Thursday, February 02, 2006

I've Been Tagged Again !!!

I got tagged by Viamarie, and although I’ve done a similar Meme a while ago, here I go with this one …

3 Names You Answer To

* Meow
* Connie
* Cornelia

3 Parts of Your Heritage
* German
* Polish
* Australian

3 Things That Scare You
* Fire (as in bushfires, out of control fire)
* Snakes
* Standing under trees in heavy wind

3 Everyday Essentials
* Family
* Laughter
* Blogging !!!

3 Things You’re Wearing
* Clothes
* Underwear
* A smile

3 Favorite Songs
* I’ve Had The Time Of My Life – Dirty Dancing Soundtrack
* Rock Lobster – B52s
* Anything by INXS

3 Things About the Opposite Sex that Appeals to You
* Eyes
* Sense of humour
* Niceness

3 Things You Want in a Relationship
* Love
* Friendship
* Sharing

3 Favorite Hobbies
* Reading
* Computers
* Travelling

3 Things to Do Before You Die
* Travel all over Australia … it’s a big country
* See my daughter grow up, settle down and have kids
* Continue to enjoy myself

3 Ways You’re Stereotypically Female
* I cry at weddings, funerals … anything !!
* I love chocolate
* I like looking at the male body !!!

2 truths & 1 lie (in no particular order)
* I type really quickly
* I sing really well
* I love my family

3 people I am tagging
* Anyone who wants to have a go at it

That's all from me for now, folks. Have a great day.



Jenn said...

hmmm... I'm going to guess that you can't sing.

Viamarie said...

Thanks for answering the Meme. I also will go for "can't sing". Did I guess it right?

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I don't sing well either!
GOd gave me a gift and it isn't the ability to sing.

Jamie Dawn said...

I love chocolate too!!
I guess you lied about being a good singer.
It's also good to know you were wearing underwear and not typing in the nude.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you alwyas wear a smile:)

I would love to travel all over austrealia too, but first I would like to cover all of the US..haha

Connie and Rob said...

What is up with me...I just listen to "Rock Lobster" by B52s and I never heard it. I just about only listen to jazz.

Love your list.


Meow said...

Jenn, I'm actually a very good singer ... even the cat likes it !!! (Not !!)

Viamarie, I sing good in the shower, but no-one can hear me there !!

Daybyday, Why does everyone think I can't sing ... have you heard me ??

Jamie, Cadbury Dairy Milk (do you have Cadbury chocolate ??) is simply the best. Mmmmmm. Again with the singing !!!

Christine, yes I always wear a smile, especially when I'm blogging. Reading people's comments usually makes me laugh !!

Connie, Rock Lobster would have to be one of my all time favorites ... it doesn't mean anything or make sense, it is just good fun. Also, Turning Japanese, by the Vapors is another good one.

Thanks everyone, take care, Meow

PS. I really can't sing !!!

angel, jr. said...

It's always good to learn about someone. Some of these tags allow us to do just that.

Meow said...

Angel, you are so right. It is heaps of fun, too.

Chloe said...

i couldn't sing to save my life. in fact, i'd have to shut up to save my life.
I liked your list a lot.

Heidi said...

I was on the treadmill at the gym listening to upbeat songs. ..I started to baming it on pms.

As u can see I cry at anything as well..After that I had a choc bar..made me cry even

Thanx for sharing.

Meow said...

Chloe, I bet you sing like an angel.

Heidi, there's nothing wrong with crying ... it cleans out our tear-ducts (that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!).

Thanks for coming, Meow

Michelle said...

Wow, that was a never ending list!
Chocolate rulez ;)

Clare said...

I love chocolate too and I also love that cute dancing cat you have.


Badoozie said...

you silly girl, you gave it away too soon, i didn't have a chance to weigh in. i was going to guess the typing thing. honest!

Meow said...

Michelle, yay ... Chocolate, mmmmm.

Clare, thanks for visiting, nice to hear from you.

Susie, yeah, sure you were !!!

Take care people, Meow

Kyahgirl said...

great to know more about you!! we have lots in common, no wonder I like it here!

Meow said...

Kyahgirl, thank you and please continue visiting. Enjoying your company immensely. Take care, Meow