Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Present In The Mail ....

I am so excited ...

I received the most wonderful goodie package in the mail today from Connie (Mumbo Jumbo). It is amazing, and so thoughtful. She sent me a gorgeous book written by the Chicken Soup for the Soul people called Cats And The People Who Love Them ... that would be me !!! Also some beautiful 3D stickers (cats, of course). A gardenia scented sachet cushion, that I know she made herself ... she is so clever. Also, a terrific fold-out, 3D card ... more cats. Absolutely special stuff, put together with so much thought.

Connie, you are an amazing, beautiful person. Thank you so much. I love it all.

Apart from receiving my gorgeous package, my day is going fairly slowly. My Web Design course starts this afternoon ... I am really looking forward to that. It is a lovely warm day here ... forecast to be around 29ÂșC, and sunny. I have some laundry to do (don't we all !!!), and some housework I should be doing ... maybe I will, maybe I won't !!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday (only one more day after this, then ..... yay, it's the weekend !!).

Take care all,



DayByDay4-2Day said...

your a lucky girl to get such a great present!

Meow said...

Thank you, I think I am, too !!! Connie is such a lovely person.
Take care, Meow

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh no, its still wednsay here..haha

what lovely gifts..your a lucky girl..

happy thursday, course its probably friday by now there..heehee

Meow said...

Hi Christina, it is almost 2pm here ... just watching Oprah !!! I still can't get used to this time zone difference ... it is freaky sometimes !! Take care, Meow

Cathy said...

Yeah, Connie!!!
It's so much fun putting little things together for blog friends (and receiving things is always nice too). I look forward to sending you a package from Canada :)

Meow said...

Hey Cathy, yep,it sure is nice. Did you get my email ???

Kyahgirl said...

yay! you deserve good things :-)

Meow said...

Thanks Kyahgirl, that's a sweet thing to say. Take care, Meow

ange said...

What a great gift! I thought i was too cat mad. Its nice to see there's others out there like me!
I have left my house chores till next week....they suck. Besides its too hot.
Have a great weekend!

Meow said...

It is a beautiful gift, isn't it. And yeah, it was a hot one today. I didn't do much in the way of housework ... plenty of computer stuff though (the computer is located under my air-conditioner ... how's that for perfect !!) Take care, Meow

Michelle said...


Meow said...

Thanks Michelle ... how funny, I'm reading your blog whilst you are reading mine. Take care, Meow

Cathy said...

I replied to your didn't get it?

Maddy said...

I am just getting to know people-
is this the connie who sent
that beautiful pillow to Chloe?
She is so talented - perfect
gifts - it's so fun exchanging

Have a beautiful day!

angel, jr. said...

Cool package.

Connie and Rob said...

So happy you recieved your package. Most of all I am glad you enjoyed what I sent. It is so fun putting goodies together to send to a special friend.

Take care, Connie

Meow said...

Cathy, I got your email when I awoke this morning ... it is around 7.30am now ... just getting ready for the day.

Madelyn, yes it is the same Connie as you saw on Chloes site. She is wonderful, don't you think.

Angel, thank you.

Connie, I love, love, love what you sent me. You put so much thought into it ... it's perfect, and just so ME !!

Hope everyone has a great day, night, whatever it is where you are !! Take care, Meow

Sharon K said...

What a wonderful person and friend to send such a presemt through the mail. I think Connie is a keeper for life.

Lisa said...

That is so thoughtful !!!

Enjoy your gifts ( and your nice weather ).

Chloe said...

Connie is a very special person with exquisite taste. we are lucky to know her.
hip hip hooray for Connie!

Neo said...

Meow - That's cool!

Good luck with the course!

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Sharon K said...

You will be so happy that I tagged you meow. Check out my blog for questions and have fun.

Meow said...

Sharon, I agree ... Connie is a keeper for life. I will check out your blog for that tag ... Thanks!!

Lisa, thank you, I will enjoy them. The weather is much too warm today ... mid 30s(C). I have the airconditioner on, it is pleasant inside.

Chloe, I agree ... we are very lucky to know Connie. She is a special person.

Neo, thank you. I finished my first lesson yesterday, and the second one I am about to download and do.

Thanks, everyone. Have a great day, Meow

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Meow
what a nice present, It was a really nice thing to do ,nice for someone so nice! Have you every read any of the chicken soup for the soul books? I love them but I havent seen the one for the cats , I must recheck and see if my book store carries them, and you know you must share your little pillow with your furry feline friends LOL
have a wonderful fun filled day meow.

Meow said...

Hey GEG ... I have read a few of the Chicken Soup books, but also hadn't seen the one for cats. It is beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful day, too. Take care, Meow