Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Poor Bambi was attacked by Evil Max over the road again yesterday. She was just coming out of her little nest in the bushes, outside our loungeroom window, in HER garden, when the rotten mongrel of a cat jumped her again. The poor little thing. I heard the noise, jumped up, opened the door, and looked out, and the poor little thing came racing inside, absolutely terrified. At least she knows she is safe in here !! At least she's got the sense to run away if she's able, rather than staying to fight (as our last cat, Ratbag, would have done ... he was a tough boy !!). At first she was limping, and favouring one of her front paws. I had visions of an abcess happening, but so far, so good. She is not licking, biting, gnawing at any particular site on her leg, as she would be if there was an abcess or sore, so she might have just sprained her ankle, or something. She seems OK ... fingers crossed.

On another topic, Bambi continues to do well with her dietary change. In fact, she is quite the little Miss Piggy !!! She no longer wakes me up in the middle of the night, only at around 5am-ish, when she wants brekky !! I can live with that ... a girl's gotta eat !!! I might introduce a small amount of dry food, as a treat once or twice a week, soon. I will try a Hills Science Diet brand, the Oral Care one, perhaps, so that her teeth can stay nice !! We'll see how that works ... I don't want her addicted to the dry stuff again, as that's what caused her problems in the first place ... she only wanted dry, nothing else. Hmmmm ....

Anyway, enough from me for this post.

Take care,


The Lazy Iguana said...

Whats the deal with dry food? My cats eat the stuff and nothing else. I had one cat make to age 20 on the cheapest brand of dry food I could find.

Anyway, one of my cats (the calico one) makes a a very loud noise if any other cat touches her. You would think she was being horribly tortured. But no, it is usually just Fred jumping on her because she batted him on the head.

My cats usually do not get into fights with other cats. But I have seen other cats in the yard. I imagine they have caused the calico cat to scream a few times. And something caused Gigi the calico cat to rip out a claw. It is growing back, but for a while there it was 100% gone. Not even a little claw nub. Still do not know how or why that happened.

Gattina said...

Poor Bambi ! Arthur too has a terrible black male cat here around who always tries to attack him, not the girls of course.
Bambi really looks good and it's nice that she got used to the "normal" food now. I try to get Pookie to stop with dry food, but it's not that simple, she accepts now pieces of ham or meat, but no can food. Always the dry food. And old Lisa wants to immitate her but she has only one tooth left! So she swallows the pieces and a minute later throws up the whole thing ! Very appetizing !

Caylynn said...

Poor Bambi. :( I'm glad my cats have always been indoor cats so I don't need to worry about them being terrorized by other animals! Glad to hear she doesn't appear to be injured.

Glad to hear the switch in food is working. Dragonheart prefers his soft food, but he does eat some dry food as well.

FelineFrisky said...

Bambi is such a cutie! Glad the diet is working for her. My cats eat only dry food, but they are good water drinkers. So I don't think they'll have problems with urine crystals.

Poor darling being ruoghed up on her own turf! Nasty cat! Does he hang about often? Perhaps a water gun or hose would drive him off the property? D :)

marianne said...

awww, poor baby! I hope no injuries show up. My beasties are indoors so we don't have the fighting problem - except the two of them play a little too rough together sometimes.

My Buster has had the same problem with dry food and the crystals. He's on a special diet now and on the vet's advice, we put a little salt on his wet food, which makes him drink more water, which helps control the crystals too.

Anyway, I hope your little Bambi stays healthy and does well on her diet.

Luna said...

Poor Bambi, It´sometime hard for cats to go outside. Luzie (outdoor cat) come also sometimes with wounds home.
Our cats prefer dry food. They don´t want to eat other food. Exept I cook them chicken with rize

Meow said...

Lazy Iguana ... some cats are prone to crystals in their urine, caused in part by a dry food diet, and not enough water intake. Some cats get it, some cats don't ... the luck of the draw I guess !! Hope Gigi's claw grows back OK ... wonder how it happened !!

Gattina ... thank you. It is awful to see the poor things having to fight off the enemy ... wish there was something I could do (without causing war between us and Max's owners !!).

Caylynn ... thank you. When we were talking about getting a new cat (before we got Bambi) we were going to have an inside cat, but Bambi was 8 months old when we got her, and a stray, so had already experienced outside. It felt cruel to deny her something she had already experienced, and she was eager to go outside ... 6 weeks was enough inside for her !!

Felinefrisky ... thank you. Yes, the other cat does hang around alot. I have tried water pistols and the like, but he is too quick ... he just sees me and runs !!! He should be a pretty old cat by now, as he used to get in scraps for years with our old cat ... and he's been gone for over 2 years now !! I hope he slows down soon !!

Marianne ... thank you. Salt on the food is an interesting idea !! Never heard of that before, but it makes sense.

Luna ... thank you. Bambi loooooves her dry food, and I think misses it, although totally loves the raw meat now (and isn't really fussed by the canned food !!). She is obviously getting enough fluid in her now, so am not sure what I'll do !! If I try some dry food now and again, will she become addicted again, and not want anything else ?? Who knows.

Take care, friends.

Have a great week ... Meow

Kuanyin said...

Trying to find the right diet for each cat can be challenging. I have a theory that if cats are allowed to hunt and run around outside, they instinctively know what their bodies need. Happy COT!

Meow said...

Kuanyin ... I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, in suburbia, it is not a good thing to let our kitties hunt !! So, raw meat, canned stuff, and dry food will have to do. I guess a variety is important ... can't go wrong there !!
Take care, Meow

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Good for Bambi! Retreat is a perfectly acceptable and honorable strategy.

meeyauw said...

I've had the same trouble with territory fights with my cats and a neighbor cat. The thing is: my neighbors are a mile away (1.6KM) so this cat is making quite a hike to claim MY land as HIS. I've had quite a few vet bills over this, too!

(What's a gaol?)

Stinkypaw said...

Hope Bambi feels better!

Obsidian Kitten said...

What a lovely picture of your Bambi!

I think they put stuff in dry food that gets cats addicted to, I swear! I feed my girls dry cat food in the mornings and food I prepare for them at night, and as of recently Morgan doesn't want to eat my dinners anymore, only crunchies! (Myself, I'd rather have salmon and polenta or ground beef, venison, and oats and old day...) Go figure...

Justine said...

What a lovely stripey leg Bambi has! Poor baby. Imagine just walking out of your nest in a daze and being attacked by an evil cat.
Our black and white cat, Svartefarian, started his career as an evil cat. He used to try and push our rightful house-cat, Oscar, out of his territory. Then after Oscar died, Svartefarian moved in. We felt like traitors to Oscar until the people up the street explained that SVartefarian had actually been dumped by the guy who had had him. (He was 8in the army, got transferred, and couldn't/didn't take his cat).

DO cats get addicted to dry food?

Meow said...

Nick ... I agree, retreat is safer, less wounds !!

Meeyauw ... wow, 1km away, and you still get trouble. Persistent kitty !! A gaol is the old Aussie way of spelling JAIL !!

Stinkypaw ... thank you.

Obsidian Kitten ... cheeky kitty, preferring the crunchies to a homecooked meal !!! I agree, though, about there being stuff in there to make it addictive ... catnip, perhaps !!

Justine ... thank you, we think she is a beautiful kitty. Love the name of your cat, Svatefarian ... soo cool. Regarding cats getting addicted to crunchies ... my vet even said that many do ... they love the crunchiness, and just won't eat anything else. Must feel good.

Take care, Meow