Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's Hot, Hot, Hot ...

Hello, fellow Bloggers !!

Hope your world is treating you well.

It is still stifling hot here in Melbourne, and there seems to be no end to it. I can't remember the last time I felt cool ... it is just getting ridiculous. Apparently, last week set a record, as it is the first time since records began (or something like that) that we had more than 5 days in a row of 38C or over. It was really, really, really hot !!! Today is around 30C, but very humid. For us Melbournians, it is like being in the Tropics. It is such unusual weather, as it is often hot here, but usually it is just dry heat.

I've gotta say, with the weird weather all around the world, I was somewhat concerned whilst watching "The Day After Tomorrow" on Friday night. Made me wonder whether we are really in for stuff like that !! Gosh, I hope not, but who knows what our future will be. I don't imagine anyone knows.

The wedding we went to on Saturday was lovely, but it was very unfortunate for the bridal party that it was just soooooo hot !! As I mentioned, the wedding was in a church in the city ... it was fairly pleasant in there, although still quite warm. The bride looked absolutely gorgeous, and the whole bridal party was a sight to see ... what a good looking bunch they were !! It was a reasonably quick service, and then we all went outside, back into the sunshine and heat, to do the congratulations and photos, and stuff !! Then we had about a 1 kilometre walk, up hill, to the reception venue ... the Old Melbourne Gaol !! (some people chose to catch a taxi, or take a tram, but we thought we'd walk ... why, I don't know !!) We had to weave through hundreds of people, as it was also Chinese New Year, and Russell Street (where the church and reception were on) was blocked for some of it's length, where it intersected with Chinatown !! Thank goodness I packed my rubber thongs, so I swapped my shoes for those, for the walk !!!

The Old Melbourne Gaol was reasonably comfortable, temperature-wise, when we went inside, but quickly heated up with 150 or so people inside. It is a very old building, so doesn't have air conditioning, although being all brick, concrete and cobblestones, it was actually cooler than outside

The above photo was taken from the second level of the gaol, looking down to the ground floor. You can see how narrow it is there, with all the cells going off the side walls. The level I took the photo from, and another above, were all similar, with lots of pokey little cells going off the passage. It was kind of creepy, with many of the cells having death masks on display, from hangings that occurred within the gaol many, many years ago. There were other displays in some of the cells, depicting former occupants !! The Old Melbourne Gaol, these days, is a museum. It is fascinating, and has lots of interesting things to see. Quite an unusual place for a wedding reception, though ... but it worked fine.

It was a wonderful wedding reception, the food was yummy, the band were brilliant, and the people we were with were a lot of fun. It was, for sure, a great night (except for the heat). Let me tell you ..... hot weather, and high-heels, just don't go together. By the end of the night, most women were barefoot and / or limping !!!

We didn't end up going to the 4WD show on Sunday, as we had planned, due to the high temperatures. We hibernated inside with the air-conditioning on as much as possible, only venturing outside to the car when we had to go out to pick up Chicky, who had a sleep-over at her cousins place. As I've said before, thank goodness for air-conditioning. But, I've had enough now ... it can cool down. I'd be happy to have to put on a jumper or jacket, or even the heating ... enough is enough !!!

Hope you are all able to stay warm, or cool, depending on which part of the world you are living in. Looking forward to stopping by for a visit to your blogs in the next couple of days.

Take care,


Gattina said...

You should definitively move over to Belgium ! Here you can sit in grey cool rainy weather ! I should imigrate to Australia to heat me up ! I am always cold. It's really badly distributed ! A wedding in a prison (I first didn't understand the word gaol) that's really something special, never heard of it. But must have been very nice. I wonder how many people were imprisoned there and for what. If it's now a museum it must be very interesting.

Peter said...

Melbourne and Victoria are really copping some awful weather Meow, by comparison we have had a fairly mild summer in Queensland, the weather patterns are certainly changing.
From memory Ned Kelly was hanged at the Melbourne jail??
Such is life.

Raggedy said...

Great post. The wedding sounded wonderful! The reception place sounded very interesting.
I am sorry the weather there is soooo hot. I hope it cools off soon.
Stay cool!
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Meow said...

Gattina ... thanks, that might be a good idea. At the moment, I would just loooooove to be cold !!! Sorry, should have explained that gaol is the old Aussie way of saying jail or prison !! It was a very interesting place to be.

Peter ... we sure are. The humidity is so yucky !! You are right about Ned Kelly ... there were many bits and pieces of his armour, as well as his "death mask" at the Jail. Creepy !!

Raggedy ... thank you. It was an interesting reception. I hope, too, that it cools down soon !!

Take care, Meow

Greeneyes said...

HI Meow,

Hi, Hot! Hot! Hot! , this is cold cold cold !LOL I hope you have a break from the heat , I had a great giggle reading your post , I mean I love all the info and pics they are great and I always enjoy following you on your adventures ,thanks for sharing , but when your page came on it had rolled up and all I seen was "packed my rubber thongs !" it struck me so funny LOL !!!It was cute though, tee hee . Take care , and hope your well and cooling off , from your friend the Popscicle,,,,Brrrr

Anonymous said...

you always have things to do that are enjoyable. Unlike me.

Stinkypaw said...

Interesting location for a wedding, indeed!

Stay cool! I'll keep warm!

Val said...

Back in 1971 our wedding outdoors in a park was considered unusual - I'm glad people keep taking it one step further and choosing such interesting venues such as a gaol.

But oh the weather. Gattina said "...grey cool rainy weather". Sounds wonderful! I never thought I'd miss rain so much. And you're right, the heat used to always be a dry heat, but it is now often so humid. I was expecting the cooler temperature today to be a relief, but the humidity spoils it! Maybe we can start growing tropical plants, such as avocadoes.

Merle said...

Hi Meow ~~ I agree with you on the weather -- too darn hot. And humid -
which we didn't used to have.
The wedding sounded interesting, but
not too sure about the Goal for the reception. Guess it was their choice.
Tanks for your comments. Glad you enjoy the posts. Try to keep cool,
take care, Love, Merle.

Justine said...

That was such a good description, I can really imagine how HOT it must have been! Wiltingly hot. Sounds like you had a great day anyhow!! :ø)

PEA said...

Oh dear, I don't mind it being hot but not that hot! lol Send me a bit of that heat and I'll send you a bit of our frigid air:-) Glad to hear the wedding was so beautiful but I don't envy everyone having to dress up in that heat! The gaol certainly is an interesting place to hold a wedding reception!! In 1975 I had gone on a class trip and we had stayed overnight in a youth hostel...formerly an old jail, all the tiny cells still intact and you could even see all the markings and drawings prisoners had made on the walls. Creepy!! Hugs xox

Jeanette said...

Hi Meow. WOw its very hot and humid cant remember when i last had air con running till all hrs of the night. The Melb.gaol a very interesting place to hold a wedding.

CiscoKid said...

Right now it is perfect here in Las Vegas, Nevada. We had a bit if a freeze about a month ago nad now it feels like spring. Trees are beginning to show signs of new buds and it is an average of 65 degrees.

Devil Mood said...

Poor you, that's a lot of heat. I'd rather have the cold, really. And if I had a wedding with those temperatures I'd beat the record for the sweatiest bride ugghhg horrible! lol
But I'm glad it went fine! People usually dance more when it's hot - probably because they drink more as well!

angel, jr. said...

Aren't wedding receptions fun? I have never been to a dull one.

Hope all is well!!

Meow said...

Greeneyes ... teehee, you are cute !!! Still not cooling off here, though ... still hot, hot, hot ... and oh-so-humid .. yuck !!

Daybyday ... aawww, I'm sure you do heaps of fun stuff. My life's not that exciting !!

Stinkypaw ... it was. Take care.

Val ... now there's a thought, growing tropical plants ... might be something to think about, if this sort of weather continues !!

Merle ... thanks, you stay cool, too. Must be warmer out your way.

Justine ... thank you. Wiltingly hot is a good description.

Pea ... it was kind of a creepy place to have the reception, but also a lot of fun. Gave us something extra to do, to go exploring, as well as partying !!

Jeanette ... thanks. I've had the airconditioning going 24/7 for the past few days. My house heats up too quick if I turn it off, and it is too humid at night ... yuck !!

Ciscokid ... sigh, sounds wonderful.

Devil Mood ... haha ... the bride still looked beautiful, if a bit sweaty !!!

Angel ... you are right, wedding receptions are always fun.

Take care, Meow

Kendra Lynn said...

I have never heard of a wedding reception taking place in an old prison. Very interesting.
Sorry its so warm there.
I hate that much heat.
but on the other hand, its a tad too cold and windy here.
ah well. No place is perfect.


Meow said...

Kendra Lynn ... you are so right, no place is perfect, we just need to make do with what we've got (it's hard not to complain, though !!!)
Take care, Meow