Friday, February 24, 2006

Goodbye Week, Hello Weekend ....

It is Friday night here in Summery Melbourne. We have had a very warm day today - at least 35ºC ... the air-conditioner has been running strong all day. It is meant to only get down to 21ºC overnight ... fairly warm, makes for uncomfortable sleeping. Tomorrow is only supposed to get up to 27ºC, with rain developing. Guess it will be a humid type of day. Not real keen on that type of weather, but at least it won't be too hot.

I have had a fairly good week, busy, but haven't got much done at home. I haven't been home much, so haven't had as much computer time ... hence the email-type posts. I haven't even had time to do my last 2 lessons in my Web Design Course. I will need to get on top of those over the weekend, before the next lesson is issued next Wednesday.

I am in a bit of a dilemma at the moment. My Chicky (11 - almost 12 - year old girl) has asked if she can go to the movies on Sunday with a bunch of friends - boys and girls (one of them being a boy who she has liked, and who has liked her, since Year One at school). I said OK. Now, here's the thing .... they want to go without parent supervision, just be delivered to the cinema, and picked up again when it's over. I'm afraid that I don't know how to feel about this idea. Is she too young ... apparently all the kids are going to see movies without their parents these days. I know she is responsible, but are all those other kids ?? I have said yes, but I indend to wait there until they go into the cinema, and be there precisely when they come out again. Am I being paranoid ?? Do 11 and 12 year old boys think differently than 11 and 12 year old girls ?? Is it all still about having innocent fun, or is there already other stuff going through their heads ??? Please, if anyone has any thoughts, I would love to hear them.

Well, that's all for me at the moment. I need to have a nice cold drink, and something to eat (somehow I have forgotten to have dinner !!!). Then I might just watch a bit of TV and head off to bed. Or, I could sit here and blog some more !!!!! Oooooh, I just remembered ... I bought myself a new phone, a Nokia 6101 ... I think I will sit down and transfer my numbers, and have a little play with it ... what fun !!!

Have a great weekend everyone, don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Take care,



Michelle said...

Your temp is roughly the same as mine at the moment...we're 26 overnight though.
In regards to your daughter, if it we're my "A", even now as she's just turned 10, if she asked for the same thing and it was a small group say of 6 or so kids, i'd let her. Why? Well, i know her good friends pretty well, whilst a few of the boys can be a wee bit cheeky, i trust them. They are in an enclosed space, you have to let go some time and it is only for 2 hours. It's not like they're walking round Knox on their own. Let her do it just to build trust with you...she knows if she behaves, she'll be able to do it again.
Have a great weekend!
I get my mobile back tomorrow...finally. I bought a samsung with the imode fasciity, after 8 weeks, the damn thing couldn't get a signal so i had to send it away for fixing! I've had to use my old one its the size of a suitcase compared to this one!

Cathy said...

I don't know what to say about the movie; I wish I had wise advice but I'm not to that age with my children yet. I would go with your gut instinct.

Ruby said...

I hope you enjoy your weekend, I'll be working! I'd love to have temperatures like yours!!! I was in Mauritius a few weeks ago and it was wonderful! I'm a summer girl, I can't stand the cold here in Europe, and it lasts so long!!!

Viamarie said...

If she was my daughter, I will allow her to go because with the values I have instilled in her, I am confident she will not fail me.

Have a great weekend!

Badoozie said...

i don't want to be a wet blanket here, but one time i looked in on my step daughter's 12 year old msn chatting. i was shocked and appalled at what i saw. i looked at the boys profiles. what they cared about was making out, and drinking. personally, i'm uncomfortable with it. i do not believe that kids are more inclinded toward abstinence since the introduction of sex ed into school. I believe that because of the media, and hollywood, that they find it more tempting at a younger age.

your daughter is at a critical place, where at any time, you could become her worst enemy. this should be approached with extreme caution. but on the other hand, you are her mother, not her buddy.

is there anyway, you could quietly sneak into the theatre late, unnoticed, and just see what happens? sort of see if they can be trusted?

i know people always say, "i know her friends" but connie, we thought we knew step daughters friends. the conversations they had on msn were a huge eye opener. we did not "know" her friends at ALL.

proceed with caution. don't let "other parents" and "the other kids are doing it" play into your decisions. lots of parents don't care what their kids are doing, as long as they are out of their hair. people like you, who think and ponder, struggling to do the right thing, are rare indeed.

one thing is for sure, now that you have said yes, it would be wrong to say no. next time, ask her for some time to think before you answer. but be wary of these "friends". don't be afraid to snoop. just don't let her know you are snooping. it is your right to know what your daughter is doing, and who she is hanging out with. i can tell from your blog that you love her more than life itself, so I am with you and behind you whatever you do, and i will send up a prayer for you.


angel, jr. said...

Have a great weekend!!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I asked my 16 daughter and she said kids at that age want to just hang out. They are interested int the idea of the label "boyfirend - girlfreind" then the things older kids do.
I say let them. After all it is a public place.

One thing I can say it is better to know what your kids are doing and say yes, then to have them sneak behinfd your back. THey will if they really want to date.

Bar Bar A said...

I can only speak for myself and my son. My son, age 15 is into two things: CARS and music. I know all his friends and only two of them have ever held a girl's hand (I am the mom they think is cool so you would not believe what they tell me!!!)

I think it seems safe since its a group.

But I also agree with the comment about what goes on on-line. So, it's not an easy call these days. How sad.

I know my boy likes girls but I am glad he's immature and not interested in them "that way" yet

Tab said...

Happy Weekend to you too !!

Meow said...

Michelle ... thank you. I agree with you ... I know all of these kids, and they are nice kids, with nice parents. Yes, the boys are a bit cheeky, but (hopefully) they are still trustworthy kids. And, no, they won't be walking around Knox on their own !! Yay for getting your mobile back. Mine is just a simple one with a camera, but fancier than the one I had !!

Cathy ... thank you. My gut instinct says it should be OK. It's a scary time when your kids grow up !

Ruby ... at the moment the warm weather is lovely. Not keen when we have days on end over 40 (like at New Years ... that was yuk !)

Viamarie ... I agree with you, thank you.

Susie ... thank you, and I hear what you are saying. On-line stuff is amazing ... what are they thinking (or what are they thinking with !!!). I had thought about sneaking in, but I think walking them to the door, and being there when they come out will be fine. Chicky knows that I will snoop if necessary, and her best friend has a big mouth, and tells her mother everything too, who then proceeds to tell me. So, even if Chicky didn't tell me stuff, I would find out anyway. We had a big talk, yesterday, about why I felt somewhat uncomfortable about this "excursion", so she knows what I think. Can you believe it ... they wanted to go to a Rated M movie (15 and over) ... er, no way !!!

Angel ... thank you.

DaybyDay ... I totally agree with what you say. I've asked (teasingly) whether her and her favorite boy have kissed, and it's "ooooh mum, yuk !!". So, hopefully, it is just a label !!

Barbara ... thank you. I hope my daughter won't like boys in "that way" until she is at least 20 !!!!

Tab ... thank you.

Thanks, everyone, for your great comments. I have taken in what you all said, and respect your thoughts. I will let you know how it all went on Sunday night, or Monday morning. Hopefully there won't be much to tell !!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and enjoy it to the max.

Take care, Meow

Jamie Dawn said...

I think since it is a group of kids, that it will be fine. I would do just as you said, make sure you see the group of kids go into the theater, and be there waiting when the movie ends.
At that age, they need to have a bit more independence, but not too much.

Heidi said...

I'm glad your going with your gut instinct..It will all be fine. :)

Have a great weekend.

Kyahgirl said...

Hi Meow! Have a great weekend. I think you got good advice here so I'll keep my trap shut :-)
You're obviously a good mom.

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Meow
your bragging arent you !ha ha ha ha your temp is a mere 35c ,,well we are suppose to be slammed with a really bad blizzard this weekend , OMG I will never get out of the house and see the sun !, it started warming up but you guys are hogging all the heat LOL hopefully the sun will come out soon over here and you'll get a draft of ice cold air.
and your daughter , you trust her , their in a public place, she has to fly sometime , this could be tiny steps for her to show you ,you can trust her .At least it is not to a house party or somewhere too private , I am sure you;ll make the right choice, you'll feel it , you have Mommy radar ,,,,,,,,it's the best kind . go with your gut goodluck.:)))))

Ivy the Goober said...

I'd be worried if you weren't worried. My daughter is 14.... I think we can just teach them, then trust them. Then if they mess up, deal with that then. Maybe all will go well, but I'm like you, at that age, I'd be there in the parking lot waiting. ;)

Connie and Rob said...

I think you are handling perfect. You are letting her go and showing her that you do trust her. However I would be exactly like you and stick around and make sure they go to the movie they were in fact suppose to see and then be there promptly at pick up time.

My parents always had a definite set of rules and I look back and I have to say I am glad. It is the empty time that the kids always got themselves in trouble.

You are a great mom,

Bar Bar A said...

Hmm, can you send me a list of what you wouldn't do so I am sure not to do it?


green eyed girl on planet earth said...

have a wonderful day meow , I am off to bed it is around 4 am here hope to catch you tomorrow take care :)

Meow said...

Jamie ... thanks, and I agree ... a little bit of independence, but not too much. Hopefully by giving an inch, they don't take a mile !!!

Heidi ... yeah, I think so too !

Kyahgirl ... Thank you.

Greeneyes ... well, I'd like to share the warmth ... how do I go about it ??? Mommie Radar ... I like that ... must get it tuned up !!

Ivy ... Oooh, I won't be far. There is a nearby coffee shop, which I think a couple of the mums and I will be visiting !!

Connie ... thank you. I too believe kids need rules, otherwise how do they know what's right and wrong. Guidelines are so important. I worked for me as I was growing up, and I totally respect my parents for how they brought me up. They did a great job, hope I'm at least half as good as them.

Barbara ... ha, ha ... I'm working on that list, but can't you use your imagination !?!?!

Greeneyes ... nighty night !!

Thanks everyone, again, for your input. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Take care, Meow

True Blue Guy said...

You know I'd anyday have warmer temperatures than colder temperatures. Sun more than any other kind of weather

Your daughter : You may get this a bit late, but it doesnt matter as many of your other fine blogger friends have already given you their opinions. Mine : trust your instinct. A group would be ok, After all it is a movie - as you say she is sensible, so she will do just fine.

Sorry to tell you, your problems have just begun :-) ......

have a great weekend and enjoy the 6101. Its a sleek phone.


Meow said...

True Blue Guy ... thank you so much for your input. It is not too late ... it is only Saturday evening here, the big day out is tomorrow !!! I will trust my gut instinct, and hope that all is ok. I will be there at the beginning and the end (so are a couple of other mums !!). Looking at her growing and developing ... Yep, my problems have just begun !!!!
I have had a good fiddle with my new phone ... it's a lot of fun. I now need to figure out how to, if I can, get the photos from the camera to the computer (but do I really need to ???)
Take care, have a great weekend, Meow

True Blue Guy said...

hey meow !

The simple way is to turn on bluetooth on your phone and computer to move photos, if you really need to :-)


Meow said...

True Blue Guy ... I know camera photos are usually crappy quality, but I would like to move them to the computer just for memory sake. I don't even know whether I have bluetooth ??? I just thought I could email those that I liked to myself !!! Thanks for the info. take care, Meow