Monday, July 03, 2006

Where'd The Weekend Go ?!?!?

Hello Fellow Bloggers !!

Another weekend has passed us by ... it's Monday again.

Sadly, it is also back to school for Victorian school children, after 2 weeks holiday. Shame !! I was really enjoying the sleep ins and the lack of routine. It was a wonderfully relaxing break, we didn't do much, and were able to sleep in lots !!! I imagine there are lots of parents out there who are glad the break is over, and they can "get rid of" their kids again. I don't feel that way at all ... I really enjoyed my time with Chicky (That's when she was home, that is !!! This child has the busiest social life !!).

The weekend just gone was a quiet one. I don't recall doing much at all, not even any obvious housework (other than the usual day to day tidying up, and washing !!). I read a little, watched a bit of TV, played a bit on the computer. Not much else really. The weather yesterday was pretty yuck ... cold and drizzly ... a good day to stay home with the heating on !!

I finished a book the other day. It's called Shiver, and is by an Australian Author called Nikki Gemmel. It was a great story about a female journalist travelling to Antarctica. Here's what the blurb on the back of the book says .... "A young woman gets the chance of a lifetime. To go to 'the land of mythical tragedies, the place of ships' hulls being crushed by ice, of long journeys into darkness and death, of soles falling from feet and being strapped back on, of teeth freezing and splitting, fingers dying, toenails coming away, mates disappearing through holes in the ice, mates walking away into blizzards, saying I'm just going outside and may be some time, and never coming back ...' Surrounded by the cruel beauty of the last great wilderness on earth, she finds herself transfixed by the power of the land. Travelling and living with a close-knit and idiosyncratic team, Fin learns the rules and taboos of community life in Antarctica, and then promptly breaks the strictest taboo of all - she falls in love. The consequences are shattering. Lyrical, haunting and sometimes painfully moving, Shiver is a first novel of great power and beauty." It wasn't a hugely long novel ... only 273 pages. I really enjoyed the book, it was written in the first person ... Fin is telling the story. It is very descriptive, and very well written, I thought. If you can get your hand on it, and if you like stories like this, you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Is anyone else still having problems uploading photos with Blogger Dashboard Posting ??? I have discovered the only way it will let me is this way .... I write my post, Save As Draft, open it up again for editing, Save as Draft again, open it up again for editing, THEN upload my photos (either from My Pictures or from Photobucket) !!! It won't let me after the first re-opening for editing, only the second ... how strange is that !!! It works for me this way everytime, without fail. But it is kinda frustrating ... the darn thing should work first go, not third go ... what's with Blogger ?!?!?! It works first go with I use Hello / Picasa, but I don't always want to use the format this allows me to use. Oh well, these things are sent to try us !!

I found another lovely quote to share with you ...

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
--Anais Nin--

Isn't that a beautiful quote ???

Today started out cold and drizzly, although the sun has just showed itself !! I really wish it would rain (although it is really miserable outside when it does !). We have had little or no rain so far this Winter, and it is becoming quite worrisome. Our water catchments are once again under 50% ... if we don't get some useful rain soon, things will be looking pretty grim for Summer. We are already on permanent water restrictions, and I imagine we are not too far away from them becoming stricter.

Anyway, enough blabber from me. I hope you all have a wonderful week. For those of you in the USA, have a wonderful 4th of July. For those of you in Canada, I hope you had a brilliant Canada Day. For those of you anywhere else, that may be having some sort of celebration ... enjoy.

Take care, friends ...



Kali said...

Happy Monday to you dear Meow!
Thanks for your lovely comment over at my blog..I appreciate the time those stop to comment take :)
I am like you when it comes to school holidays, I actually prefer my boy at's easier and I enjoy his company a lot. Don't like having to be so regimented and organised all the time as when he is at school...oh well, it's not going to last forever eh?
I hope you guys get some rain up there soon...we had a beautiful sunny day yesterday, but Friday and today it's been wet...can't complain as the garden is loving it.
Thanks for the recommendation on the book, It's always good to get.
Only thing is that I have a pile of books I want to read, but haven't been able to actually sit down long enough, switch off and read...It's annoying me no end.
Well...there I go again...waffling too much.
Ta ta for now...Kali :)

Michelle said...

You had me won over with the book until you mentioned the "she falls in love"!!
Not a fan of love stories or romance novels, the rest of the book sounded quite good. Is it descriptive re the antarctic, the ventures etc? Or is it really a love story?

Kyahgirl said...

Hi Meow! Thanks for the Canada day wishes. It was lovely.

I think that quote is awesome, so glad you put it there!

take care,

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok I have a question, does chicky get summer vaction off?...when its your summer of course..Or are we Amreicans the only ones who pracitce that barbaric act?

sounds like a peacful weekend though..


Yes that quote is very beautiful. Classes here start June.
Have a nice week ahead of you to.
Thanks for visiting.

Granny said...

I haven't tried to post any pics since late Thursday (here)but I'll try to check.

We still have all of July and two weeks in August before the girls go back to school. Yikes!!

LoraLoo said...

Happy Monday! Although by now it might be Tuesday? It's still Sunday night here in Las Vegas...

Sounds like you had a nice school break with Chicky. Isn't it nice to have a break from routine?

I know what you mean about permanent drought restrictions - we here in the desert Southwestern states we are under serious drought conditions as well.

Meow said...

Kali ... thank you, and you are welcome. Please send some of the rain North for us ... we need it !!

Michelle ... it's not really a love story ... perhaps more a lust story !! It is a very descriptive book, though ... really good.

Kyahgirl ... thanks. Glad you like the quote.

Bossy Britches ... Aussie kids have a fairly long break over December / January ... usually from around the 20th December, right through to the end of January (here in Victoria ... longer in other states, I think).

Fridays Child ... thank you.

Granny ... your kids get a huuuuge break. Enjoy !!

Loraloo ... thank you. It is still Monday ... 2.30ish in the afternoon.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Take care, Meow

Pennys from Heaven said...

Its not Monday here still enjoying Sunday !! (LOL)

The weather is beautiful in Iowa right now...sunny, I biked...a good 25 Miles!! I was happy with that. We have Tomorrow (Monday) and Tues off from work, so I plan on getting another nice bike ride in.

The humidity got high enough that Bun-Bun (my adorable pet bunny) seemed to not be liking the I turned the air on for her....although I am liking it a little also LOL.

Take care

Dick said...

My photos are hosted on flickr so all I post into Blogger is the link. Of course I have to remember to leave them alone on flickr or they won't download to my blog! It is an extra step to go through but so far it has worked well.

Meow said...

Peg ... how I envy you the warmth at the moment. Hope Bun-bun gets through it OK. Where I used to work, when it was really hot, we put frozen water bottles into the cages for the bunnies to lay on or lick, or whatever. Enjoy your long weekend.

Dick ... I might have to give Flickr a try ... never really looked into it before !! Thanks.

Take care, all ... Meow

Merle said...

Hi Meow ~~The weeks sure do fly by us
whether or not we are having fun!!!
Glad you enjoy a smile at my post, and
for your concern from Kathy/ She will be fine in a few days.
Take care, Merle.

Meow said...

Merle ... thank you. I'm glad Kathy is doing fine. Take care, and have a great week ... Meow

Cathy said...

I will see if that book can be found here; it sounds intresting.

Sorry to hear that you are having blogger troubles. I couldn't upload photos last week, but have had no trouble this weekend...

Viamarie said...

Thanks for visiting me today. I learned something new in blogging again.

I'll check our bookstore this weekend for this book. Looks very interesting.

Happy Monday!

Pennys from Heaven said...

It's finally Monday here!!

I do have another new IOWA post card I will be popping in the mail this week to send your way. (this one will be from Bun-Bun LOL) She gets to blog once in awhile. When she is good!! LOL

Take care

Bun-Bun said...

Well, I guess I am being good today!! (always am...) I am feeling tons better thanks....I love the frozen bottled water idea...great way to cool down...thanks!!

W=Bunny Smile

Have a "Hoppy Day"
Bun-Bun (aka Pennys)

momyblogR said...

I never know where the weekends go, lol. Hm I may just have to pick that book up when I'm done with the one I'm in. Thanks.

Raggedy said...

I am glad you enjoyed your two weeks off. I love quiet weekends. Your weekend sounded very relaxing. I can’t believe you have the heat on. Our temperatures here are soaring. The book sounds interesting. I have the same picture problem. I create a new post with no words. I upload the pictures and save it as draft. I go to the post I am working on and copy the htlm from the saved post to the one I am working on. If I write anything then I can’t get pictures to load. I like the quote. Thank you for wishing us a happy 4th of July. We are picking up our fireworks today. Wooooohooo!
Have a wonderful day!

(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (") Š from ad Raggedy one

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That looks a great book; thanks for the postcard; it's super!!

dragonflyfilly said...

hi there meow; yes, i am quite happy here - it is quite busy and large but i enjoy the anonimity...

SHIVER sounds like an interesting and compelling read, i shall keep my eye out for a cheap copy, (as i am always loathe to pay full price for books)...

thanks for the Anais Nin quote...i have two of her books packed away somewhere in a them a long long time ago...very melancholie at times, don't you think?


happy days...

Chloe said...

this book should be made into a movie. May i suggest Nicole Kidman? (she's my favourite)

Reverberate58 said...

Hi Meow. I am going to the library for books to take on vacation. Sounds like a good one to check out!

Back to school already seems like she just got out! Hope in all her social time that she really did enjoy her time down!

I had a really nice weekend with hubby's sister and her 2 kids here. We enjoyed the banter, playing ping-pong, drinking beer & wine, and just chilling out! They were very content to just hang here at the house. I did get another quilt top done and I am busy on yet another one. I have decided they are to be my Christmas gifts for the kids so I need to have 6 done by December. Plus I am just so enjoyihg making them. I of course cheat a bit and do all of it on a sewing machine. They piece together so fast I am done in no time at all. Maybe I should do a quilt tutorial. A quilt a week!!!

Well off to play more. Have a lovely day!

Meow said...

Cathy ... it is an interesting book. Hey, maybe I should try uploading the photos before writing ... maybe that'll work !!

Viamarie ... thank you ...we learn something new every day !!

Peg ... that would be lovely, thank you ... yours is on it's way, too.

Bun-bun ... hello, and glad you were allowed to blog !!! The frozen water bottle is wonderful, all the bunnies I've looked after love it !!

Momyblogr ... thanks, I'm sure you'll enjoy it !!

Raggedy ... Blogger's a booger !!! I hope you enjoy your fireworks ... be careful, and have fun !!

Jean-luc ... wow, that was quick, I only posted it Wednesday night !!

PJ ... glad you had a great Canada Day. Hope your week is going well.

Chloe ... hmmmm, maybe Nicole Kidman ... probably suit someone feisty with dark hair better, I think ... but Nicole is wonderful.

Reverberate ... sounds like a lovely playful weekend ... should be more of them, I think !! I have never quilted with the sewing machine, the only ones I've ever done are by hand (maybe that's why I never finish any !!!). Have a great time playing !!!

Have a wonderful week, friends, and take care, Meow

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Thank you!

Meow said...

Daybyday ... you're welcome !