Sunday, September 14, 2008


A dear friend of mine is working her way over some pretty huge obstacles at the moment (she is going through chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer, whilst continuing to care for her two disabled children ... who need 24/7 care). Fortunately, she has a loving, supportive, extremely helpful husband and 13 year old son, and a massive support system of friends and family.

What amazes me about her, is her constant positivity. I am sure she has her moments, but on the whole, she remains the most positive person I have ever met. I know that if anyone can beat this horrible disease ... she can.

Each week (and often during the week, also), she sends out a newsletter/email to her huge network of email friends ... at the bottom of the email she always includes something extra, what she calls "Mush". I just received this week's email, and at the bottom of it, she added this little bit of "Mush" ...

Happiness keeps you Sweet,

Trials keep you Strong,

Sorrows keep you Human,

Failures keep you Humble,

Success keeps you Glowing ,

But Only Friends Keep You Going!

I just thought the words were wonderful, and had to share them.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Take care,


Merle said...

Dear Connie ~~ I am so sorry for your friend and her family and do hope she can win this battle. I am glad she has family and friends support and wish her well. Loved her "mush"
Thank you for God finds out about Lawn
care. I will post it tomorrow.
Take care, dear friend, Love, Merle.

Greeneyes said...

Connie ,
I was so saddened by your friends troubles , I will pray she beats this illness and is back to her healthy self ASAP!
God protect her and her family through this hard time and thank you for sending her wonderful friends like Connie!!:)
And I just love that kind of MUSH , I am a softie like someone else I know!!Tee hee .
HUGS dear sweet friend , we have to play catch up soon , miss you, Hello to Your Mum Dad , Chicky and Tinker(B) LOL
Rubs for Bambi the naughty:)


*~Puzzle~* said...

Wow she sounds very inspiring and It sounds like she has a very good support system. I pray that she comes through.

Flip Flop Momma said...

sending good thoughts 4 your friends..


Puss-in-Boots said...

I worked in an Oncology Clinic some years ago and I found that the people with the most to lose were the ones with the most positive attitude. I learn so much from my time there.

All the best to your friend, Connie. I'm sure she will overcome her obstacles.

Jeanette said...

Dear Connie, I am saddened and sorry to read your friend has cancer, and I hope she can win this big battle. When I was told I had cancer my life flashed before my eyes, its been 4 years now since my surgery and im told im in full remission.. tell your dear friend to stay strong be positive.. take care Connie and have a great time camping..if your ever my way pop in..

megz_mum said...

Hi Meow, so sorry to hear of your friend.
Glad you are back in the blogging world!

Merle said...

Hi again Connie ~~ I do hope your friend is doing well. I was pleased with the Lawn Care item. Peter thought it was too LOOOONG. Oh well!! Every time I open my blog I see a different Header 4 in 4 days
It has been a lot cooler again, but it must be soon over. Take care, my friend,
Love Merle.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thinking of your friend, Connie.