Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday, Friday ... Where'd It Go !?!?!

Hello again, fellow bloggers !!

Another week has passed us by ... it is Friday evening here in the Land Of Oz, and our weekend is upon us ... can't complain about that now, can we !?!?!

I am quite disgusted with myself, as I have barely looked at any of your blogs this past few days, all I have done is reply to comments to mine. Please forgive me, it is a temporarily lapse from blogging ... I am iPodding !!!!

I am probably 2/3 of the way through my CD collection ... I figure another couple of days and I'll be done. Goodness, I had no idea it would take this long. Anyway, once it's done, it's done !! I am really enjoying the iPod, I also bought an iTrip, so I can play it in the car through my car stereo, and through the home stereo, too. It's amazing that all those CDs can fit onto one little thing ... technology, who can figure !!!

I must say thank you to 2 blog-friends ... FTS and Tonia ... whose postcards I received this week. I haven't scanned them into the computer yet, so they are not up on my Postcard Exchange yet ... soon, I promise. I visited FTS blog earlier today, and he has put together a groovy crossword, where the clues are all related to fellow bloggers on his blog-roll. Have a look, see if you're on there ... I am proud to say that I am !!!

The weather here in Melbourne has been lovely these past few days ... blue sky and sunshine, mild temperatures, Perfect Spring weather ... hang on, it's Winter ... anyway, it's wonderful weather. I think it will turn over the weekend, though ... typical !

Anyway, I had better go. As well as wanting to finish my iPod stuff, I also have a wad of typing to do, again. Chicky is going to a birthday party tomorrow, on the other side of town, so I will be hanging around there, as if I were to go home, I would have to turn around and go right back again. With that, and her netball ... there goes half of my day. Never mind, I'll sort it out !!

So, to all of you, my wonderful blog-friends, I hope you have an amazing weekend. May the happiness fairy sprinkle happiness dust all over you all !!

Take care and keep smiling,



Peter said...

Hi Meow, the weeks just fly by don't they? we have been getting a bit of your weather this week, not freezing but colder than normal for Queensland, got some good rain too I'm not sure how wide spread bu it was good here.

Alice said...

I hope your weekend is as lovely as I intend mine to be.

Dog walking, lunch out with Mike (his treat to "thank me for being me". God, I love that man...), drinks later with my grandfather, an evening watching Good Life episodes with Mike, Mum & a bottle of Port, a Sunday lie in, more dog walking, a visit to my finally-feeling-better-after-contracting-a stomach-infection grandmother, a lazy afternoon reading...

Yup. Should be good.

Time DOES shoot past. The past few weeks have flown past so fast they've nearly knocked me flat. And they didn't even apologise!

Talk to you soon, Meow.

Ooh, by the way: if you fancy finding out some funny, weird and probably not true facts, pop over to ONe Girl & Her Cats and have a look.



Tink said...

Dearest meow, looking at other people's blogs should be fun and certainly not an obligation. No need for apologizes, forgive yourself and don't feel guilty. We all have a life beside blogging (thank Goddess!).
Have a wonderful weekend!

Merle said...

Hello Meow ~~ Glad you are getting some nice weather. You sent the darn fog up to Shepp didn't you? It was very foggy Thursday - could hardly see the ends of my street and Friday had more, but not as thick. At least the
wattle trees are starting to bloom.
Have a great weekend, Take care, Merle.

Dick said...

What file format are you using for your music files on your ipod? Be sure to let us know how many songs you get on the device & how mang Gb of storage are left. I'll bet you have a lot of space left.

dragonflyfilly said...

hi meow i am well enough, finally today, some respite, from the hot hot weather, and also from my busy busy past three weeks!!!!

do not be disgusted with yourself...that is not a nice thing to do...have fun at the kid's lots of cake!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

man, its taking you forver to get your ipod filled..course after 2 or 3 days i got bored doing it and stopped...i only have about 800 songs on it and the dang thing holds bewtten 7,000 and 15,000...i dont know that many songs;)

i take that back, i dont LIKE that many songs;)

Raggedy said...

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) huge huggles
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

3catsmeow4me said...

Hi Meow, glad your having nice weather there. It was so hot here today I almost melted!

BarBarA said...

I agree with Tink, don't feel bad for not looking at blogs because you are the best commenter I know! You are always so sweet and I love it when you leave one, but no one can keep up with all the blogs you have on your list!!!

Glad you got the iTrip! I listen to mine in the car too, its great!

let me know when your ready for some tunes :)

Diane said...

Hi, Meow, I've been really busy, too, so I haven't been visiting my friends as often as usual. Hope all is well with you and congrats on the iPod. I think I would like one, but I haven't investigated them. Too many other more pressing needs at the present time. :-)

How is your kitty's abcess? Better, I hope.

Take care, Meow, and have a great weekend, my friend. :-)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's Mondays that seem to come round a lot faster than Fridays.

Heidi said...

I was going through the same blog issues as you..Don't stress over it like i

Have a great weekend ~

Badoozie said...

well, i for one am happy for you that you are enjoying that ipod, but come back soon!

Granny said...

You mean you have a life outside of blogging?

Have a wonderful weekend (what's left of it for you).

See you soon.

kimananda said...

Have a great weekend (or it should be week by this point, as it's so close to being gone).

PEA said...

Glad to hear the iPod downloading is going going well...or is that uploading? Pffttttt you know what I mean! lol Don't worry about not being able to visit many blogs lately...we know where to find you:-) Hope you're having a good weekend...I was gone shopping and out for lunch with my mom today..nice to have a girls only day:-)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hello Meow
As long as you are enjoying what your doing that is important and as long as you get to MY blog hahahahahahahahahahahah get it folks I AM KIDDING:} hope your having loads of fun with your new toy /s is it easy to use?? and I loved the little comment about the sprinkling fairy with happy dust , sweet! hope she gets you from head to toe :} take care friend
Hugs (((((((((((**))))))))))

Meow said...

Peter ... They sure do. Hope it gets warmer out your way again soon. Spring is on it's way !!

Alice ... goodness, you weekend sounds wonderful, hope you enjoy it.

Tink ... thank you.

Merle ... nooooo, I didn't send the fog to Shep ... must have snuck off from here !! I do so love the wattle trees when they bloom ... soooo beautiful. There aren't too many around here, due to allergies and stuff ... shame !!

Dick ... I am only using MP3 format, as the quality appears better than another more compressed format the iTunes offers. I don't want inferior quality, and the MP3 format allows me to share my music more easily. I can copy my playlists and stuff to CD for storage and it can be played by any machine. So far I have just over 3000 songs, and just over 15 gig used up. Not bad, not too much to do, then I will put some photos and other stuff on, also !!

PJ ... thank you. Hope the mega-heat stays away, and you can enjoy some comfortable temps.

Bossy ... I know what you mean, it is soooo boring uploading CD's. I'm close to done, though, so it won't be too much longer. I have a huge CD collection, and love a great variety of music, so I have heaps to put on !!

Raggedy ... thank you, to you too.

3catsmeow4me ... thank you. Hope the weather has cooled a bit.

Barbara ... thank you so much. I feel that if I'm going to leave a comment, it might as well be something worthwhile !! The iTrip is great ... love it all !! Will be in touch re some tunes, thanks.

Diane ... thank you. Kitty is 100% better, up and at 'em again !!

Jean-luc ... you could be right there !!

Heidi ... thank you, I'll try not to !!

Susie ... thank you, and I will be back shortly !!

Granny ... thanks, *giggle* ... it's amazing, but yes I do have a life otuside blogging (sometimes i wonder, though !!).

Kimananda ... thank you.

Pea ... thank you. An all girls shopping day sounds wonderful, hope it was a great one.

Greeneyes ... thank you, and yes it is heaps of fun, I love having all my music in one place, without having to lug a big folder of CDs around with me !! I will be over to visit shortly. Hugs xx

Thank you everyone, and I hope your weekend's are going magically.

Take care, be back soon, Meow xx

Jenn said...

I still need to buy my own ipod.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

hummm... I thought I posted here. Lately I don't know if I'm coming or going!

Hafiz said...

what an interesting blog u have got addicted on reading it..:P..leave ur comment at my blog..wanna hear ur words..:P..take care..

Reverberate58 said...

Hi Meow! I am home from my vacations and just going down my list saying hi to my blogging buddies. I have a new postcard for you I will mail out this week. I am sure you will like it!

Sounds like you are enjoying your IPOD. What I like is that once you have set up your library it is so easy to add more and change you set up on the ipod. And I also have the player so I can use it in my truck! They are great to have when you travel and hate static on the radio!

Hope you had a great weekend and are having a fabulous Monday!

momyblogR said...

Please, I never know where it goes. LOL!!

No_Newz said...

Busy here too. Sorry I haven't been by much. I'm kinda like you, hit the commentors first if there's time. Today, there's time yay! :D
Lois Lane

oopseedaisee said...

Hi Meow,
I came here via FTS. I have seen your comments in other blogs many times. Just thought I would say howdy. I went to your favorite photos site. Lovely photos, you live in a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing them.
Have a great week.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I find it hard sometimes to visit everyone too. But I make it a point to get there eventually.

Tigersan said...


It sounds like you are very busy ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

here kitty kitty...come here girl..

u have played with your IPOD long enough, come join the rest of us now:)

Meow said...

Jenn ... yep, everyone should have one !!

DaybyDay ... you're confused !! I've been just sitting ... soon I'll be visiting again.

Hafiz ... thank you, I will drop by yours shortly.

Reverberate ... welcome back from your holidays ... it is a kind of bummer when you get home, though, as it is sometimes hard to shake off that holiday feeling !! Thanks for thinking of me on your break ... I love postcards !!

Momyblogr ... how are you ??

Lois ... I'm still trying to get around to everyone ... this week, hopefully !!

Ooopsiedaysie ... thanks for visiting, I'll drop by yours shortly.

Dr Deb ... thank, it is hard sometimes, but I will get there shortly !!

Tigersan ... how are you ??

Bossy ... I'm here, I'm coming ... soon !!

Thanks friends for your patience, I'll be back shortly.
Take care, Meow xx