Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It was Father's Day here in Australia on Sunday ... we had a lovely day.

We picked up my parents and drove out to Yea, about 50 minutes from home, for lunch at the Peppercorn Hotel. It was a lovely meal, and the place is just gorgeous ... a renovated old hotel, with exposed, rough, brick walls and old wooden floors. There were open fireplaces, and a generally old-time atmosphere. The food, however, was far from old-fashioned ... it was modern, and lovely.

After lunch we went for a drive around the area, showing my parents some places we had discovered whilst going down various dirt roads in our 4 wheel drive. They drive a "normal" car, and don't go exploring like we do. We showed them the old rail tunnel, which I have showed in photographs in the past, which is now a dirt/gravel road that cars can use. Fascinating.

It was great fun ... I always enjoy spending time with my parents ... as a matter of fact, we are going camping to the Grampians with them in 2 weeks ... they'll be in their caravan, us in our tent.

On Monday, Hubby and I went for another drive ... we needed to collect some things from our van at Bonnie Doon, to take on our camping trip. On the way we passed an old shed which, for the past few years, I had been wanting to photograph (don't ask why, I just did !!). So, we stopped and I took this photograph ...

I was really happy with the photo, as the colours of the freshly budding trees matched nicely with the colors of the rust and old-ness of the shed. Not bad, huh !?!

Anyway, I had better finish here ... gotta go to work !!

Hope to catch up again soon.

Take care,


Heather K said...

Hi Connie~~ what a beautiful photo! I can relate to wanting to take photos of things like that. So did you tell Melanie that I say hi?
I see spring has sprung for you guys down under...we're just cooling off from summer and heading into fall now...time to do one last clean up on the pool for this year..sigh...I love summer....but we're bidding summer farewell..oh well...Fall has it's own beauty. take care! have a super duper day at work today!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Connie. What a lovely picture of that old shed with the trees all around it. Look forward to seeing some photos of your holiday in the Grampians.

Take care.

Peter said...

G'day Connie, wow 3 posts in a week.... you're baaack, nice photo of the old shed.
Good luck at the Grampians, we lived not far from them at Maryborough and loved to visit them.

Alice said...

I love an open fire. There's something magical and super relaxing, yet invigorating about it at the same time.

....Of course, everything else you said was good TOO. I just...well, that little bit struck a chord.

Glad you had a great time, Meow.


Jeanette said...

Hi Dear Connie, LOve the photo and the colours are Gorgeous. It would look lovely enlarged and framed on a wall..Have a wonderful camping trip with your parents,,

Gina E. said...

Ah, I see what you meant when you told me about this photo - it's really stunning!