Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Will You Bee My Friend ???

Winnie the Pooh is quoted in the book, Friendship Day:
"Good friends are sweet as honey."
Just a little post to let all my new blog-friends know how much I value their friendship, and look forward to hearing from them regularly, whether it be as comments on my posts, or by reading their posts and learning more about them. The blog-world is an amazing place.
Take care all,


Kish said...

Cute blog. thanks for checking out mine. How old is your daughter? I think it is wonderful you stay at home with her!! I am blessed to only work part time, although I would love to be a full time stay at home Mom and have lots of kids :). But that isn't realistic, we would go broke :).

Meow said...

Hi Kish, thanks for visiting. My daughter is 11, 12 in April. I am lucky, my husband is in the printing industry and is a shiftworker, who brings home a decent wage, enabling me to stay at home. I will probably go looking for something part time this year though, just for the sake of sanity !!!
Take care,

No_Newz said...

Blogville is a dandy place. I'm glad I "met" you. :)
Lois Lane

Connie and Rob said...

Beautiful picture!

I so look forward to seeing that dancing kitty every day to cheer me. You have become a good friend.


jay are said...

it's fun to make the world a smaller place, isn't it!

Michelle said...

The Bloggersphere is truly an amazing place filled with amazing people who never fail to teach me something :)

Meow said...

Lois, Connie, Jay Are, Michelle ...
Thanks for once again visiting my blog. I love reading the comments people leave me. You are a great bunch of people.
Take care,

Cathy said...

Amazing. That it is.
I love reading the comments as well. I am hooked.
Take Care,

Meow said...

Hi Cathy,
It's a fun thing to be hooked to, isn't it !!!

Chloe said...

we value you too. and i love Winnie the Pooh. A very wise little bear.

Badoozie said...

well, by golly, you too!!!

Meow said...

Hi Chloe and Susie,
Why, thank you for your kind comment.
Take care,

Phil said...

I agree that Blogland is a great place. It's always interesting to catch glimpses of others lives that you usually miss with people in "real life."

Lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by my crazy world. I thought the whole blogging thing was silly but I gave it a try and I am so glad because I have met so many awesome people !!!!

Love the picture.

Have a great day !!!

Meow said...

Hi Phil, it's true that we see (read) bits about people we wouldn't normally discover with flesh and blood people !!! (If you know what I mean !!)
Hope the move has gone well.

Hi Lisa, I wasn't initially sure about the blogging thing, either, but I'm hooked, and love meeting the wonderful people out there.
Thanks for visiting. Hope to catch up again.

Take care all,

momyblogR said...

I know, the blog world ROCKS, huh? It's been great getting to know you too!


Meow said...

Momyblogr, thanks for your nice words. Take care, Meow