Friday, February 10, 2006

Yay, The Weekend's Here ....

Well, in my part of the world it is now officially the weekend. It is around 10.30pm on Friday night, work is over, school is over, for the week. Yay. I ended up having a really good and successful week. I got everything done that I wanted and needed to, and then some !! (Aren't I good !!!)

I have some interesting news, well at least I hope it will be interesting !!! I enrolled in an on-line short-course, starting next Thursday, on Web Design. All this blogging, and fiddling with my blog (the side-bar in particular) has got me interested in getting into it more. I'd love to learn all the HTML code, and design really cool web-sites. I have borrowed some books from the library on Web Design and HTML & XHTML, and am spending time reading through them. Very interesting stuff. Reckon it might be something I could get good at (I hope !!). I have put the idea of becoming a swimming teacher on the back-burner for now ... I can always fall back on that. You are probably all thinking, "This girl doesn't know what she wants" ... I'm just keeping my options open ... nothing wrong with learning new skills, is there ?!?

I had a bit of a transformation today. I bought some new jeans, some new runners ... New Balance brand, no less (in my eyes, they are comparable to Nike and the like), had a hair cut, and just now finished coloring my hair. I am a new woman. But don't go getting any ideas ... I ain't posting no pictures of my hairdo, na uh, no way, no-one's gonna see a picture of me on the internet (not close up, anyhows !!). You'll just have to use your imaginations ... the length is about mid back (level with bottom of shoulder blades, sort of), wavy curls (I use lots of product to scrunch great curls into it), layered all over, and now it is Natural Burgundy in color (although I've never seen anyone born with hair this color, so don't know how "natural" it really is !!!). I'm just trying to think of a movie star who has similar hair (someone tall, dark, curly haired and sexy will do !!). We are going out tomorrow night, to a 21st birthday, and all the family and multitudes of friends will be there. I couldn't turn up with long, scraggly hair (that hadn't been cut since July last year), stacks of grey showing through (grey hair is a sign of intelligence ... did you know that !!??), looking like a walking disaster area. I have no idea what I'm going to wear, but I know my hair will look great !!!

One of our TV stations is just showing the movie "Cool Runnings" ... what a fabulous movie. I've seen it dozens of times, have it on DVD, but laugh myself stupid every time I see it. It's one of those all time classic feel-good type movies.

Wow, I just realised that this is my third post for today (although the others weren't anything I wrote, just stuff I wanted to share). That's a bit extravagent for me, don't you think !?!

Anyway, I might just get along and enjoy my weekend ... hope yours isn't too far away. I'm going to check out a few more blogs, just to fill my quota for the day, LOL, then I might watch some TV. I intend to sleep in tomorrow, and have a lazy day (apart from doing mountains of washing), then spend the afternoon getting ready for the party. Sunday we are going as a family for a drive to Bonnie Doon, to collect our boat to bring it home for a clean and service the jet and motor. Love going for Sunday drives.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Look after yourselves and our families.

Take care,



Ivy the Goober said...

Have a great weekend. I just love that little dancing kitty on your profile! Whenever you leave a comment for me, there it is, happily dancing away! :)

Meow said...

Thanks Ivy, it is a cute kitty. I'm glad it makes people smile. Hope your weekend is great, take care, Meow

Michelle said...

Grey hair is a sign of intelligence which is why i make my hairdresser color mine, i mean i'd hate to boast LOL!!!

Enjoy your weekend :)

mysterious in blue said...

have a great weekend! it's always nice to treat yourself every once in a while or more :). your new haircut and color sounds really pretty.

Meow said...

Michelle, that's why I color mine ... boasting isn't polite !!!

Mysterious, thank you ... I think it's a pretty color. Pity it doesn't stay that way forever !!

Have a great weekend all, take care, Meow

Connie and Rob said...

I am so going for that dumb look!!! Coloring my hair is done on a regular schedule. I even like to change shades...crazy girl that I am.

Hope you have a wonderful time at the party. I know you are going to look great.

Have lots of fun this weekend.

Cathy said...

I think it is great that you are trying out so many ideas and your day sounds fabulous. But we really would love to see a photo. Pretty please...:)

Badoozie said...

i wish you would post a pic. you're being a big chicken. so there. we want to see this "natural" burgendy thing. have a great time at the party, and a great weekend. and your class sounds like its going to be really fun.

Meow said...

Connie, changing shades isn't crazy, it is interesting. It's like being a chameleon ... you know, that critter that changes according to it's environment. A change is as good as a holiday, isn't it !!!

Cathy, trying different ideas only makes me a more interesting person, I think. I also like keeping my options open, as to what I want to do.

Susie, I can't yet get past the anonymity thing I have going with Blogger. Maybe sometime, but not yet. Haven't been here long enough. I hope the class will be fun ... hopefully I can keep up !!

Thanks ladies, hope you have a great weekend. Will let you know how mine went when it's over !!! Take care, Meow

Fred said...

Have a great weekend, too. Mine started with the day off today, so The Missus and I went for a nice quiet lunch.

Tomorrow - nothing.
Sunday - nothing.

It's gonna be great!

Meow said...

Fred, sounds like an ideal weekend ... plenty of nothing. Enjoy, Meow

Viamarie said...

Congrats on your new look. It sure does make you feel great. Have a great weekend too.

Meow said...

Viamarie, thank you. It does make me feel great. Have a good weekend, Meow

Heidi said...

Everyone needs a little " treat" for themselves. Hair, clothes, shoes, etc.. Good for you!

Have a great weekend.

Ps..Thankyou for your support. Hugs~

Kylee said...

Have a great weekend!!

Have fun in your will be fun I am sure!!!

Meow said...

Heidi, treating oneself occasionally is wonderful. Look after yourself and take care.

Kylee, I do hope the class will be fun.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekends, Meow

FTS said...

Three posts in a day??? I can't even get through my blogroll once in a day, much less three times. :p

New Balance shoes are great!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

I just love your blog it is wonderful and artistic, you should give lessons! I am fairly new blogging and need all the help I can get ,I hope you have a great weekend and My two kitties say meow meow, Take care

jay are said...

yay for the new you!! It's always fun and uplifting to have a transformation--no matter how big or small. Exciting! Enjoy your weekend and showing off the new you.

Meow said...

FTS, I was pretty surprised myself, putting down 3 posts in one day ... usually I am lucky to do one !!! It takes me an hour or so to get through my blogroll, plus others in my favourites that I haven't put on my blogroll yet, too.

Green Eyed Girl, wow thanks for the compliment. I am only fairly new at this, only started in late November. I have had some blogger friends assist me with how to do stuff, although I have muddled my way through alot as well. As far as I'm concerned, alot of it is just trial and error ... experimentation. Good luck. Feel free to email me if you need some help ... I will try my best !!
Meow, Meow to your kitties from my kitty, too. Thanks for visiting, also. Please come again.

Jay, thank you, it has been fun this weekend. I feel so much more confident without the scraggly grey-streaked hair.

Thanks ladies, for visiting. Hope you are all having a fab-o weekend. Take care, Meow

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Meow
Thanks for the nice comment s, and help offer ,I was serious, you could give classes, I love all the extras on your site and of course the reading ,,,,,Yes we could hear your hubby snore,,,wait thats mine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you come back as I will be here alot! By the way where oh where did you ever find dancing kitty or some like her, she is precious????Thanks take care

Meow said...

Hi GEG, and thanks for the great compliments. I think I found the dancing kitty on Photobucket . They have some great stuff. You can store photos and pictures in a personal photo album. They give you codes for the pictures, in order to put them on your blog. Have a look at it, it is easy. Don't worry, I intend to be back to your site to visit ... see you there shortly !! Take care, Meow