Monday, December 11, 2006

Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You ??

Which of Santa's Reindeer are you?

Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You


Like Comet you are always happy. Nothing seems to get you down and you can always put a smile on people's faces

Find out which of Santa's Reindeer you are at


Gwen said...

Hi Meow... Just wanted to first Ha!
Not true I always like to visit your blog. Stay Well talk again soon..

Anonymous said...

Hello Meow, I cannot believe Christmas is so close, I don't know where the year has gone. Cheers Margaret

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

It seems that the reindeer I am most like is Cupid—rather appropriate since (not to confuse holidays) I was born on St. Valentine’s day.

PEA said...

Hello Meow:-) Finally catching up on your posts I've missed! I really miss being able to visit everyone's blog every day, but with being so busy with Christmas preparations, it's just not possible!! By the way, I'm Comet too! lol I loved seeing your Christmas tree and some of your decorations...everything looks just beautiful!! Hugs xox

BarBarA said...


Meow said...

Gwen ... thanks. Catch ya again soon.

Margaret ... the year has gone too fast ... not fair !!

Nick ... yay, Cupid ... how cute !!

Pea ... thank you. I agree that it is really difficult to catch up at the moment, even though my typing is done !!! I have so many other things ... Christmassy things ... to do.

Barbara ... another Cupid ... how wonderful. Wonder what that means !!

Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

I'm Comet, too! We are reindeer sisters :)

What a cute quiz and so timely. Christmas is really speeding towards us now - I love it!

Meow said...

Marie ... ooooh, Reindeer Sisters ... that sounds so nice.
Hope you are well.
Take care, Meow