Tuesday, December 05, 2006


This is my first CATS ON TUESDAY ... thanks Gattina for starting this up. I wasn't able to participate last week, due to having too many other things to do, so to make sure I could do it this week, I actually typed this last Friday night (1st December) !!! Anyway, on with the show.

You have probably already met my current kitty, Bambi, in various posts over the past 12 months. She is an almost 2 year old tabby girl, who we got when she was about 8 months old, from an animal shelter.

She is a wonderful little cat, and has been an endless source of fun and laughter since we adopted her in September 2005. She can be very affectionate, very naughty, very cute ... she is simply a gorgeous kitty. However, she can be a typically 2-faced critter !! I think all you cat lovers know exactly what I mean !! One minute smoochy, enjoying endless cuddles ... next minute, attack !!! I guess it's her way of telling me she's had enough (I could think of less painful methods !!). We don't know where she was, or what she did for the first 8 months of her life, before the shelter found her, but she was a very frightened kitty when we brought her home. Over the year she's been living with us, she is becoming more and more comfortable in her surroundings, and loves us to pieces (as we do her). However, she is still very nervous around other people, and in particular, other cats. There is a cat over the road who constantly stalks her, and picks on her ... but that is a whole other story (which I have already told in an earlier post, anyway!!)

Anyway, we got Bambi after being cat-less for just under a year. Prior to that time, we had a beautiful, big tabby boy, Ratbag (by name and nature !!). He was an amazing cat, the biggest sookie-la-la I have ever met, an endless face-smoocher (which I must admit, I really miss, as Bambi doesn't do this!), and a totally butch boy. He got himself into so many fights, I spent a fortune over the years on vet bills, to fix endless abcesses !! He was such a character, and I loved him so very much. We lost him at 16 years old, when he developed lymphatic cancer. Fortunately, it was very quick, he didn't suffer much (although being so quick, we weren't anywhere near prepared for it). Waiting with him in the vet surgery, as he went to sleep for the very last time, was the hardest thing I have ever done. However, I couldn't leave him on his own at that moment ... he was my baby. (Sorry, I am getting quite teary as I write this.) To this day, I still miss him dearly, and could quite easily sit and cry over losing him. We have the best memories, though. And he will always be with me, in my heart.

So, there is my first Cats On Tuesday post. I hope to share many more stories with you over the coming Tuesdays. If you are interested in joining, feel free .... I hope my Mr Linky thingy below is working ... I've never done one of these before. Please leave me a comment to let me know you have joined !!

Thanks, and take care,



Gattina said...

I purr like an electric saw ! You wrote such a nice post and your Bambi is a beautiful cat ! These tabbies sometimes look as if they had used eyeliner ! My Pookie too sometimes gets fat up with petting, but she purrs then and bites gentle in my hand, not more but then she runs away. Arthur too he then hisses ! The other once just say nothing and walk away.
I also have a very sad souvenir from last year, but I am not able yet to write about it. It takes time to get over the grieve and that you can write about it without tears !
I like this way to talk once a week about our cats (not because the idea came from me) but then you know much more about each others cats otherwise they get lost in other subjects.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing your cats to us. Bambi is gorgeous and Ratbag looks like he was a handsome cat. I know how hard it is to lose a cat - my Whiskers had to be put down in September at the age of 19, due to kidney failure. But he lived a good, long life.

Bambi is a lucky cat to have been adopted by you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Our cat was also scared when we brought her back from the cat/dog home, but now she's a bit of a monster in terms of facing off all other cats. She's even had her tail bitten off as she tried it with a fox.... (learnt her lesson I hope!)

I'm glad Bambi is so happy now, and am sorry that you lost Ratbag.

Meow said...

Gattina ... cats are funny, aren't they. A true cat lover, which I certainly am, will love their cat no matter what ... don't you think ?!? They become such a huge part of the family, one it is hard to do without. Thank you for introducing me to Cats On Tuesday ... what a wonderful idea.

Caylynn ... I'm sorry you lost your Whiskers so recently. What a good long life, though ... 19. Gosh, you were very lucky to have had him for such a very long time. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Topchamp ... it's funny how they adapt to their new surroundings so quickly. Your cat sounds like she had a lucky escape from that fox ... goodness, losing a tail !! It's also a pleasure to meet you.

Take care, friends ... Meow

Debbie said...

As I have mentioned before I love your Bambi. the shots you have shared in the past are just wonderful. And I so understand about Ratbag. My Sheba was like that and at 12 years letting her go (cancer also) was like giving up a child!

Wonderful story and I look forward as always to more from you Miss Meow! Have a great day!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful cat and a wonderful story.

Jodi said...

Your kitty looks alot like mine! Sorry to hear of the loss of your other one! We had to put down out other two kitties, due to illnesses as well. I miss them!

Have a great Tuesday!

Connie and Rob said...

I too visited gattina but I can't play along because I don't have a cat...love them though. So I thought I would come over and read your post. A tear jerker for your first one. Always so hard to lose a pet but you have a dolly now.

Take care,

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Alex, the cat who owns me, has become a real pain in my ass since it has gotten cold here and he doesn’t spend as much time outside playing. Of course, he has returned to cuddling with me each night, which is nice.

Meow said...

Debbie ... thank you. Cats are such wonderful critters, and make amazing photo subjects ... I must get out my camera and take more !!

Dawn ... thank you. I probably made the second half of the story too sad ... Oh well, that's how I feel (and felt).

Jodi ... thank you. I visited yours, too.

Connie ... thank you. You could always dress up one of your puppies as a kitty and pretend !!! Hugs.

Nick ... there is nothing (well, almost !!) nicer than snuggling with a kitty at night.

take care, Meow

PEA said...

Loved reading this post, Meow...I haven't had a cat in 30 years but I always had one while growing up. The one I remember the most and that we had the longest was a grey long haired Tom that I named Snugglepuss...he had the bad habit of sleeping on car engines and a few times got hurt badly when the person would start their car, unaware a cat was on their engine!! He was so affectionate though and would let me do whatever I wanted with him, even dress him up! lol Loved your memories, thanks for sharing!! xox

Jenn said...

Both your kitties are so beautiful.

Meow said...

Pea ... thank you. Snugglepuss sounded like a rascally cat ... but a lovely one, too. Cats are just gorgeous.

Jenn ... thank you.

Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

ahhh! Bambi sounds just like my Eddie, loveable and affectionate until he deems you unworthy of his presence.....then snap!
Bambi is gorgeous! One day I'll have to get some pictures of my furr-babies on my blog. We have Eddie, a ginger tabby and Jake a light ginger/cream Norwegian Forrest tabby.

Meow said...

IG Girl ... thank you, Bambi IS gorgeous. Your two sound beautiful, too. I'd love to see their pics. Must be something about cats, the two-faced-ness !!

Take care, Meow