures?
So great.
Take Care,

No_Newz said...

Thank you so much for sharing some of your trip with us! I love your photos!
Lois Lane

jay are said...

AWESOME pictures!!! Wow.
Great birds.....sounds like you had a relaxing time, which is what a weekend away is supposed to be, right.
We have an area near us called Bonny Doon. (I'm sure there must be several, right?) What a funny coincidence, tho.
It's kind of nice to get back in a routine.....and good luck on your new venture! I hope you pursue it.

Karen Hevesy said...

This may go under the category of "stupid American" but what is the fahrenheit equivalant of 40 degrees? It's 42 degrees here now and I'm cold!!

angel, jr. said...

Australia sounds beautiful. However, they've gotten such bad press in the media lately due to all the shark attacks.

Michelle said...

Great idea re swimming teacher, they have courses here too..very easy and very popular with mums :)

Love the lightening photo, very spectacular!

Meow said...

Connie, at one stage there were 14 white cockatoos on the railing near us ... some on ours, some on the neighbours. Yes, the weather was really interesting ... very intense. I find it beautiful, can sit and watch it for hours. I hope the swimming teacher course, and then the work, gets me fit !!

Cathy, my husband took the photos of the lightening, I took the others. There are a few others with the storm, which turned out great ... email me with your email address, and I will send you them full-size to use in your lecture, if you like.

Lois, I love sharing my photos with all you guys !!!

Jay, I think there are probably a few places around called Bonnie Doon (I guess Scotland has heaps !!). Ours is probably not as romantic as those , though !! A weekend away is meant to be relaxing, and that it was !!

Karen, I think 40C is around 104F. I have put a temp conversion thingy on my sidebar, so check it out !!

Angel, Australia is beautiful. The shark attacks are bad news, but likelihood of being a statistic are pretty slim.

Michelle, I liked the thought of being a swim teacher. I'm over office work (except my own office!!), and I like kids (I hope!!), so it should be good.

Karen Hevesy said...

104 degrees!!! That is insane. We were vacationing in Charleston South Carolina once and it was was gross. I did the conversion

SkyeBlue2U said...

Too cool all the pictures.

Meow said...

Karen, the heat was insane, believe me. You didn't know where to crawl ... the air conditioning was struggling. Yuck.

Skyeblue2u, thank you.

debs said...

HI meow,
Where would we be without airconditioning!
I know what you mean about getting away. Whilst its nice to have a holiday at home, you can't truely relax because you cant help but look around and think about all the things you should/could be doing. When you're away there is no choice but to relax!
I teach in Kallista which is the suburb just past Belgrave. We're surrounded by the Sherbrook Forest so its an amazing setting.
Where abouts does your daughter go to school?

Meow said...

Hi Debs, I've posted an answer to your school question on your blog. The Sherbrook Forest is really pretty. Love all the wildlife, lyrebirds, etc. So amazing. Have a great day, Meow