Friday, July 21, 2006

Fiddlesticks .... Friday's Finished !!

Hello Friends !!

I've been a tad side-tracked these past few days, and haven't been around blogland very much. Apologies to those people who I have neglected ... I hope I haven't missed out anything I should have known about urgently. I'll try and get by all your blogs over the weekend.

"What has Meow been doing ?", you may ask. Well, I have been in front of the computer, but not blogging (obviously). I have been fiddling with my music, trying to sort stuff out, in preparation for getting my iPod next week. Yep, I am finally joining the real world, and getting an iPod. I cannot wait. Now, I need some advice. I am tossing up whether to get the 30 gig model or the 60 gig model. Obviously the 60 gig one will hold more songs, but does anyone actually fill up a 30 gig one ??? I have got over 300 cds and a stack of music on my PC. What should I get ???? Thanks ... eagerly awaiting your advice !!

We had a ripper of a frost this morning ... the heaviest one yet this winter. My whole car was covered, not just the roof, bonnet and boot ... even the side mirrors and windows, and doors !! It was amazing, and it was such a gorgeous morning ... blue sky and sunshine. It turned into a fabulous day, mild, sunny, gorgeous blue skies. And, did this little bunny take any photos to share with her friends here ??? Nope, not a one !! Don't know what came over me. Sorry !!

I saw an interesting idea on a blog the other day, which I thought I might try. (Thanks, Pea, hope you don't mind me borrowing your idea !!). Here goes ....

I would like to put together a list of all my blog friend's birthdays, so that I can wish you all a happy birthday on your special day. You don't have to tell me the year (unless you want to !), just the month and date. Please leave your info in the comments section, and I will note it down in my trusty notebook at home !! I would love for you all to do this, but don't feel like you have to, if you don't want to ... I'll understand. I'll start ... my birthday is November 17 1964 (yep, I'm turning 42 this year !!). Thanks, looking forward to all your birthdates !!!

Well, I think that's all for me ... it is 10.40pm, Friday night. I'm all tuckered out, and think I will go to bed.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

Take care,



megz_mum said...

Frost - woohoo! We are feeling the cold here in NQ, and we got down to 8c this week. Aren't we softies!! I am not sure how I would cope in a Melbourne winter, I would need a little heater attached to me! Have a great weekend.

Peter said...

Hi Meow, you probably have my birthday from my recent 70th, 28th May 1936.
I have a call in to Carol, (Caz) to see if she can throw any light on the audio mystery BTW.

Reverberate58 said...

At least you are cool! Here in GA we are frying in the heat!! I am heading out this evening for my next vacation! I will keep my open for a unique postcard to send you! I have an IPOD shuffle and it is a piece of cake to change your library! I only get about 8 hours of music but for me that is enough! Hubby has a bigger one and he loves it. Takes him forever to fill it up.

Heidi said...

Meow..Have a great weekend...I actually added my bday on peas blog as well. May 12 :)..Looking forward to Nov 17 so we can wish a happy bday~

Badoozie said...

i emailed you the "which ipod are you" page.
do you even know how much memory 30 or 60 gigs are? it is UNFATHONABLE.
those big ones are for people who want to store pics, movies, and watch movies and what not.

if all you want to do is download music, or copy your music from your cd's a 4gb holds 1000 songs. so don't spend more than you have to.

Dick said...

My birthday is 10 Sep and Huggy's is 1 May.

Enjoy your cool, beautiful weather. Spokane, WA is moving into a week of temps around 100F, about 20 degrees above normal. The news this morning said today in Death Valley, CA it will be 122F. Of course that would be in the shade. If you can find any shade there.

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Frost !!! share ????? haha we certainly live on different parts of the planet Meow ,it is really nice here today nice and warm with an slight ocean breeze , wish you could share it with me :}

Ipod , whats an iPod LMAO
I love them but know little about them but I thnk a few hours of music is good ,unless you get one that has seperate libraries so you can easily choose songs:}

And I should proabably send a card for your Birthday today if it has a chance to get there according to our snail mail :}
My date is JUNE 8th 19?? I like to keep them guessing haha
Hugs to you my friend , have a great weekend

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Meow, have a lovely weekend yourself!

Stinkypaw said...

Have a great one and my Bday is Nov. 24th, 66 - I'll be hitting the BIG 4 0 this year!

Meow said...

Megz Mum ... thank you. I don't know, 8C is still pretty cold. Melbourne winter is an acquired thing ... I have lived here all my life !!

Peter ... I thought of you when I was checking out Caz's blog ... her music is in the header, mine is in the sidebar ... why didn't it work as part of a post ???

Reverberate ... hope you have a wonderful holiday. Drive safely.

Heidi ... thanks ... birthday noted !!

Susie ... thanks, I emailed you back, too (twice, I think !!). I know the big ipod is a bit extravagent, but it's what Hubby wants to get me ... I'm not going to argue !!

Dick ... thanks, birthdays noted. Try and stay in the shade, Dick ... 100F is pretty hot !!

Greeneyes ... mmmmm you weather sounds superb. I think I'm going to start swimming ... watch out for me, I'll be the one scaring the sharks away !! Hugs to you.

Jean-luc ... thank you.

Stinkypaw ... oooh, 40 ... are you going to have a big party ??

Take care, friends ... keep those birthdays coming.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Send some of that ripper of a frost to me. I am tired of this heat wave!

Autumn said...

bithday is 10-10

Sounds like you have had a busy week. Try and stay warm. Sounds a big nippy there. We have had 99F here.

Jon Cox said...

I'd say 60, just in case u happen to fill up over 30. Great post! I hope u have a great weekend as well! :o)

Michelle said...

If i ever moved back to Melbourne my heating bill would be bigger than my mortgage! Have a super weekend!

Raggedy said...

frost? Wow!
we are in a heat wave, send some here...
November 18
Have a great weekend

Tab said...

It is so strange reading about YOUR frost and winter and I am sitting here sweating like a sweat hog in a heat't cha just love the internet and how you can connect to others anywhere in the world?
Have fun filling your ipod..
I am not that hip yet..hehehe.
Take care..keep warm?! lol
Come check out some pic's from my cabin trip when ya have a minute.
Thanks for sharing ~

LoraLoo said...

IPod advice: Get the 60GB. You'll be glad you did. I have 28GB in music, so I'm pleased I did invest in the 60GB.

I just might follow your birthday list idea - although I don't have anywhere near the number of readers you do...

Mine is 12/04/70

Tink said...

Sept. 8 (1968)
Have a great weekend!

Meow said...

Nick ... I'll send you some of mine if you send me some of yours !!

Autumn ... thanks. Pretty busy, bit cool, nice though !!

Jon ... thanks, I think I will go for the 60 gig one !

Michelle ... I know what you mean. I love my heater .. it's never off !!

Raggedy ... thanks ... oooh, your birthday is one day later than mine. Hello scorpio !!

Tab ... thanks, I will come on over and have a look. Maybe not today (visitors due shortly), but for sure tomorrow.

Loraloo ... another 60 ... yay. I liked the idea of being able to wish my blog friends happy birthday, it's fun.

Tink ... thank you.

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend.

Take care, Meow

DayByDay4-2Day said...

hope your weekend is going better!

Badoozie said...

good morning!!!

i nominated your blog over Here for the best of summer blogs in the kitty lovers category.

Meow said...

DaybyDay ... thank you, it is so far a wonderful weekend.

Susie ... that is sweet, thank you so much. I'll have to get on over there and have a look.

Take care, have a good one, Meow

Kylee said...

Can't help with the iPod...I have not thought about getting one. I will be curious to hear about yours though. Who knows maybe someday.

Keep is HOT here. I hope your weekend has been a good one!!

HeiressChild said...

hi meow,

haven't visited you in a bit, so thought i'd pop over and see what's new pussycat. well, your're asking for birthdays for blog friends. i celebrate my birthday the whole month of august, but august 24th is my actual birthday. i'll be 54 yrs old this year. my daughter started the tradition of whole month birthday celebrations when she was younger, and we both still do it. it's so much fun to celebrate 31 days. have a great weekend.

we're having heat & humidity waves here in maryland. i think it'll get hotter before the cool weather comes in.

my word is bxcrt. just a little game a few of us play with the word verification.


Connie and Rob said...

That is so sweet of you to want to put a birthday list together. My birthday is January 29, 19xx. I am holding at age 44. My brother and sisters are in

Take care,

Merle said...

Hi Connie ~~ Mine is 24th May 1934. I also like this idea and have a birthday book just for bloggers. Take care, Merle.

Meow said...

Kylee ... thank you. The weekend was great, hope yours was too.

Sylvia ... thank you. I like the idea of celebrating for a whole month !!

Connie ... thank you. I wouldn't have put at a day over 29.

Merle ... thank you.

Take care, Meow

PEA said...

Whew...I've been busy all morning catching up with my blogger friends' posts since I've been away! You guys are keeping me busy reading lots! lol Of course I don't mind you taking the birthday idea:-) I love being able to make a special post on someone's birthday to make them feel more special:-) I need to make my Niagara Falls post...might take me all afternoon! lol

PEA said...

Duh...forgot to put my birthday lol Mine is October 13th

Meow said...

Pea ... thank you so much, I didn't think you'd mind. Looking forward to your Niagara Falls post ... such a beautiful place. One day ..... *sigh*
Take care, Meow