Thursday, September 18, 2008

Swap Cards

Back when I was a kid (seems like a lifetime ago), we collected, and traded/swapped what we called "Swap Cards" ... these were usually the size of standard playing cards, and very often had the markings on the reverse of these playing cards (maybe they were part of a pack, who knows). Often, though, they were produced solely as swap cards, and had blank backs. It was a fun past-time, and I remember spending many a lunch or recess comparing and swapping cards with my friends.

I used to have heaps of cards ... I recently discovered what was left of my collection. Thanks to Gina, who revived my interest in my swapcards, I decided to scan them all in and share them on this blog. Please enjoy viewing the swap cards that gave me so much enjoyment when I was a kid.

Hope you enjoyed viewing these cards.

I am off on Sunday for a week's camping in The Grampians, in Western Victoria. The Grampians are a rocky mountain range, with some beautiful walks and views. I hope to return with new muscles in my legs !!! and plenty of photos. When we return, we will only be home for a couple of days, then we are off to Bonnie Doon for about 5 days, enjoying the remainder of the school holidays.

SO, in case I don't get back on here for awhile, hope you have a great weekend, and a wonderful couple of weeks.

Catch you when I get back ...

Take care,


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Enjoy your trip. Have a good time, Connie.

Dawm said...

Hope you have a fun trip. Loved the cards. You know every time I see anything with a cat on it...I think of YOU :)...and simle!

catsmum said...

my 'swappies' were of an earlier era and my little brother appropriated them when I outgrew them
have a good trip and congrats on the 400th!

Jeanette said...

Hi Connie, I remember buying a lot of those cards for my girls then they raided all my old one i think i still have a few somewere..
have a great time away..and hope this weather keeps up for you..

Gina E. said...

Hey Connie!!!!! That's a nice collection - there's enough to start another blog...LOL.
We have a few of those cards in common - did I show you my collection on one of your visits? I can't remember - we always have so much to show and tell each other when we get together - you're my type of gal!

Tammy said...

Hi! So glad you stopped by today! Yes, it had been a long time...and it was so fun to come by here and see you again!
I just love your swap cards- must be what we call "trading cards" here in the U.S...they are just adorable!

Have a wonderful trip! (Maybe post some pictures?!)

God bless,

Snow White said...

I had some of the castoon ones and some of the ones with the horses, I was horse mad, we are all good here just been a busy year so far, always something to be done, hope you and your girl are doing well too, enjoy the hols
xx shona

Gattina said...

How nice to see you back and then with such a collection ! Since I use the computer (now 3 years) I am not interested in postcards anymore, I only go virtual. But you have a very nice collection. Yes Rosie became a big girl, she has quite a little character, she bites when she doesn't like something ! The other cats ignore her and she too, only Arthur is her big love !