Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mmmm ... The Smell Of Christmas ...

Hi There !!

Guess what .... I've been baking !!! Chicky and I went through a multitude of cookbooks that I have collected over the years, and chose a few not-so-hard goodies to make for Christmas. It was great fun, as we haven't ever done a big Christmas baking session like this before. I used to do a lot of baking, but for some reason, the last few years I haven't done ANY !! As we went from one project to the next, I tried to teach her about cleaning up as we go (she conveniently disappeared at washing up time ... although she loved the mixing and tasting !!!).

Anyway, firstly we made Chocolate Rum Balls (minus the rum !!), in two different coatings ... coconut and chocolate sprinkles !

Next we made Shortbread Jewels ...

Then we made Christmas Biscuits that I found in a microwave cookbook (hence their paleness), and then Cinnamon Stars (from a German Dr. Oetker cookbook) ...

We also made Coconut Ice, but that is still setting in the fridge, so I haven't taken any photographs of it yet !!

Now, the quality of my baking (and the photography thereof) leaves alot to be desired, as does the presentation. However, it all tastes pretty yummy, if I do say so myself !!

There is something so wonderful about the smell of Christmas baking, or any sort of baking for that matter. The house smells amazing, and it sure does put you in the Christmas spirit. We even played Christmas music to start off with (then Chicky decided she wanted "her" music playing !!!). Right now, though, my poor back is killing me, from standing at the kitchen bench for such a long time !!! (That's right, I'm a sook !!!)

The past few days have been fairly quiet on my part, although I did get the majority of my Christmas shopping finished. I'm very pleased about that. Now I just need to wrap it all ... I'll do that next week, whilst Chicky is at school and Hubby is at work.

I had to take my Bambi kitty to the vet yesterday. On Thursday night the poor thing kept us awake all night, with her going back and forward to her litter tray (which is in the laundry, within hearing of the bedroom !!) to try and do wees !! Seems she has a urinary infection, and is on anti-biotics for a week. She's much better now, and didn't visit her tray once last night (thank goodness).

Our weather has taken a turn for the better at the moment, regarding the bushfires. It is quite mild, and the wind is minimal. They are hoping to get much of it under control by the end of the weekend. Finger crossed. Unfortunately, there has now been some properties lost, and one man was killed in the fire. Hopefully there won't be any more losses, of life or property.

Hubby has headed up to Bonnie Doon for the weekend, to do some maintenance on our bathroom up there. We were going to go too, but decided to stay home to keep an eye on the cat. I didn't want to further stress her out, by dumping her in her carrier basket, and taking her to the boarding cattery, after having to take her to the vet yesterday... poor thing, she doesn't really like to travel in the car (or her carry basket ... not that I blame her !!). Anyway, Hubby rang earlier, saying that it is very smokey there (it is only about 45 minutes drive ... if that ... from the fires). Apparently this is a good day up there, smoke wise, but it is worse than what we were experiencing here ... I imagine it must be awful, I'm kinda glad we didn't go. I prefer the smell of Christmas baking to that of smoke !!!

Oh well, I guess that's enough from me for now.

I hope you are all well and truly on top of your Christmas preparations ... if not, it's gonna be a big week for you !!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Take care,



green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Oh Meow

Yummy , I just came from Dianes Blog to here and Now I gained another 10 lbs , looks so good , I will have to wipe my screen again , tongue prints you know!! looks so good , hope you enjoy

Poor puss , what a sin , at least your a great Kitty Momma , never stressed her out more , you are such a soft heart , I like that about you , and no I am not sucking up for christmas treats haha .

Hope bambi is welll soon , and keep up the fun baking , I hope you have fun
Take care
HUGS and More hugs

Anonymous said...

As Greeneyes said, your candy and cookies look absolutely delicious! I did restrain myself from licking the screen, though. ;D

I made glazed pecans and cocoons today, sometimes called pecan sandies or Mexican wedding cookies. I still have chocolate fudge, white chocolate fudge, turtles and another kind of glazed pecans to make. Hopefully I'll get those all done Saturday.

Poor Bambi, those UT infections can be really painful and uncomfortable. I'm glad she's doing better now.

Hopefully the fires can be gotten under control soon with no more loss of life or property.

Have a great weekend, Meow, and
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours. :-)

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I say.. good thing your not smelling smoke from the cookies burning. They look yummy. So glad their at your house instead of mine.

Gattina said...

Oh poor Bambi, but with antibiotics it will be quickly healed. Apparently she also makes a noisy mess in her litterbox ! My Pookie is just awful she whirls the whole sand around while she is turning and turning before finally she sits down and start to hypnotize you if ever you look. They have such a proud look when they are sitting on their throwns !
My Christmas "feelings" I get this year from all the Blogs. As we are going on Holidays for two weeks, I didn't do anything of course. Now you made me jalous with your baking and I can't even taste and smell it ! It looks great ! The only good thing my mother did in a kitchen, were the Christmas cookies !
We saw a little of the bushfire at TV, must be terrible, even if you have it quite often and are used to it.

Sean Carter said...

Have a truly wonderful Christmas. Those rum balls look yummy. Peep into my Holiday Blog for some unique and interesting gift ideas and loads of other fun stuffs.

Meow said...

Greeneyes ... hmmm, you didn't wipe the screen well enough ... it dribbled through to mine !!! (Just kidding !!)
Bambi is doing really well, now, I could've gone away, but I'm a big softie, as you said !! She will be going to the boarding cattery next weekend anyway, as we will be away for 2 weeks ... poor kitty.
Hope your weekend is off to a great start.
Big hugs to you and yours.
Take care, Meow xx

Diane ... thank you. Your baking and cooking sounds so much more interesting than mine ... looking forward to some photos ???

Daybyday ... hahaha ... I managed not to burn my biscuites ... although that has been known to happen !!!

Gattina ... thank you. I'm sure you are a good cook ... I'm actually not a very good cook, but I can follow a recipe !!!
The fires are hopefully on the improve ... fingers crossed.

Sean ... hi, and thanks for visiting.

Take care, Meow

Saur♥Kraut said...

Oh wow are you inspiring me! I have to make cookies today, and this is great! My dogs will be barred from the kitchen so its completely sanitary... but if I don't have a column on Monday, call the authorities: They've broken down the barrier and taken me hostage.

Got your cards and published them in my blog today. Thanks so much! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Meow
Oh all those Chistmas treats look so Yummy. Gees I joined a gym last week to loose weight I just added a few Kilo's lol just looking at these treats. Take care, Jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Meow, a wise move not going to Bonnie doon this weekend I think, it would be super smoky up there and too close to the fires themselves.

Pennys from Heaven said...

WOW!!! You have been BUSY!!! All your baked goods look just delicious! What a fun project and such a great holiday memory!

Bun-Bun and I opted for ice cream this year. LOL. No cookies.

Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas...and a very "Hoppy" New Year.

Finals week is done am trying to catch up on all the blogs. I hope your cat is feeling much better. I need to take Bun-Bun to go visit my Dad....a bit of a drive, but she does seem to do well in her pet taxi.

Take care....
Enjoy the Holidays
Peg & Bun-Bun

Anonymous said...

Your cookies look so yummy and to me there's nothing that puts me more in the Christmas mood than baking while playing Christmas music:-) Poor kitty, hope the antibiotics help her clear up that infection!! How sad to hear that the bushfires have claimed a life and so many properties...hopefully it will all be under control soon! Have a wonderful weekend dear Meow!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Fabulous baking goodies, Meow! They really make my mouth water. I liked the decoration on your shortbread - very Christmassy and I might borrow that idea.

I absolutely agree that Christmas baking is wonderful. I love the smell of spices, baking and rich chocolate.

Your poor puss! I feel for her and hope she will be on the road to recovery soon. I hate it when pets are sick - you feel so helpless and its awful to se them in pain. Give her a big hug from all of us here (even my little dog who loves cats, though they don't seem to return the favour!)

Badoozie said...

well, i think your baked goods look very palatable!

sorry bout your cat, i hope she gets well soon!

Anonymous said...

Those chocolate rhum-free balls look so yummy, actually all your cookies look delicious!

I hope Bambi feels better - Tobi had issues with crystals, but a little diet change and he's been fine since. Good luck with that!

BTW, don't forget to send me those pictures of Bambi and Ratbag for

Keep up the good work you Santa Paws! =^..^=

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I dearly miss the smell of Christmas baking!

Devil Mood said...

Oh I love chocolate balls! I usually do them with little bits of almond and sprinkled in sugar :)

And those biscuits look so yummy!! :)

Anonymous said...

It all looks delicious and I bet it's tasting great!!
Give Bambi a hug from me.
Love, Tink

Anonymous said...

My mom is big on baking, but hasn't had a chance to start yet.

Anonymous said...

Poor little puss...I'm glad she's better now.

What fun you and Chicky must have had with all that baking...and tasting! It all looks so great and I'm almost tempted myself to get stuck into some baking! I'd have to lock it all up in Fort Knox up until Christmas, though, so I couldn't get at it!!! ;)

I hope those fires abate soon...I hate hearing and seeing about them on the news...chills me to the bones. So frightening.

Meow said...

Saur ... thanks, glad the card arrived, and good luck with the cookie baking !!

Jeanette ... thanks. I need to join a gym ... next year LOL.

Peter ... I know what you mean. The fires are on the other side of the mountains, so at this stage Bonnie Doon is quite safe. we are heading up there Christmas Day, for 2 weeks ... hope the fires are well and truly controlled by then.

Peg & Bun-Bun ... thank you. Enjoy your week before Christmas, and hope you get everything done.

Pea ... thank you. Kitty is doing fine now ... driving me mad again with her craziness !!!

Marie ... thank you. Big hug has been given !!! Christmas baking is fun ... cleaning up the mess afterward isn't !!

Susie ... thank you. The cat is fine now ... just need to catch her to shove the tablet into her !!

Stinkypaws ... thank you. The vet suggested it might be crystals. If it happens again, we will have all the tests to find out.

Nick ... aawww, I might have to bottle up some baking smells for you, and send them !!

Devil Mood ... mmmm, almonds and sugar surrounds sure sound nice ... might have to try that !!

Tink ... thank you, I will.

Silverneurotic ... cool, hope you enjoy the baking with her.

Lee ... thanks, it was a lot of fun. I have to try and control myself, otherwise I would eat it all before Christmas !! Hopefully the fires are getting safer.

Take care everyone, and enjoy your weekend.
Hugs, Meow

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm...the cookies look delish! Guess I better start baking soon - thanks for the inspiration!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Whatcha mean your going for two weeks ???? To your parents ??? I shall Miss My dear Meow :{

I cleaned the screen better this time haha
I did not realize you were going for that long , Boo Hoo will have a blue Christmas without you !LOL
Hope you have a wonderful time , I sent you a card but probably wont get it in time , and four little thingys for your tree , hope they arrive in time . Have a blast and take lots of pics of you in your jammies and pigtails opening your presents from your Mum And Dad !LMAO ,,,,,,AHHH if life could be so sweet again huh!

Hope Kitty Bambi is doing better ,
HUGS dear friend
PS I am freezing my ,,,,uhhhhh,,,,Pigtails off!!!!

Meow said...

Heather ... thank you. I think I might do some more baking ... just for the baking smell !!! Love it !!

Greeneyes ... you sweetie, you. We always go to Bonnie Doon at Christmas (and Easter, and any other holiday LOL). We do Christmas Eve with my folks, Christmas morning Santa's been for Elisabeth, then we pack up and run away from civilisation for 2 weeks. We usually catch up with other relatives before Christmas !! Hopefully I should get my portable internet happening this Christmas at Bonnie Doon ... so I shouldn't be away from blogging too much !!!
Oh yeah, Bambi is doing great, thanks ... mad as ever !!!
Hugs to you and yours, dear Greeneyes, and I will be around for the next week ... you can't get rid of me that easily !!!

Take care, Meow

Connie and Rob said...

I think I gained weight just drooling over all that baking you have done. Sounds like you are in the true Christmas spirit. Santa will be sure to stop for some of your cookies I am sure.

Hope bambi feels better.

Take care and hugs,

Granny said...

Glad your kitty will be okay.

Non rum rum balls? I'm interested.

Meow said...

Connie ... thank you. The baking was fun ... might have to do some more !!!

Granny ... yep, non-rum rumballs !! Chicky didn't want me to put the rum in, so I didn't. They're yummy !!

Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

Hi Meow thanks for your visit,that was not my last post but the one thatis there now is..
Stay Well see you in 2007 xo
P.S.Save me some cookies if you can.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meow

I'm so happy you're not too close to the fires. They seem to be a bit tamer at the moment.

Love all your baking, I can just about smell it!

Hope your pretty Bambi gets over her urinary tract infection. Poor little pussycat. I've had the odd cat with that and they are certainly uncomfortable. Thank goodness for vets!

Hope your weekend has been a good one...


Meow said...

Gwen ... hope you have a wonderful christmas and new year.

Robyn ... thanks. Bambi is doing heaps better now ... just gotta keep feeding her the antibiotics !!

Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

Why do I have this sudden urge for cookies?

Those look yummy. Hope you have a great week!

Meow said...

Loraloo ... hahaha ... thanks. Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

I gained ten pounds just looking!

but I won't worry about it 'til Jan. 1st:)

Meow said...

Rhapsody ... tee-hee, sorry about the weight gain !!
Take care, Meow