Thursday, February 01, 2007


Hello everyone !!

Hope you have had a nice couple of days, and the weather hasn't been too warm / cold (wherever you may be !). It has been quite mild here, which is nice, although we are looking at some really hot weather over the next few days. I guess the air-conditioner will be getting another work-out !!

Chicky started high school yesterday, and it went wonderfully. She was very excited in the morning, and was ready to go well before time. I drove her in, as I will continue to do (then at least I know she got there safely !!). She came home by bus, and arrived in our front door much earlier than I expected. Good, that made me happy !! She was full of chatter, telling me about her day ... her locker, her combination padlock, her classes, her friends, her teachers ... she had a great day from all accounts. It was, however, only the first day, and it was kind of still the orientation process. Only the year 7s and the year 12s were at school, with everyone else going in today. That will be the test, I guess ... a school FULL of kids. She thought there was a lot of them yesterday ... she's in for a shock, I imagine !! Reading her timetable was a challenge ... it was all in code !!! What do all those letters and numbers mean ??? I suppose it's not really my problem ... it's hers ... but I like to know what she's up to, too !! So, anyway, she had a great day, and I am one relieved Mum ... here's hoping for a continuation of the enjoyment for her !!

I am off to work at the boarding cattery for a few hours today and tomorrow. I will be doing the bookwork, and any admin type stuff. I hope it will become a regular thing, as I enjoy working there ... being able to cuddle all those kitty-cats, that are boarding there, is always nice !! There is such a huge variety of kitties ... from your basic moggies (which I have a particular soft spot for), to your hugely expensive fancy pedigrees. I love them all !!

Can you believe it is aleady February 1st ?!?!? This year is flying by ... before we know it, we will be putting up the Christmas tree again !!!!

Gotta go .... I hope you all have a fantastic day.

Catch ya !!



Greeneyes said...

Hi Meow ,
You can turn up the heat as we are freezing here , you have all the sunshine , make a deal , I send ice bergs you send sunshine .LOL
I checked on the little parcel with the ornaments and they say it is in the land of OZ???Where ???who knows , no biggie! you'll get it next year !LMAO

Sounds like Chicky and you are all excited about her new adventures of high school! wait till she wants help with her home work ,you think the schedule is hard , some subjects these days are from MArs !LOL
Hope she fits in wonderful and doesnt have a hitch , now for you , it is probably harder for you to let her go :0) I wish her the best of luck and hang in there MOMMY!
Nice to see you love all the kitties and how is Bambi these days ,Behaving??
Your friend from the iceage

The Lazy Iguana said...

I have never had a fancy cat. They have all been strays so far. They just kind of show up, or I find them and bring them home, and then they never leave.

Meow said...

Greeneyes ... I'll send you plenty of sunshine, and I'm gonna need that ice real quick ... it's getting hotter here !!
Chicky has done well in her first couple days of high school. I think she'll be ok !!
Bambi is doing cheekily well, thanks for asking ... she can be such a naughty kitty, but such a loving one !!

Lazy Iguana ... me, too. I've only ever gone to the animal shelters to get my kitties ... they want loving, and they sure get it from me !!

Take care, Meow

Val said...

Oh darn, I knew I shouldn't have taken down the Christmas decorations after they'd been up for all of 2006!

Devil Mood said...

It's great that Chicky enjoyed her 1st day. I'm sure she'll adappt quickly to high school - teenagers adapt to anything :)
Oh I really wish I had a job with kitties for colleagues ;)

Anonymous said...

So glad everything went well at school. She will be in shock when all the kids get there today...

Hug a kitty for me!!

Take care,

Lee said...

Yes, I forgot it was the 1st of 'white rabbits' was said and no pinch and a punch. One month gone already...oh! Dear!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Alex and I could certainly use of heat. We are both tired of being cold.

PEA said...

Hi Meow:-) I'm so glad to hear that Chickie did so well with her first day in high school...but yup, she's in for a surprise when ALL the students are there! lol Wishing her the very best!!

I can imagine how much you enjoy working with all those kitty cats and I'm sure you want to bring them all home! lol

Hugs xox

Anonymous said...

Does her going to high school make you feel old. I know my youngest going to high school next year will make me.

Meow said...

Val ... you and me both !! I always think I should leave them out, as it seems I just put them away, and I have to get them out again !!

Devil Mood ... thanks. She is settling in really well ... the novelty has even begun to wear off !!

Connie ... yes, the huge quantities of kids at school was quite overwhelming at first for her.

Lee ... oh well, there's always next month (which I'm sure will be here before we know it !!)

Nick ... we have plenty of heat to share !!

Pea ... it is great fun being around all those kitties (except first thing in the mornings, before the place has been cleaned, and they've all used their litter trays overnight ... eeewwww !!)

Daybyday ... I guess it does make me feel old. It also makes me worry, as I remember what I got up to in high school LOL.

Take care, Meow

Kylee said...

So glad that the first day of school went so well!! Heres to continued happiness with school!!

Gattina said...

You are working in a boarding cattery I see, does it mean people put their cats in there when they are away ? I only know boarding school, but I am sure that can't be that. I see already all cats sleeping in dormitories and mother superior checking if everybody is well covered !
You will see Chicky will soon become a young girl, and you will have to change her name, lol !