Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday With Meow ...

Hello, all you Bloggers out there !!

I hope you are all as well and as happy as I am today.

The only thing is, I am feeling a bit frustrated that I have been unable to talk to you guys out there who are on Beta Blogger ... it won't let me comment, won't let me log on, or whatever ... not even as "Anonymous". Don't know why, but it has been happening since yesterday (Tuesday afternoon, Aussie time). Apologies for not visiting, but I have visited, but just cannot comment.

This little elf is 'specially for Blogger ... I'm not happy !!!

Anyway, on with my post ...

The world has gone mad !!! Yep, it's true !!! Believe me, or not, it's totally up to you, but I say it has gone mad !!

Saturday and Sunday, here in Melbourne, the weather was a stinking (literally) 40+C (100+F) degrees, with a thick cover of smoke (coming from the bush fires raging around the state ... and now also in Tasmania). Monday was a pleasant low 20sC (70ish F), still some smoke cover, and Tuesday (yesterday) was quite cool, with clear blue skies. It got so cold last night, that hubby turned on the heating !!! This morning was still cool, but the day has progressed at a pleasant temperature, with a not-so-pleasant blanket of smoke over the whole city and suburbs. Blech. It is awful. I gave in, did some laundry, and hung it up outside (I don't have a clothes dryer ... right now, I wish I did !!). I figured everyone is in the same boat, and we will all smell smokey, anyway !! Hmmm, wonder if that's such a good idea, after all !! (In days long ago, didn't they smoke all their meat, to preserve it ??? Perhaps I should go stand in the smoke ... It might preserve me, too !!!)

The view out my back door, looking up the hill towards Burwood Highway ... the faint things in the distance are trees ... usually very green !!!

Hmmm, I think this is the sun, through a very thick blanket of smoke !

For those of you wondering, Chicky played her netball grand final on Saturday (in that mega-heat!!). Unfortunately, they didn't win, but they did play very well. Just wasn't their day, I guess. Oh well, they did wonderfully to get there in the first place, so they can be congratulated for that. They were so excited to just be playing in the grand final, but I guess they were a bit disappointed they didn't win. There's always next season !!

I'm very proud of myself, I have got all my Christmas cards written, printed and posted. Whoo-hoo, yay me !! What a champion !! Hopefully I haven't left it too late for the overseas cards !!

I still haven't done any more Christmas shopping, as I was concentrating on my Christmas cards (I sent out about 110 of them !!!). Hopefully, tomorrow (Thursday) I can continue, and maybe even finish ... cross your fingers !!!

As I mentioned, the bushfires are still raging. Here are a couple of maps (if Blogger lets me load them !) which, if you know the area, might tell you a little bit about what's going on. There are a few fires that have joined up, making an enormous fire front. I think the fire-fighters are finding it quite difficult, due to the terrain, and the bizarre weather ... hot, cold, windy, not windy ... hopefully there will be no lives lost.

(This is the current fire map ... click on the image to enlarge it, I guess !!)

I have another map I wanted to post, but Booger Blogger won't let me !!

Isn't it getting exciting, now that Christmas is getting so close !! I love Christmas. I'm like a little kid on Christmas Eve, when we go to my parent's place for dinner, then share presents. I usually have a grin from ear to ear. It is so much fun. We have a lovely evening, just the 5 of us (mum, dad, hubby, Chicky and me). We chat, eat, drink, and just enjoy being with each other. There's nothing nicer. I love being with my family, they are simply the best. Christmas morning is all about Chicky. Santa has been, just for her ... the look on her face when she finds her gifts in her Santa Sack, and opens them, is just amazing. I hope Santa can think of the perfect present for her this year ... any ideas ?!?!?!

Oh well, I had better go. I will try and comment on the Beta Blogger blogs again ... what is going on with that !?!?! I wonder, are those of you on Beta able to comment on old Blogger blogs ???

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone.

Take care,



Anonymous said...

Hi Connie ~~ We will see if I can comment. It took ages last time to get it on. Glad you have all your cards done, so have I and I have my younger son's family gifts wrapped for weekend
Will try to do some of Kathy's later and there are 7 of them. I have them sorted etc but not keen on wrapping.

Sorry Chicky didn't win the GF but second for the year is good so she can be proud. Glad you love Christmas and being with your family
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meow, your anonymous comment came through OK but blogger has been a bit off everywhere I think.
Hope there is some rain soon to put those fires out.

Meow said...

Merle ... thanks for the email, and your comment did happen, yay !! Blogger is so frustrating today ... hope it gets fixed soon. Good luck with the pressie wrapping !!

Peter ... thanks, glad you got my comment. Earlier it wasn't even letting me be "anonymous"!! Yes, we do need the rain to put out the fires. I just read in the paper that the forecas is for the ElNino effect thingy to start going in the next few months, and our weather will start to return to normal. Here's hoping.

Take care, Meow


Same here. It stresses me a lot not to be able to post or sometimes even leave comments.
Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

I think there are quite a few bugs in the new Blogger. As mine is a team blog attached to a website, I had no choice in changing over to the new Blogger and it was a nightmare, though now largely fixed. I have seen on the Blogger help group ( that this not being able to comment in Beta blogs is a common problem. Hopefully they'll get it fixed.

I'm staggered that you sent 110 Christmas cards! Wow! What a marathon effort.

I agree that Christmas is a lovely time of the year. I hope you find a way to keep cool and enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Blogger must have something funny going on. I'm hearing the complaint about comments alot.

So it's still summer there, almost fall? That's so funny for me, Christmas in hot weather.

Hope the rest of your week is fabulous!

Cathy said...

I have been having trouble posting comments on bet blogger as well; so frustrating! I have not changed over yet to avoid such problems on my blog.

I hadn't heard about all the forest fires youa re having;our news has not reported about this; they have been busy reporting about snow storms and such! I hope that they get put out and the weather improves! On all ends of the earth!

Anonymous said...

I don't like beta because it makes me sign in almost every time I use it and sometimes I have the comment already written and lose it..Grrrrr
Love the elf showing his hinny..that is how I feel about blogger sometimes too ha ha

Anonymous said...

I updated my blog to beta and I haven't really had any problems with it, to be honest, it's a lot easier to use that the normal blogger.

PEA said...

Hi Meow:-) Like you, I can't comment on the Beta Bloggers either...maybe they're trying to tell us to switch but I tried to switch and it said it couldn't!!!! Sheesh! Gosh, I can't get over the smoke you have hanging around over there...please stay safe!! Sounds like you're coming along with your Christmas preparations...I'm getting all excited too:-) Hugs xox

Anonymous said...

The bushfires certainly are horrific down your way, frightening. Let's hope the weather changes soon and rain comes.

Have a great Christmas with your loved ones.

Devil Mood said...

You are a true champion!
Congratulations to Chicky anyway, being in the final has to be big!

I've been having the same frustrating problems with beta's a bad bad system :(

I'm glad the temperature has dropped, I really hate those really hot can't breathe, you can't move, you can't do anything....I'd rather have winter, to be honest...

Badoozie said...

oh, thats funny...i've never seen you get so sassy, and i love it, i love your elf!!! i agree!!!

get a gmail account and you can sign into beta blogs using that.

Meow said...

Fridays Child ... thanks. Hope the Beta Blogger issues get sorted out soon.

Marie ... thanks. I'll try to keep cool ... today is a struggle again ... hot and smokey.

Loraloo ... thanks. Summer here is from December to February ... so still a ways to go !!

Cathy ... thank you. We have strong northerly winds today, which I imagine is playing havoc with the fire situation. I think it'll get worse before it gets better.

Autumn ... yep, blogger is being evil at the moment. Hope they can get it sorted soon.

Silverneurotic ... I want to move, but it won't let me !!

Pea ... thanks. Did you get my email.

Lee ... thank you. I think we all need to do a rain dance !!!

Devil Mood ... thanks. The temp has risen again ... 34C forecast today !! I like mild weather ... not hot, not freezing. Oh well.

Susie ... thanks. Sassy ... never been called that before ... I like it !! I might try gmail.

Take care, Meow

Gattina said...

He, he Meow ! I came here to explain that I found a way to comment on Beta blogs as an anonymous spam named Gattina, but I see that it didn't work for you. Try again for me it works. That you have 40° now in December sounds quite funny to my European ears, and yes I am sitting also in the same boat (kind of) because here it's raining cats and dogs and our garden is crowded ! It's not very cold either only 9° (should be arond O°) Strange weather ! Thanks for the card about the bushfires this of course we don't see at TV here only when there are a lot of people killed. But it's always so interesting what is going on in other countries. I learn more here with the blogs then in the News !

PS Now I can't comment here either, the anonymous person is me GATTINA

Gattina said...

PS. Anonumous didn't work so I tried "other" and as you see my name even shows up !

Meow said...

Gattina ... thanks. I emailed you.
Take care, Meow

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Meow
Yep I have been having the same problem with my Beta pals as well , they wont let me in ! rather Beta Blog wont let me in !!! it is fine elsewhere . I was worried for a bit and thought it was something I did , thank you for posting about it , saved me alot of tinkering when I havent the tinkering time to tinker LMAO

I love Christmas as well , alot of work but I love it just the same , a big kid a t heart (LOT LIKE YOU ):}

The smoke looks awful , sorry to hear your still having trouble there , must be awful , hard to breathe? .

Too bad for Chicky ,yes maybe next year but at least she got that far and had fun !
Must be hard to pick out things for her special Christmas present, she has a great one already ,YOU !!!!! Has she hinted?

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Meow , you and your family and you all are happy and Healthy through the new year .

Did your tongue stick to all the envelopes??? hope you had a sponge , 55 and my lips would be glued shut , (SOME WOULD LOVE THAT ,THEY WILL REMAIN NAMELESS HAHA)

Hugs and I still wish for rain for you guys thanks for the update .
AND S T O P Hogging the heat ! I am froze again .!!LOL ( I owe you an email , haven't forgotten

HUGS friend

Meow said...

Greeneyes ... thank you so much, you say the sweetest things !!
Hope they sort out the Beta commenting thingy soon, it's getting annoying.
The smoke has eased today, although the fires haven't. Fortunately, none of us suffer from asthma, or anything, so the smoke didn't really affect us.
Yes, finding a special christmas pressie for Chicky is hard ... any ideas !!!
Fortunately, I purchased sticky stamps ... no licking required !!! Otherwise, I would've used a sponge ... eeew, tongue sticking to stamp !!!
I'm sending some heat your way ... I've already had enough !!!
Take care, dear friend, and have a great day. Hugs, Meow xxx

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I'm so glad I didn't convert to that beta thing.

That smoke can't be good for your health. Hope it stops soon.

Michael Manning said...

MEOW: Did you know that Tom JOnes tours almost every night of the year. Wouldn't it be cool if he opened your page and heard himself singing! You are quite talented with your website. I love the new Cat blinking! Reminds me of Barbra Eden in that Jeanie bottle on old re-runs of "I Dream of Jeanie". lol!

Tammy said...

Hey! Sorry it's been awhile since my last visit!
I'm having the exact same trouble with commenting and posted the same thing at the top of my blog! I have so many friends that I can't comment on and it's SO frustrating, isn't it?

Anyway, great to catch up with you! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I am one of those beta bloggers, and I am hearing a lot that people are having trouble leaving me comments.

I got a very nice surprise in the mail today... thank you for sharing your holiday spirit with me!

Hope those brush fires are under control soon and that no one gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

O, it's hot in your neck of the woods - I'd like about half of your temps please :) We're having extreme weather here in BC as well - rainy, cold and very, very windy. Crazy times!!! Take care.

Meow said...

Daybyday ... I think Beta Blogger will be a good thing when we are all on it ... and it isn't "Beta" anymore !!! And no, the smoke is no fun. Fortunately, it doesn't affect me, but there are plenty who it does.

Michael ... I wonder if Tom Jones has a blog ... I might direct him to mine if he does !!!

Tammy ... nice to see you again. Hope you are well.

Loraloo ... I think I am able to comment on all Beta blogs now ... I've figured it out !!! Will you do a rain dance with me to extinguish the fires !!

Heather ... like I said, the world's gone mad !!!

Take care, everyone, and have a great weekend .... Meow

Anonymous said...

Hi Meow, thanks for visit to my site, as anonymous, hope the fires will all be out soon. Congrats to Chicky for making it to the GF.
Cheers Margaret

Gwen said...

Hi Meow...
Hope all is well with you and family,the smoke is lying low here
We had to play pennant[lawn bowls]
in it last Tuesday, we nearly chocked then they decided to call it off.
Stay Well..

Meow said...

Margaret ... thank you. Hope you are well.

Gwen ... I can't believe they made you start playing in the smoke ... not fair. Hope it stays like this and the fire fighters have a chance to get more control.

Take care, Meow