Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just A Quickie !!!

Hello Friends,

Just a quick hello form me today, to let you know I am still alive !

I am busy playing with my music ... yep, I got my iPod yesterday ... yippee !!! I ended up getting the 60 gig Video model ... it is black, and beautiful !! So, for the next while (however long it takes), I will be sitting here, putting my CDs onto it.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I will be back before the week is out. I will try and drop by all your blogs over the next few days, whilst I am waiting for CDs to import into iTunes (this takes awhile !!). I think I dropped by most of you yesterday ... apologies for anyone I missed out.

Take care,



Sonia said...

Hi dear Meow, I am glad you got your iPod! Enjoy it!
Have a good week!

3catsmeow4me said...

Glad to hear that your having fun with your new ipod.

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hello Pussycat!
haha thought I'd give it a try haha
ok MEOW, hope you totally enjoy your new toy , I bet you mastered it within seconds LOL
funny I can picture you at the computer rip/burn/send/ whatever and bobbing and weaving to the music , and for some reason , ABBA 'the dancing queen" keeps popping in my brain LMAO go figure!
anyway friend I hope you have loads of fun enjoy , and dance girl dance , like no ones watchin , tis fun ! LOL

Kali said...

Hi Meow...I'm glad to hear you're having such fun with your new iPod...way to go & enjoy my dear.

Kali said...

Hi Meow...I'm glad to hear you're having such fun with your new iPod...way to go & enjoy my dear.

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

me again , must miss ya haha

I just wanted to let you know that I sent post cards today , now the race is on to see if they get there faster than the parcel, time will tell , and I sent some to Diane J the same time , hmmmmm wonder who will get there first LMAO

BarBarA said...

Yeah! glad you got your pod! I'm not sure what type of music you like but
I have a ton of classic rock so let me know if I can send you any iTunes files with songs you like.

Diane said...

Hi, Meow. I've been really busy, too. I'm making peach jam after I get finished visiting all my blogging friends, and I have a full day planned tomorrow.

And my birthday is October 23, 1963, so I'm not very much older than you and Green Eyes. :-)

I don't have an iPod, so I envy you! Enjoy your new gadget, Meow. :-)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ohh...sounds like you have an ipod like mine..i love her and he name is sheila..yes i named her.

she can hold about 7,000 songs and videos..i spent 3 damn weeks playing with mine, then hubby accientally delted it and i had to do it all over again..

have fun with your new toy;)


Lucky Girl!

Connie and Rob said...

Have lots of fun with your iPod. This is something I have yet to enter it's world. Maybe soon.

Take care,

Raggedy said...

Wooooooohooooooo on your ipod!
Have fun!
I am glad to know there are more songs for you than What's new pussycat..hahaha
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Ebun said...

Hi, God has to forgive me just this once if I'm jealous (of your ipod). Just kidding. Enjoy. I hope I get mine pretty soon.

Saur♥Kraut said...

I STILL have to figure out my iPod. I need an electronics whiz.

Heidi said...

I luv new toys! Enjoy :)

Meow said...

Sonia ... thank you, you too.

2catsmeow4me ... thank you.

Greeneyes ... thanks, the iPod is fun. Don't laugh, but the last CD I put on it last night, as I checked my emails (yours especially) was Abba *giggle* ... so I do have Dancing Queen !!

Kali ... thank you.

Greeneyes ... it will be interesting to see which arrives first ... I'm sure the package is still out there somewhere, maybe on a slow ship !!!

Barbara ... thank you, I may take you up on that. I love Classic Rock.

Diana ... thank you. I've never made jam ... is it hard ??? I bet yours is great. I've noted your b'day.

Bossy Britches ... I bet you and Sheila have fun ... I haven't named mine yet !!! So far I have put 1000 songs on it, heaps to go !!

Fridays Child ... thank you.

Connie ... thank you, it is so much fun.

Raggedy ... thanks ... but, I am putting 15,000 copies of What's New Pussycat on the ipod ... then I can listen to it all day, everyday (just kidding *giggle*). Time I changed the song on my blog, perhaps !?!?!?!

Ebun ... thank you. I'm sure He'll forgive you.

Saur ... you'll get there.

Heidi ... thank you.

Take care, friends ... Meow

PEA said...

Gosh, I'm running late visiting everyone's blogs today...since I came back from vacation, it's been hard trying to get back into my regular routine!! I don't have an iPod but my oldest son does and I remember how long it took him to put all his cds on it...he loves it and I've no doubt you will too:-) Take care!! xoxo

Tigersan said...

An iPod... how nice :)
Me wonder when the jPod will come out ;)

Have fun with those 60 gigs of music... how long would it take to listen to all that!!!


debs said...

Wow, you have a million blogs since i last popped by!! How do you keep up with them all?
I seem to go through phases. I have my computer phase where i seem to spend alot of time online and it almost starts to become your reality, and then i get so involved with all the things happening in my everyday life that the cyber world gets put aside and i lose track of everything i was involved in previously.
Music is such an important part of life, and an ipod is a great way to keep you in musical stock for a very long time! Im jealous!
luv debs

Alice said...

Love the pictures (as always), glad you received your new Ipod (which is? …No, seriously. What is it? Something to do with music, but, what? A new fangled sort of walkman?), lucky you to get such nice post cards and packages (*stamps foot* I WANT SOME!), never mind chickie (she'll thrash 'em next time), poor cat (hopefully there will be NO thrashing in this case in future), 13th October 1984 (yup. I'm 21. Most of the things on that list don't apply to me though. Especially not; "They don't know who Mork was or where he was from". I mean, NOOOO! How can it be so?? Mork & Mindy was one of my favourite TV shows ever when I was a kid...) and hi Meow; I'm back.


Miss me?


LoraLoo said...

Congrats on the new IPod. That import sure takes a long time, but you'll enjoy it so much!

Hope you're having a great week!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

That music stuff can take up valuable time.

angel, jr. said...

iPods are so much fun.

Chrixean said...

Hi Meow! Hope you have a great weekend ahead! I want an IPod too! Waaaa!!!!

Meow said...

Pea ... thank you, I do love it, and it is taking ages to put all my CDs on it, but oh well !!

Tigersan ... thank you. Don't know how long it would take to listen to 60 gig of music in one go ... perhaps a couple of weeks, I don't really know !!

Debs ... hi, long time no see. Hope you are well. Music sure is an important part of life, I hate not having access to music.

Alice ... nice to have you back, hope you are doing well. Thanks for reading through all the posts, and your comments. I'll be by soon.

Loraloo ... thanks, yep the import takes ages, but it's fun anyway. I'm enjoying listening to what I have already done ... I update it to the IPod each evening !!

Daybyday ... it sure can, I haven't had time to blog ... I'll be back !!

Angel ... they sure are !!

Chrixean ... thank you !!

Take care friends, Meow xx

sophie said...

You always have the best

Meow said...

Sophie ... thank you so much, and thanks for dropping by. I'll pop over for a visit soon.
Take care, Meow