Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I've Been Tagged ...

I've been tagged by both Clare and Greeneyes ... thanks ladies !!! It is all about Weird Things About Me ... well, I'm for sure a weird person, so this should be easy !! Here goes ...

Obligatory intro: According to the rules…Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you’. People who get tagged need to write a BLOG of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your BLOG.


This is very weird for many people ... I don't drink tea or coffee ... hate the stuff ... blech !! It does smell wonderful, though. I don't even like coffee flavoured sweets or biscuits. Yep, many people think I'm very strange !!


I enjoy a bowl of breakfast cereal for dinner. Nothing nicer than a bowl of Corn Flakes or Cheerios at night, in front of the telly ... mmm !!


I can read a book, watch TV and hold a conversation at the same time. I call it multi-tasking ... my hubby calls it weird !!


I have a certain sequence of things I always do in the bathroom in the mornings, and I have to stick to this routine. If it gets out of order, something gets forgotten, and I hate that !! For example, I dry myself a certain way, body parts and limbs in a particular order !! Even my face creams get put on in a certain order ... eye gel first, then eye cream, followed by facial moisturiser ... always this way, never different !! Is this a form of OCD ???


Whenever I go into a public book-lending library, or a bookstore, I inevitably need to go to the toilet (for No. 2's no less !!). Don't know why, but I have always been that way. I love books, and I adore reading, so it isn't that books give me the sh*ts, or anything !!! (Told you I was weird !!!)


I am constantly twirling my hair. Whenever I am sitting down, whether reading, watching TV, sitting in the car waiting for someone, or even sitting at the computer, I can usually be seen twirling my hair. I have done this since I was a bubs. I guess it is relaxing.

There you go, folks. 6 Weird Things About Meow. So, what do you reckon ??? Am I weird, or not ???

Oh, mustn't forget ... the 6 people I tag are ...

Gattina (I know you are going away, but it can wait till you're back !!)
Alice (you may have already done this one, though !!)
Devil Mood

Hmmm, Blogger won't let me put any Christmas images on here, so this is a boring pictureless post again. Must remember to post my pots using a different method. Evil Blogger !!

Take care,



Gattina said...

You call that weird ? I only see qualities besides maybe two things lol !

I am leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks in Egypt. For a lot of people in northern European countries it's like Florida for the Americans (I mean in winter) It's beautiful there at the red sea, only sunshine, the sea and sun mountains and the desert. It's near the place where Moses got the commandments.People are very friendly and open minded and they celebrate whatever is to celebrate all religions !

Of course you don't need to go away ! It's more than warm at your place.
I don't know if I can play, I have already been asked by two other persons. But I'll try !

Alice said...

Ah, afraid I have already done this. Twice, if I'm not much mistaken. Sorry, Meow.

Love your list, though, and it's no stranger than mine. In fact, compared to me you are the epitome of normality!


Sorry I haven't been around. Yet again. Family problems. I'll detail them in my Blog soon, when I'm feeling a little less raw.


Meow said...

Gattina ... well, I thought I was weird !! Hope you have a fabulous trip ... take lots of photos to share, please !! Don't fret about the meme ... if you can't do it, that's cool !!

Alice ... nice to see you again. Hope everything is on the improve with you ... you are missed when you're not around. Look after yourself.

Take care, Meow

The Lazy Iguana said...

You can put up HOLIDAY images. But not Christmas images. Blogger is worldwide after all - don't want to exclude anyone!

I registered my own domain ( - obligatory plug) where I can upload images then just link to them in Blogger. It works 100% of the time.

And I want to go to Egypt! I can hang with the Coptic Pope. I met the guy at my former job. He passed through Miami International Airport and I got the honor of meeting his flight and assisting him during his short layover.

Debbie said...

Dear Meow I will bow out on this one! I played it a long time ago and I am afraid I would not be able to come up with 6 names to add! My readership has slipped a lot lately! :(

You are weird for not liking coffee and tea! Can't live with out either!

As for 2 & 3 we must be soul sisters because I so totally do the same thing!

Hope you have a great day!