Monday, July 10, 2006

Looking Out My Front Door ...

This is what greeted me when I went outside this morning, around 8am, to fetch my newspaper. The sky was eerily dark (the photo doesn't do it justice, unfortunately), and the air felt odd. I had to run back inside and get my camera so I could show you !! I was looking, sort of, in a south westerly direction.

When I turned around more southerly, I could see the edge of this cloud mass ... was it a "front" ? I don't really know. To the left was blue sky and some fluffy type clouds, to the right was this evil big black mass ... yuck !!

I went back inside, had breakfast, got ready and when Chicky and I went outside again so I could take her to school, it was all gone. Go figure !!! Melbourne weather, 4 seasons in one day !! It is windy, and quite cool, with heaps of clouds ... but the big black yucky one has just disappeared !!!

Thought you might like to see a picture of the front yard and front of my house (not sure if I've posted one before). The building on the right of the picture is our garage, and the house is the one set back further !! It is only a small house, but big enough for the 3 of us and the cat. Oh yeah, that's the letter-box at the front ... I was standing on the footpath to take this photo.

It's a shame the weekend is over, but life goes on, doesn't it. My weekend was very quiet. Chicky played netball on Saturday morning ... they drew 12 all. Better than a loss, I say !! I read a bit, did some washing, and did the typing I had to do ... this didn't take too long, fortunately !! We made a couple of yummy home-made pizzas for dinner last night ... Chicky made one, I made the other. One was a ham, salami and pineapple one, the other was ham, salami, bacon, red capsicum and mushroom. Of course, both of them had sauce on the base, and were covered with mozzerella cheese. They were soooooo yummy !! We have enough remaining to have the rest for dinner tonight ... yay, I don't have to cook !!

Poor Bambi kitty got into a massive fight Sunday morning. I had just let her out (she stays indoors all night, and I only let her out after 6am, when it is starting to get light). Next thing, I hear the yowling and screaming of a cat-fight. Out I run, in my jammies, barefoot (the ground was wet, it had been raining, I didn't care !!), yelling out to Bambi. Max (the big white fluffy cat from over the road ... a non-desexed male) went running (Oooh, I'd love to get my boot into him !!), Bambi bolted to the front door, and krept inside. Poor kitty, she was saturated, and shaking ... terrified. Generally, she is a scaredy cat, preferring to run away, than to fight. Unfortunately, she was cornered, so what else could she do ... she's a cat, and unfortunately, that's what they do instinctively. I think she gave as good as she got. But, for the first time, the poor baby was injured. She has some wicked gashes on her front left leg (which I will keep an eye on, in case of infection / abcesses), and there was heaps of fur on the path where they fought ... more white fur (Max's) than tabby fur (Bambi's) ... but Max got in a couple of lucky punches, I guess. I can't find any other injuries on her, fortunately, except perhaps her pride. I hope she gave Max what-for, though. The rotten cat stalks her (I had blogged about this awhile ago, but it seemed to have stopped ... ummm, nope !!). Hopefully, it will be awhile before he comes back on this property. Anyway, Hubby has now cut through a small opening at the bottom of the gate, in the area where she was cornered, so she has an escape route if it happens again. Hope it works in her favour !! She spent most of yesterday licking herself, feeling sorry for herself, and limping around. She's not really limping this morning, though, so hopefully she'll be OK. I'm off to the vet at the first sign of an abcess, though ... eeeewww.

I hope you all had a great weekend. For all my non-Aussie friends, I hope the Summer is being good to you ... send heat, please send heat, I need heat !!! For all my Aussie friends, I hope the cold weather isn't getting you down ... only a month and a half until Spring !!!

Anyway, have a wonderful week.

Take care,



Granny said...

Sending heat; please send cold. We'll meet midway.

Poor kitty.

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Meow
Poor kitty what a nasty cat , we thought you were clear of him , too bad , how is your kitty now?abcess can be awful ,hope she is purrrrfect in no time :}let us know , OK?

Love the new pics, your house is really great ,beautiful and it doesnt look really small, and all your trees and garden , you must love it , it is so pretty.Thanks for sharing :} The weather was weird in those pics , strange , hope you dont get a storm ! and save me a piece of that pizza haha, I can almost smell it .YUM
sounds like you had fun , nice .
sending a blast of heat cause we are having a heat wave or at least for us we are ,,,but at least I dont have to shovel it hahaha.
Take care friend ((((HUGS)))

Raggedy said...

I am sending you the 10 degrees we don't need. It is way too hot here. I hope kitty is okay. That is awful, what a bully that other cat is. Your house looks beautiful.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

love your pics...your house is so cute.

summer is nice and toasty here..come on by for a BBQ..ok..i will share the heat with you.

Meow said...

Granny ... thank you. I can happily send cold ... midway is good.

Greeneyes ... thank you. Kitty seems ok at the moment ... no abcess yet. I'm looking forward to the heat ... don't send too much though, you might need it !! Hugs to you, too.

Raggedy ... thank you. What with all the heat you guys are sending me, we'll be in for a heatwave too, soon !!

Bossy Britches ... thank you, I'll start swimming, should be there sooner or later. Save a steak and sausage for me, please !!!

Take care, friends ... Meow

Peter said...

The black mass sounded a bit off Meow, if it was in north Queensland they would have been sounding the cyclone warnings.

Meow said...

Peter ... it really seemed a bit off, it worried me a little. But then it just disappeared !!! Who can figure !!

Hope your day is going well.
Take care, Meow

Nicole said...

Oh Connie, your house is beautiful. Is Bambi okay now? Imagine letting a desexed male roam the neighbourhood.... the owners should be shot for that! Did you end up getting some bad weather? Have a lovely week sweetpea. xox Nicole.

Connie and Rob said...

Dear Connie,
Your house is just lovely. I love the landscaping too!

I sure hope Bambi starts feeling better. Max's owners should be turned in to the authorties. Do you have someone you can call? I am sure he is probably fighting with other innocent cats. That is just not right...


Alice said...

Poor Bambi Kitty!


Simba got into a huge fight once and had a horrible gash on his head. I cleaned it out as best I could and then again when the scab got knocked off (he did NOT appreciate it either time, but it was gushing puss - eww - and would've become infected, so...) and it took WEEKS to fully heal.

He's fine now though. Usually the most he gets is cuts on his ears.

God, pets can really put you through the ringer, can't they?


Adored the photos. Lucky you. Look out of my window, and what do you get? Town.

Looks ace at night though, with all the streetlamps etc.



Jean-Luc Picard said...

Wow! What a lovely view!

No_Newz said...

I hope kitty s on the mend soon. Poor baby.
Lois Lane

Heidi said...

I'm glad kitty is fine :)..Thanx for sharing your "home" ..lovely indeed~

Meow said...

Nicole ... thank you. Bambi is ok, up to mischief again today, like nothing happened. I will still keep an eye on her wound, though ... abcesses spring up out of nowhere. And no, we didn't end up with any bad weather.

Connie ... thank you. I agree, Bambi's owners should be reported to the council, but I'm hesitant, as our previous cat was a wanderer, and a bully, too ... although desexed (who always fought with Max, as well), so it would by kind of hypocritical to dob in a neighbour for something my previous cat did, too (although he was not an evil cat, like Max, and he spend most of the night indoors ... whereas Max is never allowed in). I feel sorry for Max, but even sorrier for Bambi, who has to put up with his stalking.

Alice ... thank you. It is a lovely neighbourhood, with lots of greenery. It is really quite pretty.

Jean-luc ... thank you.

Lois ... thank you, she's doing much better.

Heidi ... thank you.

Take care, friends, and have a lovely week.


Clare said...

Awww poor Bambi I hope she is okay. Our old kitty used to get beat up by a mean cat too and it cost a fortune in vets bills. Let us know how she is.

Meow said...

Clare ... thank you, Bambi is doing fine, now, was running around like a maniac again this morning, no limp in sight. Cats sure are tough little buggers !!
Take care, Meow

Jenn said...

I need a mailbox like that... there are a lot of kids around here that can find nothing more fun than smashing everyone's mailbox with a baseball bat.

Sorry about your kitty! I don't understand what cats fight about! I thought a male would want to fight another male, not a little girl!

Meow said...

Jenn ... thank you. My dad is a bricklayer, so that letterbox is not going to move !! He also built our house. I agree with you about the cats ... I never expected a male cat to pick a fight with a young female ... that's why we got a female this time. Poor Bambi is scared to be outside again, now. She's OK, though, thank goodness.
Take care, Meow

momyblogR said...

LOVE the first picture!

Meow said...

Momyblogr ... thank you. Hope your day is going well. Take care, Meow

Michelle said...

Wow, that front shot of your house/garden is lovely and green, very pretty :o)

Badoozie said...

i've seen your house before, it is very well kempt

Meow said...

Michelle ... thank you. It's amazing how something can look half-way decent when it is totally neglected !!! Yep, we hate gardening !!!

Susie ... thank you.

Take care, friends ... Meow

Val said...

Those photos DID do the skyscape justice, I love the orangy glow trees get when the light's just right. Lovely front garden!

Jon Cox said...

O WOW!!!! Beautiful photos & surroundings! :o)

Meow said...

Val ... thank you so much.

Jon ... thank you, too.

Take care, Meow

Sonia said...

What a beautiful house, Connie!
Love the big trees, they are gorgeous. All those photos are beautiful, too.

Poor little kitty. I hope he feeling better soon!

Meow said...

Sonia ... thank you so much. It is a beautiful neighbourhood to live in, lovely and green. Hope you are well. Take care, Meow