Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Hello, dear friends,

Well ... I'm baaaack (sort of) !! I have just about sorted myself out, and will finally have some time tomorrow to come visiting all your blogs ... about time, too, I think. I haven't really been visiting for about a week, now, so I bet you have all been up to so much, it's gonna take me ages to read you all !! Please be patient with me, whilst I do the rounds. Thank you for persisting with me during this break in blogging ... you are all wonderful !!

It's been a busy week, and weekend. Not only have I been playing with my new iPod, but I have been doing all sorts of other stuff, keeping me away from the computer (and the blogging and finishing the iPod stuff !!). I almost feel like I have lost a part of me, by not doing my regular blogging routine ... kinda sad, really !!! (Yes, I do have a life, but I looooove my blogging !!).

Anyway, check out this postcard that my parents brought back with them from their recent trip to Hervey Bay in Queensland. It shows an area size comparison of Australia and Europe. Goodness, isn't Australia huge ??!!?? Last year, we drove all the way from Melbourne (at the bottom - southern end), all the way to the northern most tip of Queensland (the pointy bit !!). It was a very long way, and I guess this picture shows just HOW far it was !! I thought it was a fascinating postcard ... just had to share !!

We have finally had some of that well-needed rain ... not enough, mind you, but something is better than nothing. The ground is damp, so any further rain we get will be run-off, hopefully filling up those dwindling water catchments.

For those of you who have asked (and thank you for caring), Bambi (my kitty) is 100% recovered from her nasty war-wound. She is up and at 'em again (not that she really stopped), and back to being psycho-kitty !!.

We are planning a holiday in September, up to the Broken Hill area (western NSW), camping with some friends. There are some amazing things to see around there ... we were in Broken Hill about 15 years ago, but there were so many things we missed out on seeing. We intend taking a trip to Corner Country, which is where 3 states meet ... NSW, Queensland & South Australia. We are also going to spend some time in Lake Mungo National Park. Can't wait, the travel bug has been biting ... gotta scratch that itch !!

Anyway, I had better go and start dinner ... Hubby will be home in an hour and a half. I am making a yummy Risotto ... mmmmm !!

Take care, I will be visiting shortly !!



Alice said...

I have been thinking of the cat, glad to know she's better.

We all take breaks from Blogging once in a while. And I for one will gladly wait for you no matter how long it took you to come back, because the wait would be worth it.

The postcard looks great. I knew Australia was BIG, but I never realised till now just HOW BIG.

See you on One Girl & Her Cats soon, then.



Reverberate58 said...

Glad the kitty is better! Love the postcard! Sure make your part of the Earth look huge!! Your trip next month sounds like fun. Won't it be a bit cold for camping? Take care and see you soon!

Viamarie said...

Going on a trip is something to really look forward too especially if it is purely a vacation trip. You're making me jealous!!!

Take Care!

Peter said...

Hi Meow, September will be here before you know it, blow those cobwebs away.
That map/postcard is amazing isn't it, Oz sure is a big place.

Devil Mood said...

Hii :)
I'm back too and I got your postcard - thank you so much! Australia really does have some weird animals with some very strange names, as well. It's also HUGE!! I can't believe it has more or less the same inhabitants as Portugal...

Raggedy said...

I am so glad Bambit is doing well!
The post card is awesome!
Wooooooohoooooo on the upcomming vacation!
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) huge huggles
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Dick said...

Thank you for the postcard & good news about Bambi.

Europeans don't really understand the physical size of Australia, the US or Canada. We had a young visitor from Germany in 1992 who wanted to "take a day & drive" to Disneyworld. In Florida. From Washington State. Annie got a map of Germany & one of Wash. that were in the same scale & they were not much different in size. And Germany is one of the two largest countries in Europe. They are used to being able to go through a lot of change in a relatively short distance.

Your camping trip sounds like fun. I guess for you it would be much like people here going to the south west camping in late winter. The weather there is good at that time of the year as I imagine it is when you go north in Australia then.

Connie and Rob said...

Glad Bambi is back to feeling like herself again. Hope that bad kitty stays away.

You sound like you have been having fun.

Take care,

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Welcome back, Meow. That card gave an idea of how big Australia is.

PEA said...

wow, I hadn't realized just how huge Australia is...you guys can gobble up the whoe of Europe and still have room for more! lol So glad you showed us this postcard!! Glad to hear your kitty is back to "normal". lol Sounds like you have indeed been busy and what fun it is to look forward to some holidays!! Take care:-)

3catsmeow4me said...

Glad to hear that Bambi is doing do well.

3catsmeow4me said...

Oop's, I mean glad to hear that bambi is doing SO well.

Meow said...

Alice ... thank you, and I appreciate your waiting for me !! I thought you'd get a kick out of the postcard !! Interesting, isn't it !! Will be by later today.

Reverberate ... thank you. Hopefully the weather will be getting warmer then, and we will be going north, so it may be even warmer (here's hoping !).

Viamarie ... thank you.

Peter ... thank you. You know, I knew Aus was huge, but when you see it in comparison like that, it is just ginormous !!! And our population is miniscule, for it's size !!

Devil Mood ... Welcome back, glad you got the postcard. We have a small population for a large country ... but then, much of the country is uninhabitable ... desert.

Raggedy ... thank you, you're sweet.

Dick ... thank you. It is weird, and I guess Americans have the same problem with overseas guests than we do. Some find it hard to fathom that we cannot just get in the car and drive for a couple of hours to get somewhere that would actually take days. I guess, I would find it weird living in a small country, and being able to get from one side to the other in such a short time, too !!

Connie ... thank you, and yes, I have been having fun, but been soooo busy. Need sleep ...

Jean-luc ... thank you, glad you like the card !!

Pea ... thank you. We are always looking forward to holidays, even if it is just for a weekend. We try and get in as many as we can !!

3catsmeowforme ... thank you, she is doing wonderfully.

Take care, friends, and have a wonderful day ... Meow

Tab said...

postcard is cool.
rain is good.
glad Bambi is better.
I love Camping!!!!!You will have to share some cool snap shop from that trip Meow...sounds like something really special to look forwards too!
Thanks for sharing~

Tab said...

oh yeah...come check out my newest blog when you have a chance.


Just what you need, another blog to keep you plastered to the computer.
LOL..just stop by when ya can:)

Meow said...

Tab ... thank you. The area we will be holidaying in has some spectacular scenery, so I hope to have heaps of snappies to share with you all. I'll drop by the blog right now ... thanks.
Take care, Meow

Kali said...

That is such an interesting postcard...puts it into perspective!

I hope you have a lovely month my friend :)

Meow said...

Kali ... thank you. It does put it into perspective, doesn't it. Hope you have a great month, too.
Take care, Meow