Sunday, October 26, 2008

Alphabet Blogging - C Is For ....

Howdy, I'm back for another installment of "Alphabet Blogging". This time it's the letter "C" ...


I just did some baking, haven't done any for absolutely ages, and made some yummy Coffee Scrolls. For those of you that don't know what they are, they are a spicy fruit scroll bun thingy, with lots of cinnamon and icing ... mmmmm !! Even the raw dough smelled delicious, and it was totally frustrating waiting for the dough to do it's rising thing, before baking them. But, they were well worth the wait. Chicky has demolished 4 of them already, almost straight from the oven. I've had one ... I'm going to go slowly, and enjoy the moment !!! And, wow, does my house smell good now ... nothing nicer than walking into a house that has something baking, or just finished baking.

C Is For - CHICKY ...

Hmmm, what can I say about Chicky !!! She is my 14 year old daughter, who is absolutely gorgeous. She is a happy, popular girl, who is growing up way too fast. She is in Year 8 at school and doing OK. Don't think she'll ever be a brain surgeon, though. She has her heart set on becoming a Hairdresser !! Nothing wrong with that ... I'm looking forward to being her guinea pig when she starts learning and needs hair models !!!

C Is For - CATS ...

Cats, cats, cats ... now I don't imagine there are any of you out there that don't realise how much I love cats !!! Cats are such amazing critters ... I think I wrote a little bit about them in B Is For Bambi (my cat !!). Here are a few cat quotes I found ...

  • Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience.

  • There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat.

  • The reason cats climb is so that they can look down on almost every other animal - it's also the reason they hate birds.

  • No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch.

  • Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later.

  • My cat speaks sign language with her tail.

  • In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.

  • It isn't the size of the cat, it's the size of the love in the cat.
I could keep going, there are so many quotes. Suffice to say ... I LOVE CATS !!!


Well, I guess we have to be computer geeks to some extent, to be in this world of Blogging. We have to have some knowledge about computers ... even if it is just how to turn it on, and how to get into Blogger !!!

I have been a computer geek for quite some years now ... I think I bought my first computer back in the late 80s ... well before Windows was around. I loved it, and thought it was incredible. I was able to do so many things with it, and even tought myself a bit of basic programming. In comparison to the computers we are all using now, though ... that computer was a dinosaur !!! These days, I have 2 laptops ... the newer one is a Toshiba, which I have had for a little over 12 months. I love, love, love it. It uses Windows Vista, which initially I was worried about ... but it is a great operating system (at least I think so), and I haven't had any problems with it (touch wood). My other laptop, an NEC model, runs Windows XP, and Chicky now has it in her room. The computers share the internet, using a wireless router. I thought I was pretty clever setting this up all on my lonesome !!! A month or so back, I even had to reformat the whole computer (the older NEC), as Chicky had downloaded all sorts of crap on it, and it just froze all the time. Now, that was a learning process ... although it all went smoothly ... thank goodness.

C Is For - CAMPING ...

Camping is just fabulous. I have been camping in various forms since I was a little girl. Initially in small tents, then larger tents. Since Hubby and I have been together, we have had a few tents. The current one, the newest, is a Black Wolf tent, and is super quick to erect. We needed something more practical, as the previous tent had a gazillion pegs and poles, and took ages to put up. And when you do the sort of travelling / camping that we sometimes do (one night stops, meaning the tent has to be put and and down each day ... OMG), having a tent that takes so much work is very exhausting. That being said, we were travelling with that tent for 7 weeks, back in 2005, when we did our big Cape York Adventure in far north Queensland. It was an experience ... one I would do again in a heartbeat.

These days, though, we are on the lookout (whilst saving hard) for an off road camper ... a particular unit called a TVan !! It is an Australian designed camper, which can go anywhere your four wheel drive can go. That's what we want !!! Can't wait !!!

C Is For - CRYING ...

Did plenty of that a couple of weeks ago !!! We finally sold our caravan at Bonnie Doon ... which had been on the market for well over 12 months. We've had it for around 12 years, and have had so much fun up there. But, as we want to buy the off road camper, we decided that we have to sacrifice something ... and the caravan was it. Anyway, as much as we wanted to sell it, when the time came to hand over the keys to the new owners, it was heartbreaking. I was sobbing like you wouldn't believe ... I couldn't talk !!! Chicky wasn't much better, either !! It was just horrible. We have now gotten past the crying, though ... although it is a strange feeling knowing we don't have that caravan anymore, and can't just throw some clothes and food into a bag and head up there. It was like a small holiday home, with kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, toilet. Oh well, we are back to being tenties / campers again. We are actually booked into the same caravan park for Christmas / New Years ... it's gonna be weird seeing someone else in our old van !!!

C Is For - Can't Think Of Any More Right Now !! ...

Hmmm, the mind is blank, and I think I have written enough. Hope this Alphabet Blogging isn't boring you too much !! I must get around to visiting everyone again soon, too !!

Hope you are all well, and have a great week.

Take care,


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hi, Connie,

I enjoyed your "C" words. Glad you're doing well. :o)

Have a great new week!

Love and hugs,


Pear tree cottage! said...

Connie, it has been too TOO! long since my last visit and well life just gets in the way......anyway I too was sad to read you sold your caravan but know the fantastic fun you are going to have taking it place with.

I love the first scrolls now yum! I am now going to have to go look for one I would not be able to make them if my life depended on us all your recipe.

When are we all going to get together again is it Gina's birthday soon it was great fun.

promise to visit again soon


Peter said...

C is for Connie,and sharing her thoughts is why we come and visit here.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Meow...good to see you blogging. Coffee're just torturing me!!! I can smell them...true!

Good C post...especially the ones about Chicky and Cats. Nearly finished year 8 already...where has this year gone?

So the demise of Bonnie makes me feel sad, too. We had lovely posts about that sad.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I should have guessed cats would get a mention!

Greeneyes said...

Connie /MEOW(LOL),
Thank you for the lovely words on my blog , you are such a sweetheart!
I must say something else , On facebook the other day I made a comment about your caravan selling that you will always have your memories , I really did not realize that you took it so hard , sorry , I am sending HUGS and hope you didnt think I made slight of it !I know things like that can be hard !!!
NOW That said ,I laughed about the comment on Chicky, I can hardly wait to see her first Guinnie pig expereince on your locks!I visualized some of my HAIR raising expereinces in past , so I wait for those pics LOL !
By the way I could almost smell those coffee scrolls,,,,,,drool................... LOL
Love and HUgs

Jeanette said...

Gday Connie,
Great "c" post.I can understand the Tears for the caravan.I did the same when we sold our Van We used to holiday in Yarrawonga ,After we decided to buy the old house for holiday"s little did I think it would turn out to be our much loved home..

Dick said...

Alphabet blogging, what an interesting concept.

You SOLD your caravan? Are you going to buy one on wheels that can really travel around?

*~Puzzle~* said...

I use to want to be a hairdresser when I was little. But now I'm glad that I can enjoy getting my hair done and not doing other peoples. Thanks for your Alphabet

Gina E. said...

Hi Connie,
I'm finally making time to visit my favourite blogs, and am thoroughly enjoying myself, chuckling along the way! I must admit I wasn't too sure about your alphabet blogging idea at first, but now I love what you are doing!
Ken is off to Qld. on Sunday for four days, so I have Tuesday all to myself, after thinking my week would be tied up with him - are you free??

Anonymous said...

"C" is for Cuddling with a Cute Cat.

Nashe^ said...

..Cats take a message and get back to you later.

LOL!! Gimme a high 5, fellow cat person!

Michael Manning said...


Looking for the birthday girl , come out come out where ever you are and have a great celebration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

Happy Birthday Connie
My Queen , hope you do something fun , your lunch sounds good hope it is with good friends and family , and people who love you! Of course how could anyone that knows you ,NOT?


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hallooooo Connie...are you there??

I've popped in to wish you a very happy birthday and I hope you had a wonderful day.

It's my granddaughter's birthday tomorrow...she'll be 17. What a great age to be. But I kinda like my age, too.

Love and hugs.

dragonflyfilly said...

"c" is for Christmas, which is comming too soon, eh?

love this Post of yours...and good that i got here today. Have not been posting much, family obligations, ill health with all the family since May, what a i am wondering whether or not i want to Cancel Christmas...??? the next couple of weeks will tell.

cheers for now,
and thanks for this "c" is for Cheerful, hah hah, Post.


Merle said...

Dear Conni ~~ I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday. I am sad about Bonnie Doon also. I guess they have cabins there where you could visit.
You will miss the "Serenity."
Looking forward to another post from you.
Have a great week, Love, Merle. xxx

zzop357 said...

Happy Birthday Greeneyes!!!!!
Sorry I'm late:(
I hope to go camping one more time this year.
God bless, Donna

CiscoKid said...

I like C for Camping... Ilike camping too

catsmum said...

C is for Connie of course
but shouldn't cats have been first on the list ??

Renae said...

Hello Connie !! How are you doing ? I have been crazy busy for the past 2 months to day is drop everything and pop in to say hello :-) Love the C words. Caring.....thats what you are ;-) Cheers ~

Merle said...

Dear Connie ~~ I am so sorry but I am a day late in wishing you and your husband a very Happy Anniversary
I hope you had a great day yesterday.
Twenty years, I think you said. Well done. I wish you may many more happy
years together. Love to you all, Merle.

Merle said...

Dear Connie ~~ Time for another post from you. I have left an award for you on my blog. Hope you enjoy it. Love, Merle.

Saur♥Kraut said...

One of my best friends is a top hairdresser in the USA. If Chicky wants to be a hairdresser and applies herself, she can make a great deal of money at it!

Michelle said...

knock knock! hmmmm, no activity here for ages, now stop playing on Facebook and start bloging again missy!