Wednesday, February 14, 2007

CATS ON TUESDAY # 8 (oops, it's Wednesday!)

Hello, fellow Cat's On Tuesday bloggers ...

Huge apologies that my "Tuesday" post is coming to you on a Wednesday ... time's been getting away from me. Now, on with my post ...

For those of you who have asked, and may be wondering, Bambi is doing wonderfully. She has adjusted to her change of diet (that being, no more dry food for the time being) remarkably well. However, I have not !!

Let me explain ... as you may have read, Bambi was having "wee" problems, due to her being on an almost exclusively dry diet, and her not taking in enough fluid, thus her system was producing crystals, disrupting her "weeing", and causing her some discomfort. The vet suggested taking her off dry food, and only feeding her "wet" food (i.e. raw meat and canned food). So, this is what we have done. As I said, her "weeing" is now doing what it should. The only problem now, is that she needs to "go" during the early morning hours (whereas in the past, she was able to hold on until I got up in the day-light to let her out). This means, she is now back to using her litter tray during the dark hours. Whilst not a problem, really, it is a pain in the butt for me, as I have to clean out the darned thing again (hadn't had to do that for months, as she never used it !!). However, prior to actually using the tray, the little bugger annoys me for about 20 minutes (whilst I am trying to sleep), begging to go outside ... she can be so naughty, climbing on things, knocking things over, just being very irritating !! Eventually, she must realise that she ain't going outside, so she better "go" in her tray. Then she comes back into the bedroom, curls up and goes back to sleep !!

Another problem (though not really a "problem) is that during the night she often goes to the laundry (where her food is) and has a nibble. When there was dry food there, there was always something for her. Now, with only "wet" food, the little greedy-guts polishes off her dinner early in the night, so when she goes for a nibble, there is nothing left. Then she comes and bugs me for more (same irritating behaviour as when she wants to go outside !!). So now, I need to remember, to put another bowl of food out for her when I go to bed, just to ensure she has something left for during the night ... and I can continue sleeping !! I tell you, it is worse than having a new-born human child in the house ... at least they just lie in their cot and cry ... they don't become destructive, climbing on things, scratching and knocking over ornaments and such !!

Anyway, I am just glad that her little "problem" seems to have gone away ... hopefully for good.

Aside from her being an irritating little kitty during the night, I do really love my little Bambi, with all my heart. She is such a gorgeous little thing, with an enormous personality. I couldn't be without a cat in my life.

Enjoy the rest of your week, fellow cat-lovers.

Take care,


Clare said...

Glad Bambi is doing better now with her wee problems. I hope she decides to stop irritating you in the middle of night to try and get her own way :). Such typical kitty behaviour.

Hope you are doing okay down under and still watching Neighbours. We just got to the part where they told Dylan he was Kerry's dad.

FelineFrisky said...

I am just getting round to visiting today, so you're not late in my book!

So glad Bambi has adjusted to the food change. It can become quite the issue otherwise.

You'll adjust to her new routine and she will too. You won't be sleepless for long.

D :)

Gattina said...

Hi Meow ! happy to read you again. Don't worry for the Americans it's still tuesday, lol ! And for the Europeans probably too. Bambi is now behaving like Lisa, but Lisa is worse ! She wouldn't go on the litterbox, she just would pee against something ! and if there is no FRESH food in the bowl, she makes such a noise that you HAVE to jump out of your bed and feed her. She wouldn't even touch the food Mr. Gattino had put before going to bed. She is a tyrant ! But she is 17 years old now, so I just stumble out of my bed and feed her and go back to sleep !

meeyauw said...

Thank goodness she is so much better. I know that with your dedication and creativity you will both settle down to this "new life"!

Have a great week!

Justine said...

Its finally Wednesday here in Norway! It is 1124 in the morning here, and 1014 PM, Australian Eastern Standard time. (I guess its 815 in Perth, or 715. I can't keep up with the daylight savings changes :-) )

I so like your cats licking the inside of my computer sreen clean!

Meow said...

Clare ... thank you. She will get used to the change, as I will. It was already easier last night ... she only woke me up once !!

Felinefrisky ... thanks. She is young enough to accept change well.

Gattina ... I know what you mean about old cats ... my old Ratbag was the same, you couldn't change his habits no matter what !!

Meeyauw ... thank you.

Justine ... hi, and finally I know where you are ... Norway. Wow, that's pretty cold there !!

Take care, Meow

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Bambi sounds so much like Alex! He, too, used to refuse to drink water. Now I give him both dry and wet cat food. Yet the little firball of a cat hounds me for more and more food, even after he has vomited up his over consumption!

Meow said...

Nick ... sounds like your Alex can be quite a handful !!

Take care, Meow